Monday, October 31, 2011

Ummm ... Okaaay?

All night we have been hearing a really strange noise. I somebody was killing a pig somewhere. And then we were downstairs and we kept hearing the same noise. And I said, "It's either a pig or a donkey." But my dad said, "It ain't no donkey." So we decided that it must be a pig.

Then I was sitting in my room and my brother comes barging in, scaring the living daylights out of me! He said, "You're going to find this funny ... but there's a donkey in the car lot next door."
So I went running to the bathroom window where he was looking out (it's the only window on that side of the house). ARG! I was too short to see out the window though! So my brother lifted me up to see ... that is, until he threw his back out lifting my heavy self!

Then I ran downstairs and barged into my dad's office to tell him. He thought that I was lying. But we went outside to look. It's a baby donkey! He's so adorable! He came over and let us pet him. And then he started hee-hawing in my face (Is hee-hawing a word?). AWWWW!

One question. Why is there a donkey on a car lot? Hmmm ... I suppose he could be considered a car by some people!
I told my mum, "Oh no! What if it was a man? And he was turned into a donkey?" (You know, like in "The Horse and His Boy" book). Maybe I have an overactive imagination.

Anyways, I would've stayed out there for awhile petting him but my brother told me, "There's a SUV parked down the road with two men sitting in it." Then I got paranoid that they might pull out a gun and shoot us. See, we have this theory that the people who run this car business do some shady business deals. I mean, nobody has bought any cars. And so we think it's a front for a drug business. Okay, we're just suspicious of everyone!  Teehee!

Peace, Love, & Donkeys

Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Miles And Back!

Whew! I am feeling ... invigorated!

The other day I woke up with a keen desire to have a frappuccino from Starbucks! So I came up with a beautiful idea: Jacob and I could ride to Starbucks on our bikes. Well, I told him the plan but he's such a party pooper, a stick-in-the-mud, a spoil sport, a killjoy, a grouch, a ...wet blanket (OKAY, I have run out of words)! And so to put it succinctly, he said, "NO."

I had looked up the distance from our house to that particular Starbucks. It said that it was two miles. I was up for the challenge. I mean, really, two miles isn't that far. But my brother is obviously too lazy! *evil grin*
Naw, I'm kidding! He's just like any other guy. He doesn't want to do what you want to do, but he wants to do what HE wants to do. Which is playing basketball. Well, I dislike basketball (I try to refrain from using the word "hate" in my sentences). I don't want to go play basketball every day of the week. I WANT STARBUCKS! :D

But, anyways, today dawned, bright with beautiful blue skies (I love when the end of October comes around because the rain stops)! And it was FRIDAY FRIDAY (ahaha)! And I thought, "What another perfect day for a frappuccino!" I mean, I just got hooked on those things a couple of years ago or so, and every since them I am just ... IN LOVE!

Guess who I convinced to go with me?! That's right! My dad!
He wanted to know how we were going to get there. He didn't want to ride on the busy main streets that surround us. So I layed out my plan. I mean, I didn't want my innards strewn across the road anymore than my dad did. I said, "We'll just go ... and then we'll ... and then ... and then we'll be there!"
And it worked (at least I think both of my arms and legs are accounted for).

Thank you, daddy, for taking me! But I suppose all of the calories we burned riding to and from Starbucks were probably all back plus some with the frappuccinos.  o_O
Oh well, it's so worth it!

Since I am bored I am going to describe a Mexican Starbucks to you.
They look really pretty and modern, just like the American ones (or maybe better). But what really gets me is the clientele. It's mostly young people who look like they are priviledged rich kids. I love Starbucks, but as soon as I see all of those rich kids it almost zaps away all of my courage to enter the place. I feel ... shabby! HAHA!

Okay, maybe they aren't really rich. My dad's theory is that everyone buys everything on credit here. Who knows if that's actually true. I'm more inclined to think that their parents are educated and work like slaves to provide the "richness" for their kids. So they are either rich and they know it, or they are just pretending to be rich.  Either way, it still intimidates this down-to-earth girl. TEEHEE!

Okay, enough with the decription. Not that I really described it.

I am hungry now! Perhaps I shall go eat?

Peace, Love & Food!


P.S. Sorry that there were no pictures!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Come??

