Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All By Ourselves

I felt like a true adult last night! I am twenty, but I have never really felt all that grown up at all. Well, we had practice (just a few "kids" from the youth) last night.  My brother didn't want to go. And, well, I didn't want to go by myself because it was just all guys. I didn't want to be the only girl.
But my dad said that he didn't feel like taking me. And I, of course, reminded him that when you commit to do something you can't back out of it.

But then I came up with a plan.

I didn't have a way to get there. And my brother didn't want to go anyways.  So I decided that there was only one way to get there AND get my brother to go. So I convinced my dad to let Jacob and I take the car ourselves and go to practice (because I knew Jake would want to go if he could drive ... I'm so underhanded).

I really couldn't believe that I actually convinced my dad. NEVER in our whole lives has he ever let us go anywhere in Mexico by ourselves. He has never really let us do that in the US either (he's one of those overprotective types). I just always try to remind him that I am twenty and that Jacob is eighteen (will be nineteen in a few days). And I tried to reason with him that "Hey, we've never had a wreck. And we're responsible ..." Blah, blah, blah! :D

But then, of course, it was, "Call me when you get there," and, "Call me when y'all head home."
*rolling eyes*

So off we went. All the way across town. Okay, it's not really all the way across town. It's only about six miles, I think. But you have to go through crowded streets, highways, and dangerous intersections. But, hey, we got there, didn't we? Or am I in heaven right now dreaming about writing on my blog?? HEHE!

I let my brother drive. I don't really care to drive in Mexico. I mean, there is absolutely NO order. Everyone just does what they want. You swerve, and cut people off. You can't always see the lane markings, so you drive wherever you want to! You honk, you run red lights (right in front of the cops). And sometimes you even scrape people with your vehicle ... and just keep on going. It's crazy! Hence the reason I don't really care to drive down here. I do drive, but mostly at night when there's less traffic.

One time I did drive in the day. And there was a lot of traffic. And I didn't panic or anything (not outwardly, anyways), but my head was full of a one-sided dialogue. "Omg, how am I going to get all the way over to that lane to turn over there? These cars won't let me in! Do I have my signal on? Yes, I do! Come on! Let me in. My goodness, my mom's probably criticizing how I am driving. She probably wishes she had driven. Well, maybe not. She hates driving in Mexico." 
And it went on and on. I guess the thing is that I don't show my panic outwardly, but inside is a full-blown panic!

Anyways, so as you can see, driving in Mexico is not recommended for the weak of heart!
But my brother and I got to and from the church ... with zero problems. It's not fair though! Because there's this part where the road does this:

                                           !      !  
                                      !       !
                                  !       !
And we are coming from the bottom part (!) trying to get onto the main road (----). It's one way traffic. And no one has a stop light ( there are two but no one pays attention to them, or knows what they are). So the traffic from the left just keeps coming. And every time my brother drives, it it clear, not a vehicle in sight. But every time I go through there ... it's blocked with huge buses. ARG!

So yeah ... lol!
I gotta go eat!

Peace, Love, & Traffic Jams!


Israel said...

r u calling me a girl?....and i did kno what u was doin when u said u wanted me 2 drive:)

Dacia Loa said...

HAHAHA! You're right! I did make it sound like you were a girl! Sorry! :P ... What I really meant to say was that I don't care if I am the only girl as long as my brother is there. :D ... And I know that you knew what I was doing! And that's why you smiled! :)

Israel said...

the thing is i was goin anyways

Kristen said...

ROFL remember what I did when me you miriam and gaby went out? Before you had your license *snicker*

Dacia Loa said...

Uhhh ... YES, I remember that! LOL! I still die laughing when I think about it! And you're like, "Shhh, don't tell dad!" :D

Hannah said...

@Kristen: what did u do? Lol oh wait I thinks its a secret baha my bad