Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chronicles Of Dacia

What's up?! Me? I am just sitting here debating with Lupita about which color calls more attention. Red or orange. She thinks red. While I think orange (perhaps I should take a vote?). I mean, which color do they use for construction warning? Orange! That proves it all! Hehe.

Lupita and I! We wore red, white, and blue to church Sunday. I was trying to be a patriotic American. I told her she should too (even though she's not an American! Hehe).

My dad and I have been looking around at different places that are for sale (for a church). So this man here (that has always come to church on and off) said that he wanted to show us a place. It used to be a salon (where they hold parties and stuff). So we got in the car and went to go see it. It was faaaaaar away!

It was kind of cool though because it was all over grown with ivy! I could just picture The Secret Garden (I always wanted to discover one)! :D

They had a really hard time trying to open it. My dad's like, "Not impressed."

Changing subjects ... and days.

I have been so happy this past week. Why? Because the sun has actually been out and the skies have been blue. I have been tired of this rain and dreariness every since I stayed in Texas (where it never rained, was always hot, and the sun was always shining).

My dad and I have been going out, running errands, with the windows down! It just makes a person feel much better! We are hoping that rain season will be cut short this year (it usually goes until October, and these past couple of years it has gone until November).

Wait, why am I talking about the weather? Oh yeah, because it makes me happy!

Today I was just taking all kinds of pictures ... just because. I wanted to chronicle "the everyday life of Dacia." But it turned out to be a boring day!

First, we went to go pay the rent (where I actually sat and waited in the car for fifty hours and waited for my dad to go do it ...).
On the way there I was taking pictures of junk around here.

I laughed because within the first couple of blocks I saw:

Statue thingies.

And flags.

Man, everybody is intent on making you spend your money!

Then we went to go buy some "Pollo a la leña."
I tried to take a picture. But just as soon as I pulled out my camera all of these people showed up. SIGH. So now all I have is a picture of some unknown little girl.

Okay, see y'all!

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