I just have one quick question: How come everytime I sit down to blog suddenly my mum needs some help with something???
So instead of finishing, or even starting, what I was going to write ... I have to go do something else! No worries! I will be back to post in a little while!! TEEHEE!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Bone & Skulls

El Dia De Los Muertos is still like a week away, but they've already been selling "Day of the Dead" themed stuff. Like tonight at church a girl (well, she's like 25) came up to me and gave me some chocolate. Okay, she didn't just come up to me and hand me some chocolate, she asked if I liked it first. Then she said that she had gone to some fair, and then she gave me the chocolate!

After she left I opened the little brown paper bag and pulled out a ... bone! I was like, "WOAH!" Hahaha! But then I realized that it was all just candy for the season.  :D

Like a skull!

And another skull!

And another one!

And, finally, the bone!!

I had never eaten any candy shaped like a bone before. But it was pretty good! HEHE!

Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Is Me On My Evil Days ...

Sorry, I just couldn't resist posting that picture!

Friday, Jacob and I went to the park and played basketball with my dad. We all rode our bikes there. It felt like some real exercise. Then we get home and I'm sitting on the couch and my dad says, "You know what sounds good right now?"
Yeah, so after all of that "exercise" we went to Wal-Mart to go buy some ice-cream (no wonder exercise doesn't help us any!).

Jacob and I walked around the store like those little kids who have to push every button on every toy they pass. They had all of the evil Halloween stuff right at the front of the store. So, of course, my brother and I had to go try on the masks!! HEHE! And so I pulled out my iPod to snap a picture. :D

And another one!

OH! OH! I almost forgot!
Jacob and I walked over to the sports section. And Jacob was making me lift weights. Well, trying to, anyways. I always try to remind him: I'm NOT a boy! I am NOT strong!
Well, there's this boy on the aisle. He was about seventeen, maybe. He kept looking at us. I assumed it was because we were speaking English. Well, finally he walks away and goes to stand by all of the balls. He was just standing there, lollygagging about. Jacob and I walked over there next. He leaves. Then we walked down to the next part of the aisle. Well, the boy circles back to where he was originally standing. He looked around (I was watching him out of the corner of my eye). Then he leans down to pick something up. And he hurriedly thrusts it into the pocket of his hoodie. Holy Cow! He stole something!!

Okay, I didn't see what he stole. But he did steal something. Too bad I hadn't been recording it or something! HEHE! I told Jacob what I had just seen. Then we walked to the front of the store. And there was that boy, casually strolling out the door. SIGH! I could've busted him! I could've gotten a gold metal! HE!HE!HE! Oh well.

On another note, here's a couple of terrible pictures of some cool murals here in Toluca. No, I am not a fan of graffiti, in fact, just hearing the word makes me mad. But I do think murals are cool.

You can't really see this one. But it has Indians on it.

And another Indian, with some sort of ancient Indian city.

Hmmm ... I just noticed that these all seem to be focused on Indians.

This painting looks like the stained glass that is on the building that houses the botonical garden downtown. So that's probably what it is! :*shrug*

Okay, that's all for now!

P.S. In no way am I promoting Halloween. Just thought I'd make that clear! :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just A Story!

As we sat around our table eating today my mother began telling us about a story she had read. It was about a man who had promised his daughter, since she was young, that when she got married he would make her wedding dress. And he actually did it. He was not a tailor, but he still did it. Isn't that so sweet?

So I turned to my dad and said, "Hey, dad, when I get married someday you have to write a song and sing it at my wedding." Well, he said that he couldn't do such a thing. I told him that, hey, if he couldn't write any words that I would do it. I mean, writing good things about myself is what I do best! *evil grin* He just needs to make the tune to go with my lyrics!

After we finished eating I went to go wash the dishes. And as I washed I thought of some words! It's actually already  a song. But I decided to change the words from talking about God to talking about me!

Here goes:

"I remember when I first held you
Seems like only yesterday
You were the daughter I always longed for
But with your angel wings you've flown away
After all these years you've been in my life
I'm begging don't leave, stay here
'Cause you've been my favorite daughter
Through all these years."

"Through all these years
I still love to see your smile
Through all these years
I've wished you were still my little child
To hug you, to hear your giggle
And to hear my name so dear
Daddy, I'll still be your little girl
Through all these years."

