Friday, September 30, 2011

My Newest Goal

I have a new goal! I want to learn how to eat with chopsticks! It looks fairly easy! I just want to know how people eat their rice with them!

I have acquired two wooden pairs and tomorrow I will commence learning!

Peace, Love, & Chopsticks!

Spanish Word Of The Day

 Spanish Word Of The Day

The word is: Tope. (Toe-peh. But don't say it with a white accent, say it with a Spanish accent. The Spanish "t" is pronounced almost like our "th". Mind you, it's a bit different, but that's the best way I can describe it [the funny thing is that they have a hard time pronouncing the English "th"]).

 And this word means speedbump.

Anyways, anywhere you go in Mexico (at least every state I have been to, 15 states out of 31) you will find these "topes". And they do not only appear in parking lots. They are everywhere. From dirt roads, to neighboorhood roads, to narrow alleys, to highways (which you zoom over because you don't see them in time to slow down).

(Sorry about the blurriness.)

And this one you can clearly see.

So why do they put these "topes" everywhere? Well, I suppose it's mostly to keep people from speeding (since no one seems to obey the laws). 
Usually there are no signs that say what the speed limit is. And when you do see them the speeds are ridiculously slow. So, instead of going the speed limit, everyone speeds. The police only enforce the law when they want to.  But I guess if they decided to stop everyone who broke traffic laws, they'd have to stop every person in the city.

So it forces them to have to install speedbumps everywhere. It's a minor inconvenience. But I suppose it stops a few wrecks from happening.

Also, we have noticed a pattern here in Toluca. Everytime someone hits a pedestrian (which you see quite often), they put a "tope" in that spot.

Anyways, now you have learned the Spanish word for speedbump!
Hmmm ... I should start doing a "Spanish Word Of The Day" more often!

Peace, Love, & Topes

In Case #2 Happens, I Choose Option b.

(My brother insists that in my last post I made it sound as if he were a girl. He says that just because I said that I didn't want to be the only girl at practice if he didn't go. I ensure you, that was NOT what I meant! What I really meant to say was that I didn't want to be the only girl there if my brother didn't go. But if he went I wouldn't mind being the only girl. See! I just wanted to clarify that.)

I was just sitting here brainstorming about what to write. I've been in the middle of a brain lull.
As I sat here thinking, the answer fell right into my lap (well, not literally). I heard a loud, shrill, whistle. It was coming from outside. No, I didn't ask myself, "What is that?" Why? Because I already knew what it was.

Here in Toluca you hear that noise every night. And what is it? Well, it's a policeman on a bicycle. See, for "security" they send a policeman  through the neighborhoods in the dead of night. It can be very disturbing if you are in the midst of having a nightmare and suddenly that noise wakens you.
These policemen, for some bizarre reason, carry a whistle with them. And as they ride through the streets on their pedal-driven vehicles they blast air into their whistles, which creates a high-pitched screeching sound.
And it wakes up the whole slew of guard dogs who are supposed to be patrolling around their houses, but are snoozing their lives away instead. SIGH!

I have two questions.
#1. How do they expect to sneak up on criminals if they are announcing their arrival?

#2. If somehow they do manage to "sneak" up on some evil people in the midst of heinous crimes, how do they suppose they are going to actually stop them?

All they carry for protection is a baton (billy stick, billy club).
Imagine, if you have an imagination, coming upon some people in the middle of robbing a house. They don't see you. Miraculously, they didn't hear that loud whistle you were blowing into. And so you inch closer and closer on your bike, all the while praying to the Virgin Mary that your bike doesn't squeak and reveal your presence (if you're a Mexican cop you will most likely be Catholic).

As you get nearer you see that these robbers are sporting shiny, black pistols. The realization suddenly dawns on you that not only are you outnumbered but that you also only have a puny stick with which to protect yourself. Suddenly, your foot slips off the pedal and scrapes across the pavement. Oops. Then you cross yourself and began really praying, " ... Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

The thieves look around, searching the black night for any sign of movement. You try to keep as still as you can. Before you know it the burglars decide that the noise is unimportant, and they continue throwing all their stolen goods into the back of their black, Chevrolet van. Well, you high-tail it out of there, and if you had a tail you'd be tucking it between your legs.

Okay, now do you understand my concern? I mean, we live in a dangerous, ghetto neighborhood (we frequently hear gunshots).

