Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Pets

I got a sudden urge to take pictures with my pets today.  It's rather sad how we used to have a mini zoo and now we only have three animals (but I sure don't miss cleaning up after all of them animals).

I went outside to ask Baxter to take a picture with me. But he wouldn't. He refused! So I got Bouncer to take one with me instead.

Me and Dumbo a.k.a. Bouncer.
I have never met a dog with such a dopey personality. One day I was outside petting him and he rolled over on his back. So I was petting him and next thing you know he gives me a big grin and starts laughing! I am being serious, people!!  :D

Jacob was outside bouncing his basketball. Baxter was chasing it! That is why he wouldn't be still to take a picture. ARG!

This is all he would do. Run. Why did I have to get such a rowdy dog? Why me, Lord? Why me?

Me n Chester ... isn't he adorable? I love him!



Marvin C. C. said...

i want a chester that so cool! AHHA well hope yall are enjoying mexico lol i know u rather be in USA. Till jacob i said hello.

Dacia Loa said...

He is cool (but he's also way cuter in person ... he's not photogenic). :) ... Jacob says "hi" back!