"I remember watching you grow up
You were always my little twin
You would get angry, punch, and fight
But I never failed to make you grin
Then you got older
A breath-taking beauty
I kept the guys away
That was my duty
But one got through and now I fear
You're gone after all these years."


TEEHEE! How do you like it?!
Okay, a bit conceited! But, hey, a dad writes that kind of stuff about a daughter, right? So since I was writing it for my daddy ... he would say stuff like that! At least I hope he would!  O_o 
(Actually, he'd probably write something more along these lines:

"You always caused me nothing but trouble,
Floating around in your selfish bubble,
You were mean, and oh so cruel,
You started fire without the fuel,
Now I sigh with relief
That you're leaving my life
'Cause without you it'll be peaceful
No more dramatic strife."
Yeah, that'd probably be more like it! Hehe!)

Anyways, I just thought that I would share that song with y'all!! I shared it with my sister and she said, "Here's the next verse, 'Through all these years I've babied you. Through all these years, I've loved you more."

I told her, "Hey, not true! He actually loves you more, but as the saying goes, 'The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.'" She just should have been more dramatic like me. My fourteenth year was the peak of my dramaticism, you know. "Everybody hates me! Nobody loves me! Nobody would care if I died!"  AHAHA! I laugh when I think of that now! Man, I am so glad that I am not fourteen anymore!

How many are happy that they aren't a teenager anymore?! I most definitely am!

Anyways, I have to get ready for church! OH, WHAT TO WEAR?!
 *pulling hair*   :D

Peace, Love, & Dramaticism!

No Sun But No Rain Either, So We Got To Go To The Park!!

Today my brother, my dad, and I rode our bikes to the new park that is about a mile from our house. Whew! Talk about a workout! A mile is not that far. But we also rode around the whole park (which is pretty big because it used to be the military base), and then back to our house.

Then some guys from the church were supposed to meet us there and so my brother and I jumped in the car to go wait for them. But, as usual, they didn't show up on time (gotta love 'em). So we just rode around the park some more.

I decided to take a few pictures of the beauty (remember, it was my day of appreciation).

If you drive around Toluca you will see these monuments everywhere.
They are set up to show that the PRI political party does fulfill it's promises. And they have the former govenor's name all over them, Enrique Pena Nieto. Watch out, Mexico! I think he's going to run for president! If I were a Mexican I would vote for him. I mean, he's done a lot of good things. Wait, why am I talking about politics? UGH! Sorry, that was just some random rambling there!  :P

A pretty tree! You don't see many trees in Toluca. I'm not sure why that is. But the only place they seem to have a lot of trees at is in the parks. There are so many huge pine trees that it makes the whole park really dark. Alll of the parks look kind of spooky, like a good place for someone to randomly murder you.

Flowers in the park!

Jacob put on his roller-blades. He loves to skate!

(Yes, I was part of the beauty! Ahahaha!)  ;)
I was riding along with him on his bike, until my skirt got caught in the brake? How does that happen?

We finally gave up waiting and decided that the guys weren't going to show up.
We went back home, and then we went to the other park that is right by our house to play basketball.

Then the guys finally showed up.
They got to playing basketball. Some other people wanted to play with them. So they did.
I just stood there watching. One of the ladies comes over and asks me, "You're not from here, are you?"
Is it that obvious?? LOL! I'm not sure how people always know that I'm not a Mexican. I mean, I look Mexican enough. Dark hair, dark eyes, medium-dark skin. 

The guys playing Mexican basketball! What do I mean by that? Well, they don't seem to follow any rules! So my brother was trying to tell them how to play real basketball! HAHA!

This picture is blurry, but it makes me laugh. Juan is like jumping way up to block the ball. And the ball is already long gone! HAHAHAHA!

Then they started doing some thing where they jumped on each other's backs? I guess they were trying to dunk the ball!

I guess I should've changed the settings on my camera so that the pictures wouldn't be blurry. But I don't even know how to do that!  o_O

Basketball isn't really my cup of tea. Well, any sport, for that matter. So then what did I do the whole time?