Now it's time to read the conclusion I have come to concerning this matter.
 If one of these policemen happens upon a crime in action, he most likely will:
1. Act like he doesn't see it and be on his way.
2. Approach the evil-doers.
In which case the cop will either:
a. Get himself killed or severly injured.
b. will ask for money for a soda or some tacos.

And that, my friends, is why we NEVER open the door when a cop knocks to ask for money.


I hope you all enjoyed this post (now do you understand my title?)!

Over and out!

P.S. In case you didn't get the "ask for money for a soda or some tacos" part. That's just the nice way of asking for a bribe. You know, give me a little bit of moolah and I will leave you alone.  :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All By Ourselves

I felt like a true adult last night! I am twenty, but I have never really felt all that grown up at all. Well, we had practice (just a few "kids" from the youth) last night.  My brother didn't want to go. And, well, I didn't want to go by myself because it was just all guys. I didn't want to be the only girl.
But my dad said that he didn't feel like taking me. And I, of course, reminded him that when you commit to do something you can't back out of it.

But then I came up with a plan.

I didn't have a way to get there. And my brother didn't want to go anyways.  So I decided that there was only one way to get there AND get my brother to go. So I convinced my dad to let Jacob and I take the car ourselves and go to practice (because I knew Jake would want to go if he could drive ... I'm so underhanded).

I really couldn't believe that I actually convinced my dad. NEVER in our whole lives has he ever let us go anywhere in Mexico by ourselves. He has never really let us do that in the US either (he's one of those overprotective types). I just always try to remind him that I am twenty and that Jacob is eighteen (will be nineteen in a few days). And I tried to reason with him that "Hey, we've never had a wreck. And we're responsible ..." Blah, blah, blah! :D

But then, of course, it was, "Call me when you get there," and, "Call me when y'all head home."
*rolling eyes*

So off we went. All the way across town. Okay, it's not really all the way across town. It's only about six miles, I think. But you have to go through crowded streets, highways, and dangerous intersections. But, hey, we got there, didn't we? Or am I in heaven right now dreaming about writing on my blog?? HEHE!

I let my brother drive. I don't really care to drive in Mexico. I mean, there is absolutely NO order. Everyone just does what they want. You swerve, and cut people off. You can't always see the lane markings, so you drive wherever you want to! You honk, you run red lights (right in front of the cops). And sometimes you even scrape people with your vehicle ... and just keep on going. It's crazy! Hence the reason I don't really care to drive down here. I do drive, but mostly at night when there's less traffic.

One time I did drive in the day. And there was a lot of traffic. And I didn't panic or anything (not outwardly, anyways), but my head was full of a one-sided dialogue. "Omg, how am I going to get all the way over to that lane to turn over there? These cars won't let me in! Do I have my signal on? Yes, I do! Come on! Let me in. My goodness, my mom's probably criticizing how I am driving. She probably wishes she had driven. Well, maybe not. She hates driving in Mexico." 
And it went on and on. I guess the thing is that I don't show my panic outwardly, but inside is a full-blown panic!

Anyways, so as you can see, driving in Mexico is not recommended for the weak of heart!
But my brother and I got to and from the church ... with zero problems. It's not fair though! Because there's this part where the road does this:

                                           !      !  
                                      !       !
                                  !       !
And we are coming from the bottom part (!) trying to get onto the main road (----). It's one way traffic. And no one has a stop light ( there are two but no one pays attention to them, or knows what they are). So the traffic from the left just keeps coming. And every time my brother drives, it it clear, not a vehicle in sight. But every time I go through there ... it's blocked with huge buses. ARG!

So yeah ... lol!
I gotta go eat!

Peace, Love, & Traffic Jams!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Before I Go To Sleep ...

I finally have 31 followers! Oh yeah! Mmmhmmm!! (if you could only see me right now! I am doing this dance where I rotate my hands in circles and bob my head up and down)!
Okay, that's not very many followers! But the good things is that I know I have a lot of friends who read and just don't follow. And since I know that, I am happy!

(Okay, so I just did walked around the whole house looking for my camera, only to remember that it was in my pocket!  Eh, duh!)

Today we grilled, again. Well, it's more like this: My mum prepared the meat (it came out much better than mine did), my dad sat in his office (because he can't be outside with all that smoke because of his allergies and asthma), and my brother grilled. So I guess I should say: My brother grilled today!

