Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fifteen Facts

Special Edition:
Fifteen Facts About Toluca
Fact #1
In Toluca they ALWAYS set up tents in the middle of the road for parties (and most of the time there is no warning).

Fact #2
Almost every house in Toluca has bars on the window
(which is why I freak out because mine doesn't and someone could easily break in and kidnap me ... wait, why am I advertising that fact to the whole world?).  :D

Fact #3
A lot of people in Toluca steal electricity. I am not sure how they do that, but they do. (We have yet to pay electricity since we moved here! Hehe!)

Fact #4
There are enough dogs in Mexico to fill the entire state of Texas. (Okay, maybe that's a slight exageration, but you get the point).

Fact #5
People here like to paint their houses the oddest colors (I think we've already established that though).

Fact #6
Never, and I mean NEVER call anyone an Indian. For some strange reason that is a huge offense (I personally think that it's crazy. I mean, I have Indian blood in me and I'm proud of it ... Comanche!!).

Fact #7
In Mexico we have colonies. I guess I still don't understand that. But It really used to confuse me when we first moved here. I'd mail letters to my friends and it'd be like:
 Calle Zapatos Viejos #25
San Miguel de los Monos
Toluca, Mexico 356499

I mean, how weird does that look? It's rather confusing if you ask me. Must be why their mailing system stinks ...

Fact #8
House numbers don't seem to follow any rules here. Okay, I'm not sure this is a fact, per se, but it is something that I have noticed.
So, for example, the house down the road can be #67. And the house right next door is #836. And so on, so forth. It seems to me that they just randomly choose whatever number that they want and they stick that on the front of their house. It makes it very difficult to know how to find a place (once again, this is not really a fact, but around here in Toluca this is what I have seen).

Fact #9
There is absolutely NO wildlife in Toluca. The only birds you see are sparrows, black birds, and pidgeons. You might see the occasional hummingbird, or red-wing blackbird, but you never see animals (well, except the dogs and rats). So when they see a rabbit or squirrel they go crazy! And guess what?! That is what I do now too. When I see any type of furry animal I get all excited and point! Gosh, in Kentucky deer and other animals used to be plastered on the roads because there were so many of them.

Fact #10
The state of Mexico (Estado De Mexico) is the best state in Mexico. And by far the most beautiful!

Fact #11
If the skies are clear you can see the volcanoes in Puebla from the top of our volcano, Nevado de Toluca (Xinantecatl, which means either, The Naked Lord, or Lord of The CornStalks). Haha!

Fact #12
Toluca is famous for it's longanisa (It's a type of sausage. Chorizo and longaniza do taste different. Longanisa is way better). Might I say, "Yum!"

Fact #13
The temperature is usually in the 50's or 60's around here. It never goes above the low 80's. And when it actually gets in the 80's we are having a "heatwave."

Fact #14
Considering the statement above ... boots and winter clothes are pretty much a year round thing.

Fact #15
They do not have waterbugs here! I guess they stray from colder weather (because I am told that they live in Veracruz). Praise God for that!

Anyways, it has taken me all night to come up with these "facts." I know I have better ones in my brain somewhere, but I have lived here so long that it's hard to remember things that are not normal to Americans. Hehe.

Arg, I need to hit the sack. I just got up to finish this post because I could not sleep. It's too hot in my room (although it's only 55 degrees outside). And I am an insomniac. I think my problem is that I drink too much caffeine. It's all of the Dr. Pepper. It leaves me tossing and turning all night.

Anyways, I gotta try to sleep. And it'll be just my luck that my dad will come banging on my door in awhile for breakfast ... which we only seem to have on the days when I couldn't sleep. Man, I feel a grouchy mood coming on. Get out of my way, people!  :D

Peace out!


Nicole Wakefield said...

Haahaha I totally relate to all of these!! (Well except for #10 of course ;P haha) Everything here is the same- Indian name calling, middle of the street parties, year-round winter clothes, mixed up house numbers... Haha I think they just pick their lucky number :)) 
The one I get the biggest kick out of is the weather one! It's like when it hits 85 here, and the people are walking around fanning themselves and talking about "este calorón!" LOL! Haha they have nooo idea... 
Well, keep up the good blogging! We're all enjoying it :)

Dacia Loa said...

Haha! Yep, you gotta admit ... Mexico is sorta unique.
Yeah, I am biased (#10)!

Dacia Loa said...

Oh, btw, I vote Puebla as the second prettiest state! ;)