I sat there eating Skittles. :D

At about 7:30 p.m. the park people came over telling us that the park was closing. Well, we only stayed there for like five more minutes. And then we all parted ways. Us, to our car in the front, and Juan, Manuel, and Carlos to Juan's car in the back. I guess the park men were serious though. Because when we got to the entrance to go out ... the gate was shut! And no one was around. Jacob asked, "Are you any good at climbing over fences?"  Me? Need you ask?  Of course I am. I used to do stuff like that all the time when I was younger (back in my tomboy days).

It was a high fence with barbed-wire though. :/
You can't really see the fence in this picture, but it was there!

My brother didn't want to climb the fence where everyone would see me (how considerate), and so we started going to the side entrance. Halfway there I asked my brother, "You think they locked Juan's car in?"  So we ran aaaalll the way to the back of the park to go look. *Huff* *Puff* *Cough* *Hack* I almost couldn't make it! I am so out of shape that I nearly collapsed!

Sure enough, they had locked them in!! But, fortunately, the park men were still there so they got them to open the gate for them. And we hitched a ride in Juan's car back to our car.

I was rather disappointed. I had really wanted to see if I could still climb over a high fence. HEHE!

Needless to say, I was wore out when we got back home. We hadn't eaten all day. Riding miles on your bike, playing basketball (if only for ten minutes), and running all around a park will do that to you. I could barely walk when I got out of the car! My legs felt like noodles!! Crazy!!

I felt truly happy today though. It feels much better to get out and do something. And I love when the weather clears up! My brother and I have decided that we are going to start going to the Bicentenario park more often though. It's cooler than the other two parks that are right here in our colony. Pray that no one decides to jump us! LOL!

Peace, Love, & Exercise

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Of Appreciation ...

Last night as I sat around I decided that for one day I was going to try my hardest to appreciate the good things about Mexico.  Also, I would try to see the beauty of this country. I tend to get caught up in the "it all looks like the ghetto" mood. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? And so I thought that maybe if I made my brain think that Mexico is beautiful, maybe I would begin to actually think that way.

And I'm happy to report that it worked.

First thing I noticed was the stoplights. Have you ever realized how in the US when you are coming to a stoplight and it's green that it suddenly turns yellow? It stays yellow for one second and then it turns red. It's like they don't even give you time to stop. Unfortunately, you run a red light. I mean, it changed at the last second.

Well, here in Mexico they have a really cool thing going on. When the light is about to change to yellow the green light starts blinking. So then you know that it's fixing to turn red in a few seconds. So, instead of slowing down, you rev up your engine! HAHA! Okay, so maybe it doesn't keep people from running red lights, but it does give you a better warning!


*flash* *flash* *flash*

See how that works??

Why am I putting pictures of stoplights like y'all have never seen one before? *shrug*
Anyways, that was the first thing that I decided was cool about Mexico. Maybe they do that in some places in the US, but I haven't seen it yet (and I have been to twenty-three states so far).

The second thing that I noticed is that ... we are surrounded by beautiful mountains (and a cool volcano) on all sides. We live in a valley. I suppose I take this beauty for granted. But I always suddenly appreciate it when we get near the border of Texas and everything is very flat. Then I'm like, "Ugh! Give me some mountains!"

More mountains and hills.

And more! Plus, a lake! It's so beautiful!

Church on a hill!

The third thing that I decided to appreciate was the rain. I mean, it is rather frustrating when you have plans to do something (outside) and then it rains.

But I decided to look on the bright side. At least it keeps everything extra green!

Plus, it hails enough that it make it look like it snowed!!

Also, if it didn't rain all of the time, we would never get to see such beautiful rainbows!

Another thing I like is that there are little "mom and pop" stores everywhere. So instead of having to drive somewhere to buy something, you can just walk to the "tiendita" right by your house.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of one right now.

Another thing I adore about Mexico is how they have markets that specialize in selling fruits/vegetables and meats.

And not only are their markets that have their "special" things, but there are also towns, or colonies, should I say. We have a colony around here, San Mateo Atenco, that sells nothing but shoes. It's store after store of shoes. But, of course, I haven't been there in like six years (back when we first lived here was when we used to go see all of the cool stuff).
Entrance to San Mateo.
We also have a colony, San Pedro Totoltepec (I think), that sells nothing but wooden furniture. The people are carpenters, I guess. And then you have the colony that sells pottery. Every town seems to specialize in something! LOL!