And where was I? Well, I was in the back sanding down the chest thing that is part of my bed.
Pardon my hair and clothes. It was just one of those "I don't feel like getting dressed" days.

I had to sand it because it did this when I painted it. And so then I got mad!

But it all turned out good in the end. See? And I have no idea why I have a random seal on my bed (since my room has nothing but tigers).

Okay, now I am going to sleep (and now I have to mess up my bed. I only made it so that I could take the picture!).


Friday, September 23, 2011

The Bugs Go Flying One By One, Away! Hurrah!

This is definitely the mosquito season. And since it rains a lot around here, there is always stagnant water (perfect breeding place for the nasty bugs).

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? The reason for that is because they need protein to develop their eggs. And human blood contains protein. SIGH! Evil female mosquitoes!

These mosquitoes have been filling up the church and biting us all during the teaching/preaching. I have at least five hundred bites. :/

So my dad bought two tiki torches to put outside of the church door. I kept calling them tiki torches, and my family was like, "Huh?" But I looked it up, and that is what they are called. I don't know how I knew that, but I guess that just proves that your mind collects useless information to use someday at the perfect moment.

Filling the torch up with mosquito repellent!

It looked like we were having some sort of an Indian Tribal Ceremony! "Heya, heya, heya, heya. heya." :D

Well, good news! The tiki torches did help repel the mosquitoes! Yes!

Peace & Love

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two Pictures

My two favorite ladies in the church!



I Don't Want To Live On Memories

Before I Begin I Wanted To Say:
I had some people tell me (maybe it was the voices in my head) that "lame" doesn't really rhyme with complain (remember the little rhyme I wrote about voting). But, I mean, I remember studying about poetry in school and from what I remember you could write a poem like that. The words didn't have to rhyme exactly. It was a technique called ... nahtalpomes'haftarime. Because then it would just be cliche.

The poll "Which Color Is More Attention Calling" has officially ended! And I won! I won!
Orange has been voted as the brighter color! I always knew it was (I won, FrutiLupis! Sorry, I just have to keep rubbing it in)!

I meant to write about this last Sunday night, but I forgot:

My dad hasn't been feeling too well lately so last Sunday he switched up the service. He usually does all of the singing, but I did the singing instead. Man, remember how I used to complain about how cold the building we were renting was? Well, we sure could've used some of that coldness in our church Sunday. It was SO hot!

I started out singing two slow songs. Then I moved on to two fast songs. Well, then everyone started dancing, jumping, and clapping! Then it got super hot. I don't think I had ever sweated so much in my entire life. I felt like I was in a desert. My tongue felt like it was swollen 100x bigger than it should be (that's when you wish you had a bottle of water). By the time I got through singing I felt like I was going to pass out. I had to go outside and stand in the cool air.

Then my dad had one of the ministers, Bro. Cartas, go up and preach.
Bro. Cartas moved down here, from a church in Missouri, several months ago to help my dad. He is from Mexico, but he had been living in the US for about ten years, I think. He and his wife are very good people. They have really been a blessing! I am glad that my dad has a couple of men down here who he can depend on.

 I hadn't heard Bro. Cartas preach yet, since he came down here while I was still in the US. Well, I was very impressed. He did a really good job.
He preached: "No Quiero Vivir De Recuerdos." (I Don't Want To Live On Memories).
The point was that we shouldn't live our lives only remembering what God has done in the past. But we need to live knowing that He can still do those things today. And he talked about how when you see people in the front dancing and you remember when you used to do that, but that's all you do: remember. Because we have become satisfied with letting the new people do it. We think we are so mature/spiritual that we don't need to do those things anymore. We get to where we think our salvation is guaranteed.
I must say that it really hit my heart hard. I mean, you can sort of become that way. It's easy to do.

I don't want to be that person who doesn't pray or worship during church. I don't want to be that person who thinks that they're too good for it. I don't want to be that person who always says, "I remember when I received the Holy Ghost ..." I want to be that person who says, "I thank God for giving me His spirit everyday." I want to be that person who keeps it alive inside of me. I want to be that person who does everything they can to see a soul saved. I don't want to be a complacent Christian.

 Anyways, I just thought I'd share that.
 Let's remember to give our best do the Lord at church, at home, at work, or wherever we are!
And let's all go out and try to make some new memories, instead of living on old memories.

