Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary To ...


We never do anything for these days (I guess we just aren't really into the whole celebration type thing! lol).

I try to be patriotic. But I can never really get into the mood (other than wearing red,white, and green, which I didn't take a picture of).

We did grill hamburgers today though. Not because it's Independence Day, but just because. And we just barely finished. And from the sounds of it ... just in the nick of time. 'Cause I hear rain outside!

I made the hamburgers. Very nasty! I hate meat! All I could think of was that I was touching a dead animal's insides. Ewww! :D

Jacob cooked them!

I was outside trying to teach Bouncer a few tricks. I got him to do them for treats. First, sit. Second, down. Third, roll over. But he has ADD and so pretty soon he became disinterested. By tomorrow he'll probably have forgotten everything I taught him (he's rather dense, thick-skulled, bird-brained). He is so cute though! Don't ya think? He will step on your toes though, if you have flip-flops on. And it really hurts!

I feel very accomplished today. I actually completely emptied my laundry basket today! That was the first time in ... in the history of the basket! How did I finally do that? Well, I just threw away all of the clothes that were in the bottom. I'm sure they'll never be missed since I obviously have never used them since I threw them in there about two years ago! Haha!
You can see the bottom! :D

Anyways, that was my day today! Feliz Dia De La Independencia!

Peace, Love, & Patriotism


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