Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm So Behind ...


I must admit that when it comes to changing the background on my blog ... I get so lost sometimes. I have the hardest time trying to figure it out. I know, this is the new age of technology and junk. And after a few million mess-ups and a lot of reading I usually get the hang of it.

But, still, don't you ever get tired of your life being so "electronic?" I do. And I don't even do half of the things that some people do.

So let me rant for a minute (I have nothing better to do at the moment ... well, not really).

Rant #1. Don't you miss the days when you used to get actual letters in the mailbox, and not just some half-hearted email in your inbox? I miss the feel and smell of the crisp paper. I miss the sincerety. I mean, it only takes a few seconds to email someone. But to actually sit down and take time out of your busy day to write a real letter ... that means that you are really important to someone.

Sometimes I will sit down and go through my letter box that I keep. I will read all of the millions of letters that my best friend sent me. I read the old notes that my "boyfriends" used to give me (and laugh because they would say things like,"You smell like a rose, you're as pretty as a tree." Very romantic). And then I sit there and think about the days when receiving a letter in the mail was the highlight of my day. I would sit down in a hurry to open it up and read every single, beautiful word that was written.

Maybe someday sending real letters will come back into style. Maybe people will realize the beauty of it. And maybe men will realize how romantic it is. Because it means that you are really thinking about a person when you make the effort to write, and get up off your lazy bottom to buy a stamp and mail a letter. :D

 Rant #2. Don't you dislike how people can't seem to live without their phone nowadays? And don't you think it's very insulting when you are eating with someone or just trying to hold a conversation with them and all that person can do is sit there texting on their phone. You might as well tell the person you're with how boring they are and that the person that you are texting is way more interesting.

I am glad that I do not have a phone. I honestly don't care much for texting. And I sure wouldn't want the whole world texting me and then being annoyed that I didn't text back because I was busy. I mean, I have more important things to do. Talking face-to-face is better and  is something I always plan on doing without letting texts interrupt.

Technology may have it's benefits. I mean, it is certainly a blessing to be able to get ahold of someone in emergency situations and not have to gallop on a horse to a town that's about five miles away. And it's also nice to be able to call someone to tell them that someone passed away, instead of finding out the next time you made it back east to see your folks. But I feel as if it makes everything impersonal. Maybe I am the only person who feels like that. Maybe not.

One thing is certain though. Technology robs us of our precious time. I mean, look at me. I could be painting my furniture right (which is what I need to be doing). But I chose to sit down and blog about my love/hate for technology. *SOB* I am letting this blog take me away from other more important things! *Moaning* "Why me? Why me?! I am becoming the very thing I abhor! A technological maniac!"


Okay, so this post is not in reference to anyone. I just had a sudden urge to rant about how technology is ruining our lives (and I didn't even touch on how everyone is busy and always working because we all have to keep up with the Jones'. Who are the Jones' anyways? I have always wondered that).

Peace, Love, and Rainbows!


Hannah said...

Hey watch it with the cell phones! Lol I do homework and email and blog with this thing!;) well I don't do homework yet but pretty soon! Lol miss ya! Hannah *HAHSHA!*:-P

Dacia Loa said...

Sorry! But you know me ... just don't really care for phones! :P