Peace, Love, & Memories!
Dacia Loa

What Poverty Does To People

What you are fixing to read may make you brand me as unsympathetic, callused, and cold-hearted.
But I just can't help that. So if you wish to always view me as a sweet, angelic, missionary's daughter - DO NOT READ THIS!
Because I just have to write about this! :D

Now for my introduction.

I have basically grown up in Mexico. I say that because, although I was eleven when we moved here, I do not really remember much from "our life before Mexico."
Honestly, I do not even remember much about our move down here either. I suppose I was in a daze or something. 'Cause all I remember is getting to the border and thinking, "Wow, this is the border?" See, I had imagined it completely different.
This is more how I imagined it:

Except that I imagined this bridge wide enough for a vehicle (yes, just one), stretching over a canyon, with a huge river.
Imagine my surprise when we got to the border and it was a real bridge over this little river. I was like, "Wow, no wonder it's so easy for the Mexicans to cross over illegally!

(If I were a Mexican trying to cross, I would get some scuba diving equipment! One of these days I am going to try to cross just to see if I get caught. And if I do then I will pull out my ID and say, "Hey, get your grubby paws off me! I'm an American! I just wanted to see how well y'all we're doing y'alls job!")

Anyways, so then we crossed the border. And immediately the difference just struck me in the face. It was ugly, dirty, and very poor looking. The buildings were flat and made of concrete, and they were all different colors (like bright green, orange, blue, and pink).

People were walking around everywhere. And, well, I actually used to be scared of Mexicans (I'm embarrassed to admit that now). And so I was just terrified. They all just looked like bad people (but, I mean, we were in Nuevo Laredo. Or is it Laredo? After all these years I still don't know. And that town seems pretty evil to me. It was as if a dark spirit was hanging over the place). They all looked strung out on drugs!

And I remember we walked around on the Mexican side of the border waiting for the man who was supposed to be there to bring us to Toluca.
What I don't remember is meeting the man, getting in the van, and driving about twenty hours to Toluca. It's as if that part is missing from my brain. I must have slept the whole way or something.
Next thing I remember is waking up and being told that we had arrived. I looked out the window of the Plymouth, Voyager, and to my dismay saw a dirt road. It was a bumpy ride. The "road" was full of huge holes.

We came to this place surrounded by four walls. And built into the front wall was a gate. The gate was opened and Pancho (the man who brought us here) drove our van inside. We were greeted by several different people. And the people who had been in our church in KY, but had returned, were there. I was relieved to see them.

We were ushered inside an orange house, with pink walls inside, to eat.
It was some sweet bread and some hot milk with cinnamon in it. I had never tasted anything so disgusting in my entire life. I started gagging (nobody saw me, of course). And I asked dad if I had to eat it because I didn't like it (and in our house we've never been forced to eat something we don't like). Well, he made us eat it because he said they'd get offended if we didn't. (Because of my memories of that first meal, I have yet to try that bread again, so I don't know if I'd like it nowadays).

Everything was just different. The water tasted different. The milk (in a carton) tasted different, and nasty. All of the food made me want to barf. Everything even smelled different!
And I didn't understand a single word that anyone said. If I were to show you the diary that I had from back then it said, "I want to go home! This is NOT my home. Kentucky is my home!" (Well, I feel different about that now! Hehe).

I was homesick. I was very sad. And most of all, I just hated the food! I mean, my dad may be Hispanic, but I grew up eating white people's food! Haha! And so I had never even eaten stuff like "mole" before.

(I remember there was this lady from KY that we always loved. Sis. Maria. She was French. Well, my mum told her that us kids just couldn't stand the food down here, and so she sent us a box of things from the US. I don't think I had ever been so happy before that in my life!)  :D

Anyways, I saw all of this through a child's eyes, a child's perspective. Nobody around here really liked me when I was younger. Because I was very withdrawn. I refused to speak Spanish (after I began to understand it). Mexico wasn't my home and they weren't my people.

Now here I am nine years later and this is like home to me. They feel like my people. I feel more at ease here than I do in the US. I know the people, and they know me. I still don't really care for the food, but I can at least eat it now without gagging (most of it anyways), and sometimes even enjoy it. And Mexico doesn't smell funny to me anymore! :D

But my whole story has brought me to this one point, which will lead us into what this post is really about.
The point: I have lived here a long time, so I am used to it.

