Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visitor, Words, & Hamsters

Last night at church we had a very special visitor:

A kitten. This isn't actually a picture of him (obviously), but that's what he looked like. He must've known that I was a cat lover because he came over near me (good thing because most people around here do not like cats. They are very superstitious. And most of them hate cats so there's no telling what they might've done to him). So I got to pick him up and take him outside where he tried to run back into the church. Fortunately, I stopped him.  And I sat outside for a few minutes talking to him and his brother (who was outside also). I'm fluent in meowish, you know.  ;)

Moving on ...
Last night my family and I were sitting at the table, eating. My brother said something like, "Hey, what's the word for grass in Spanish? Zacate (I think that may be more Tex-Mex though)."
Me: "Pasto."
My dad: "Cesped."
Jacob: "Doesn't cesped mean trash can?"
Me: "Yeah, dad, that's what you always say at church."
(we all laugh)
My dad: "It means grass. I will prove it!" (goes to get his spanish dictionary)
Dictionary: "Cesped means: lawn/grass."
My dad: "Told you! Who's laughing now?"
Me: "Then does it mean both?"
Dad: "Yes!"
Mum: "But I thought 'cesto' was trash can."

So here's the story.
My dad gets really annoyed when the people at church leave their trash all over. So he always tells them not to be dirty but throw their trash in "el cesped." Which he always thought meant trash can. And so he was actually telling people to not be dirty but to throw their trash in the grass! Hahaha! So we were all laughing 'cause we've all always thought 'cesped' meant trash can because that's what my dad always says.

My dad: "Bote de basura. That's another way to say trash can!"
(Mum laughs)
Mum: "Oh, bote (trash can). I thought you said bota (boot)!"
Dad: "People, I've got something to correct. When I said, 'throw your trash in el cesped (grass) I actually meant for you to throw it in la bota (boot)."

Can anyone say confusion?

My mum: "You know what's the funny part?"
Us: "What?"
Mum: "The other day my spanish teacher asked me:  What do you do with toys when they are old? And I told her that I throw them in 'el cesped.'"
(We all died laughing)

So my mum actually told her teacher that she threw old toys in the grass, because she thought she was saying trash can!
 My mum: "I was wondering why she gave me a list of words for grass after that."
Jacob: "Aren't you ashamed, Mom? How can you face your teacher again?"
Me: "Yeah, well, her teacher will just think that mum just meant that she throws old toys in the grass. Her teacher won't know that's not what she meant!"
My dad: "She's gonna think: What dirty Americans, they just throw their old stuff in the grass!"

The moral of the story is that: Cesped means grass not trash can. :D

Of course, I'm not 100% sure about this because my sources tell me two conflicting things. One said, "Cesped means grass, but I think we do use it for trash can too. But hardly ever for trash can." And the other one said, "No, Cesped means grass not trash can. Cesto mean trash can." So I am not sure which one is right. I guess I should get a third opinion. Either way "cesped" is definitely taken to mean grass. :D

SO guess what happened today?

What do you see in the cage?

Nothing? That's because there is nothing in there. The hamsters escaped. I'm not sure how. The door was closed. I guess they figured out a way to push it open.

We decided to look in our storage room's closet first. 

And there was Monster! She definitely lived up to her name. She wouldn't let either one of us pick her up. She was making terrible noises and trying to bite us. RABIES! :D

This is what Jacob used to catch her. And then we dumped her into the cage!

We couldn't find the other one so I took Chester out and put on his leash! I figured I'd use him to sniff 'em out!

It would've worked except that my brother put him down for a minute to move some suitcases. There on top of one of the suitcases was the other hamster!
It was probably for the best anyways. Because if my ferret had located her he might have bitten her (just like how he murdered my guinea pig).

So yep.


Kristen said...

HILARIOUS STORY! question though how on earth did y'all not know that cesped isn't a trash can? I've never ever ever heard it used for that! only bote de basura aka el bote? I was laughing so hard though! I had to read it to david...too funny!

Dacia Loa said...

Well, every time dad would say that at church I would think it was kind of strange, but I figured that he must know what he was talking about. I have never used it for trash can though.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Well how bout saying "Tiralo en la basura!" Or say the basurero...or are basureros the trash guys? Haha!


Dacia Loa said...

Yeah, that's what I would say! I always wondered why my dad didn't!! :D

Mary Frances said...

Heeeey Dacia!!! I found your blog from ASH!!! Looks waaaaay cute!!! Come check me out and follow me too!!! :)))

Dacia Loa said...

Mary- Sorry, I just barely saw your comment. For some weird reason it didn't send it to my email. But, anyways, I went to go see your blog! It's cute too! :D

Mary Frances said...

Thank you Dacia!!! :)