Since I have lived here I have seen lots of poverty. Some people around here live in cardboard shacks. Some people live on garbage sites, just waiting to hit the jack pot from something someone threw away. People beg on street corners. And there are tons of people around with only one leg, or they're supposedly blind. You see little kids who look grungy and you know that they're poor.
Well, after a long time of seeing this it just becomes the norm. You don't really think anything about it anymore (and, besides, some people aren't really that poor, they are just lazy. And some are even out there faking an injury just to get money. So you never really know who's for real and who isn't).

The reason I am saying this is because today I went to the store with my dad. Well, we get out of the store and walk to the car. And that's when I saw this little, old, lady. She looked really shabby. Well, she's always at that store. And she always walks around outside. She's not a beggar, per se. But she walks around to everyone who walks out of the store, trying to sell them these cloth thingies that people use to wrap their tortillas in around here.
This lady always comes up to me to ask me every single time we go to that store. And, well, after awhile it starts to get old.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike "poor people" or anything. But, seriously, there's a way to "beg" and a way not to "beg" (at least in my head there is). And that also applies to selling.

So today when I saw her out there I said, "Oh no!" And I ran to go get in the car so that she wouldn't be able to ask me (and totally ignored the fact that I should help my dad put the groceries in the car). Well, that didn't deter her at all. You know what she did? She walked over to my window and starts saying, "Senorita, please, won't you buy one of these?" 

Well, the first rule of Mexico is: NEVER look at anyone who's selling anything, unless you want them to think you are interested. That means that anywhere you go you divert your eyes and act like you don't even see them. So, basically, you just ignore everyone around you (And if you go to the Central de Abastos, a big market, you walk through without caring and bump into people. Because, if not, you will never get through the crowd of people). Hehe!

So my first mistake was that I looked out my window at the lady (but I felt like she would think I was a rude, better-than-you, person if I didn't look ... and I hate feeling that way because, well, I am supposed to be a loving Christian. LOL). So I looked. She was using that "pitiful eyes" look, staring at me with missing teeth and a craggy face.

And, well, the sad truth is that after you've lived in Mexico for awhile you learn not to be moved by that sad look. Because if you gave money to everyone ... you would be living under a bridge, starving. You might feel a little twinge of guilt about it, but, I mean, it really can't be helped.

Anyways, to be polite, I looked at her. I smiled and I shook my head no, thus, indicating that, no, I did not want to buy one. Well, this is where the bad selling part comes in.
She asked me again. And I shook my head no, again. So that was when she should've walked away. But she just kept asking so then it was time for phase two. That's where if the person keeps asking after you said "no," you just turn your head away and ignore them. So I did just that. And you know what?! She just stood there and stared at me.

I could feel her unfaltering stare. I was starting to get really uncomfortable. But she just kept standing there. Well, then my dad, my saviour, came back (he was returning the cart) and said, "She doesn't have any money." Whew! Got out of that one!

Does it mean that I am evil for not feeling bad for not buying something from someone who's obviously poor? Give me your opinion! I mean, I think you would freak out too if some old lady was staring at you through your window, trying to pressure you into buying something. Hahaha!

But I suppose that is what poverty will do to you. It will make people do crazy things! It will make them stare you down in your car just so you'll give them a couple of pesos! :D

Anyways, so that was just my day. And the experience I had today. I thought I'd share it. Because I just want to write about things that happen quite often to me (ONLY IN MEXICO).

Peace, Love, & Mexico!

P.S. Some people have asked if this was the official place to get news from the Loa's in Mexico. And, no, it is not. Because if it were it would be way more boring! I just started my blog to sort of document the things that happen to me here. Because I figure that someday I will enjoy re-reading/remembering it all. And I figured it wouldn't hurt to let people see it in the meantime!

P.P.S. Everything I write on this blog is the way I see Mexico (my point-of-view, as they call it). So if you think I am rude, evil, violent, mean, judgemental, uncompassionate, unduly harsh, picky, radical, controversial, weird, or a lunatic ... I am very sorry!

Man, I hate that I always have to write a disclaimer! Hehe.  ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Sister And An Update

Okay, so I was just thinking and you know what? All of you guys should read my sister's blog: Random Ramblings.



Because I said so! :D


Oh, on a side note, so far sixteen people have voted on my "Which Is More Attention Calling" poll. And you know what? It looks like it's going to be a very close run. So far it's nine votes for orange and seven votes for red. OH NO! I might just lose (it's a good thing that Lupita and I didn't bet on this. You know, "if I win then you have to eat a worm. but if I lose I have to ... eat a waterbug" Man, I shudder at the thought. *shudder* ... the good thing is that there are no waterbugs here and so then I wouldn't have to eat one anyways, but there are worms, so Lupita would have to eat one).  

So if you haven't cast your vote! Vote! It's the responsible, Christian thing to do. "If you don't vote, then don't complain." Bah! That's just boring. How about: "Don't complain if you're too insane to refrain from the lame, mundane, disdain." Disdain of voting, that is (how's that? I came up with it myself ... okay, I'll admit that I googled "words that rhyme with complain", but I still found a way to put it all together, which means that I'm pretty talented).  ;)

And, besides, it's not hard to vote. All you have to do is click which ever color you think would catch your eye faster and then click vote.  

Okay, see y'all later (well, not literally).
Peace, Love, & VOTE!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary To ...


We never do anything for these days (I guess we just aren't really into the whole celebration type thing! lol).

I try to be patriotic. But I can never really get into the mood (other than wearing red,white, and green, which I didn't take a picture of).

We did grill hamburgers today though. Not because it's Independence Day, but just because. And we just barely finished. And from the sounds of it ... just in the nick of time. 'Cause I hear rain outside!

I made the hamburgers. Very nasty! I hate meat! All I could think of was that I was touching a dead animal's insides. Ewww! :D

Jacob cooked them!

I was outside trying to teach Bouncer a few tricks. I got him to do them for treats. First, sit. Second, down. Third, roll over. But he has ADD and so pretty soon he became disinterested. By tomorrow he'll probably have forgotten everything I taught him (he's rather dense, thick-skulled, bird-brained). He is so cute though! Don't ya think? He will step on your toes though, if you have flip-flops on. And it really hurts!

I feel very accomplished today. I actually completely emptied my laundry basket today! That was the first time in ... in the history of the basket! How did I finally do that? Well, I just threw away all of the clothes that were in the bottom. I'm sure they'll never be missed since I obviously have never used them since I threw them in there about two years ago! Haha!
You can see the bottom! :D

Anyways, that was my day today! Feliz Dia De La Independencia!

Peace, Love, & Patriotism


Thursday, September 15, 2011


 I added a poll to the side there. ----->
So vote. Which is more attention calling/brighter?
Of course, everyone will probably take Lupita's side (either that or not vote at all). ARG.

Chronicles Of Dacia

What's up?! Me? I am just sitting here debating with Lupita about which color calls more attention. Red or orange. She thinks red. While I think orange (perhaps I should take a vote?). I mean, which color do they use for construction warning? Orange! That proves it all! Hehe.

Lupita and I! We wore red, white, and blue to church Sunday. I was trying to be a patriotic American. I told her she should too (even though she's not an American! Hehe).

My dad and I have been looking around at different places that are for sale (for a church). So this man here (that has always come to church on and off) said that he wanted to show us a place. It used to be a salon (where they hold parties and stuff). So we got in the car and went to go see it. It was faaaaaar away!

It was kind of cool though because it was all over grown with ivy! I could just picture The Secret Garden (I always wanted to discover one)! :D

They had a really hard time trying to open it. My dad's like, "Not impressed."

Changing subjects ... and days.

I have been so happy this past week. Why? Because the sun has actually been out and the skies have been blue. I have been tired of this rain and dreariness every since I stayed in Texas (where it never rained, was always hot, and the sun was always shining).

My dad and I have been going out, running errands, with the windows down! It just makes a person feel much better! We are hoping that rain season will be cut short this year (it usually goes until October, and these past couple of years it has gone until November).

Wait, why am I talking about the weather? Oh yeah, because it makes me happy!

Today I was just taking all kinds of pictures ... just because. I wanted to chronicle "the everyday life of Dacia." But it turned out to be a boring day!

First, we went to go pay the rent (where I actually sat and waited in the car for fifty hours and waited for my dad to go do it ...).
On the way there I was taking pictures of junk around here.

I laughed because within the first couple of blocks I saw:

Statue thingies.

And flags.

Man, everybody is intent on making you spend your money!

Then we went to go buy some "Pollo a la leña."
I tried to take a picture. But just as soon as I pulled out my camera all of these people showed up. SIGH. So now all I have is a picture of some unknown little girl.

Okay, see y'all!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Solemn Remembrance ...

So this a little late, but I have been without a computer for these past couple of days.

I just wanted to say: GOD BLESS THE USA!

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years already since the terrorist attacks. I still remember it with  incredulity. How could such a thing ever happen?

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say.

Dacia a.k.a. the most patriotic person  in the world.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visitor, Words, & Hamsters

Last night at church we had a very special visitor:

A kitten. This isn't actually a picture of him (obviously), but that's what he looked like. He must've known that I was a cat lover because he came over near me (good thing because most people around here do not like cats. They are very superstitious. And most of them hate cats so there's no telling what they might've done to him). So I got to pick him up and take him outside where he tried to run back into the church. Fortunately, I stopped him.  And I sat outside for a few minutes talking to him and his brother (who was outside also). I'm fluent in meowish, you know.  ;)

Moving on ...
Last night my family and I were sitting at the table, eating. My brother said something like, "Hey, what's the word for grass in Spanish? Zacate (I think that may be more Tex-Mex though)."
Me: "Pasto."
My dad: "Cesped."
Jacob: "Doesn't cesped mean trash can?"
Me: "Yeah, dad, that's what you always say at church."
(we all laugh)
My dad: "It means grass. I will prove it!" (goes to get his spanish dictionary)
Dictionary: "Cesped means: lawn/grass."
My dad: "Told you! Who's laughing now?"
Me: "Then does it mean both?"
Dad: "Yes!"
Mum: "But I thought 'cesto' was trash can."

So here's the story.
My dad gets really annoyed when the people at church leave their trash all over. So he always tells them not to be dirty but throw their trash in "el cesped." Which he always thought meant trash can. And so he was actually telling people to not be dirty but to throw their trash in the grass! Hahaha! So we were all laughing 'cause we've all always thought 'cesped' meant trash can because that's what my dad always says.

My dad: "Bote de basura. That's another way to say trash can!"
(Mum laughs)
Mum: "Oh, bote (trash can). I thought you said bota (boot)!"
Dad: "People, I've got something to correct. When I said, 'throw your trash in el cesped (grass) I actually meant for you to throw it in la bota (boot)."

Can anyone say confusion?

My mum: "You know what's the funny part?"
Us: "What?"
Mum: "The other day my spanish teacher asked me:  What do you do with toys when they are old? And I told her that I throw them in 'el cesped.'"
(We all died laughing)

So my mum actually told her teacher that she threw old toys in the grass, because she thought she was saying trash can!
 My mum: "I was wondering why she gave me a list of words for grass after that."
Jacob: "Aren't you ashamed, Mom? How can you face your teacher again?"
Me: "Yeah, well, her teacher will just think that mum just meant that she throws old toys in the grass. Her teacher won't know that's not what she meant!"
My dad: "She's gonna think: What dirty Americans, they just throw their old stuff in the grass!"

The moral of the story is that: Cesped means grass not trash can. :D

Of course, I'm not 100% sure about this because my sources tell me two conflicting things. One said, "Cesped means grass, but I think we do use it for trash can too. But hardly ever for trash can." And the other one said, "No, Cesped means grass not trash can. Cesto mean trash can." So I am not sure which one is right. I guess I should get a third opinion. Either way "cesped" is definitely taken to mean grass. :D

SO guess what happened today?

What do you see in the cage?

Nothing? That's because there is nothing in there. The hamsters escaped. I'm not sure how. The door was closed. I guess they figured out a way to push it open.

We decided to look in our storage room's closet first. 

And there was Monster! She definitely lived up to her name. She wouldn't let either one of us pick her up. She was making terrible noises and trying to bite us. RABIES! :D

This is what Jacob used to catch her. And then we dumped her into the cage!

We couldn't find the other one so I took Chester out and put on his leash! I figured I'd use him to sniff 'em out!

It would've worked except that my brother put him down for a minute to move some suitcases. There on top of one of the suitcases was the other hamster!
It was probably for the best anyways. Because if my ferret had located her he might have bitten her (just like how he murdered my guinea pig).

So yep.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Baby Dedication

I would add more pictures and write more, but sometimes this blog thing acts so weird. :(

That's all ...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear God, Please Send This Rain To Texas

 Today it rained all cotton-pickin' day long. The sky was singing all day -THUNDER! The clouds were hanging low, dark, and ominous. It felt like one of those days where you just sit in bed and read. But I was unable to do that because all of the lightning caused our electricity to go out (and it was so dark outside that you couldn't really see). It went out for thirty minutes. You might think, "That's not too bad." But then my parents left to go to the store to buy groceries. And about twenty minutes after they left the lights went out again. That time they stayed out for about four hours. Not fun!

So I was complaining after my parents got home. But apparently it would've been just as boring if I would've gone to the store with them. The store is only two and a half miles from our house. And you know how long it took them to get there? A whole hour! Outrageous! Sometimes I really ... hate this Toluca traffic!

Raining all day ...

Then we sat down to eat sandwiches in the dark. Fortunately, the lights came on right after I took a couple of picture! Hehe.

Skittles (Wild Berry) are my favorite things right now! I'm not much of a candy person ... but these are so yummy! They didn't used to sell skittles when we first moved here. O how things have changed!

Look closely at this picture. He's standing on top of the other hamster (they also like to beat each other up). I say "he," but I checked them and they both appear to be "she's." Which means that Django Zeddicus Antoi Crunch Gaspar de Toluca is really a girl. And she has a boy name. Haha!

Hehe! This is Monster's nose. She was curious about my camera.

This is when my parents went to the store. That man was standing on top of a shopping cart, directing traffic.

Water ... sigh.


I'll Have Food And An Old Pair Of Shoes Please

Our house is settled inside four, big, concrete walls (as are most houses in Mexico). And outside our gate, to the left, is a mechanic's shop. Well, today the man who works there came and rang our bell. My dad picks up the phone thingy that connects to the bell to ask who it was. My dad must've known his name (because my dad always knows everyone). And so he asks what he wants. The man asked him for: some food and an old pair of shoes.

So my dad, being the kind missionary, went to the kitchen and made him a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich. He also gave him an old pair of shoes. And he even gave him a brown sugar poptart.

You have to understand that it is the ultimate sacrifice for my dad to give away a poptart. Let me break it down for you. 
 απληστία, the Greek word which we will now translate to Hebrew: חמדנות
 This word when translated to English means, avarice. It can also mean miserliness. Which to put it simply, means greed. So you see, my dad loves his poptarts. But he gave one away. Which totally disproves my theory that he may be slightly greedy when it comes to poptarts. Hmmm ...

Anyways, I just thought it was funny that the man who works there would go to my dad and ask him for those things. He said that his business isn't going well. And that he has no money for food. Well, look what you have done to us, man! Now we have no more sandwich meat! Or bread, or cheese!

Okay, this is a true story, but the rest of it is just me joking, okay? For all of you to know: My dad is the farthest thing from greedy. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone, in need, who asked. And a lot of times he gives people stuff even without them asking (when he sees that they're in need). If there is one thing I have learned from my dad it is that it is truly better to give than to receive. And also you can never outgive God! Because no matter if you just gave someone the last food that you had in your house, God will somehow provide you with more food.

But I like to give my dad a hard time! ;) He knows that I love him and am just kidding ... I hope. Hehe!

Tata for now!

P.S. Yes, my dad does read my blog, and so he knows what I say!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Just Wanna Say Three Things ...

I just have to clear something up real quick.
 Remember the other day when I gave the facts about Toluca? I said: "A lot of people in Toluca steal electricity. I am not sure how they do that, but they do. (We have yet to pay electricity since we moved here! Hehe!)"
Well, I have thought about it. And maybe you thought that I just admitted that we steal electricity because I said that we have yet to pay for electricity. Well, that's true. But the reason is that everywhere we have lived the house must already be hooked up that way. Because we never have to pay. So, hey, it's not our fault. We only rent ... we do not own! Haha! Okay, I just had to write this! 

So today I made pozole. I never used to eat this stuff. But I suddenly like it. So I made me some. Okay, I poured it out of a can. That's the best kind. I don't like real pozole! And I don't eat it with lettuce or onions or that junk either! What can I say, I'm Americana.  :D

Doesn't it look nasty?

I've got a good story today!
Yesterday night two men from our church were on their way home from their work. They got on a bus. Well, on their way home two men got on the bus and they had guns. They proceeded to rob everyone on the bus.
But guess what? When they got to the two men from our church, they passed them by. They didn't rob them!
Isn't that cool? 

Well, anyways, adios amigos!