Another thing that I enjoy about Mexico is the fact that it's more laid-back. I mean, sure, it can be hectic too.

But even with all of the backed up traffic, there's still a simple, country life that manages to stay alive.
Turkeys!!! *Gobble Gobble*

That's about as much appreciating as I could do in one day ... whew, it wore me out! HEHE!

There was my day of being grateful/appreciative. And it was also my day of noticing the beauty. I should do it more often!

"In everything give thanks ..." right? So I guess that means in rain or shine, in hail (which I love), on bumpy, dirt roads, and even in heavy traffic.  :D

Peace, Love, & Appreciation

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Felicidades Cynthia!

Tonight I am back to my happy self! YAY!
Okay, I was never really unhappy! I think my last post left the impression that I was. The truth is that I was just a bit upset. But after all of the nice comments from all of you I realized that I had no reason to feel bad! Man, I think I should start throwing pity parties more often! It makes a lot of people comment!! TEEHEE!

Anyways ...
Sunday night after church one of the girls, Cynthia, invited me to her fifteenth birthday party! I was rather surprised since we don't ever really talk to each other, except to say "hi" and a little bit of small talk! But I thought that it was sweet of her to ask so I said that I would go.

My dad dropped me off. I will admit that I felt a bit awkward. I never go anywhere without either my family or my friend, Lupita. But I just put on a brave face and walked in. Oh, the courage that took! But, hey, I survived! I'm still alive! Hehe!

I just shook hands and then Cynthia asked if would help her finish tying the balloons together. I felt embarrassed though because I didn't really know how to do it! I mean, as I have said before, I am not the party decorator in my house. But I didn't want to seem like an American who doesn't know how to do anything so I just bumbled my way through it! HAHA!

After everyone arrived I realized that aside from myself it was mostly just her family. Fortunately I knew most of them (even though half of them don't come to church).

Cynthia in her quinceaƱera crown! She looked so pretty!

All of the balloons that they hung up!

The cake! Those were real roses and leaves on there! I never did get a piece (My dad ended up calling Bro. Gabriel and Sis. Miriam to bring me home before they ever got around to eating it)! But it looked yummy!

They served "barbacoa" ... which is sheep, or lamb, or whatever they call a cooked sheep in the US.

I just had to take a picture of the meat! See, the mouths are still there with their teeth and everything!! YIKES!

Everyone kept asking me if I like barbacoa. I was like, "Ummm ...". But, of course, I eat whatever anyone sets in front of me!
I asked for just pure barbacoa though. They were also serving "panza" which is the stomach. And I have never been brave enough to try it! But some of the panza got mixed up in my barbacoa tacos and ... I could sure tell that it was NOT barbacoa. Needless to say, I didn't eat it all. I tried to pawn it off on some of my friends who were sitting with me, but they were all "full". *shrug*  So I kind of just didn't eat it. There were so many plates and stuff everywhere that no one even noticed!! Hehe!

Well, I had a lot of fun. People should invite me to their birthday parties more often!

 I should throw a birthday party for myself in January! Then I might at least get a piece of cake!!

Peace, Love, & Cake

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Wanna Say This Really Quick ...

Okay, so I am just going to be honest.

I really dislike when people post anonymous comments on my blog criticizing me. 

Sure,  I know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if anyone thinks that I am negative and they just hate my blog ... I am NOT forcing you to read it!! In fact, if you don't like it, I'd prefer that you don't read it.

And, besides, I am only being truthful. I don't mean to cast things in a negative light, and if I do, forgive me. But I see things one way, and you see them another.

Furthermore, most of the time when I post things, I am trying to be silly. And, yeah, I understand that some people just don't get my type of humor.

Yes, I recognize that I am privelidged and blessed to be able to do God's work. But, to be completely honest, sometimes I wish that I could do God's work in my own country. Is it a sin to wish that you could live in the country you were born in? To wish that you actually had a few real friends. To wish that you could go out and have fun every once in awhile. Try sitting in your room, day in and day out, only leaving to go to church. Sometimes it can be a bit discouraging. So before you go around talking about how "negative Dacia is", try to remember that my life might not be as glamorous as you think it is!

Okay. That's pretty much all that I wanted to say. Sorry, if I offend anyone with this post, but I am just a very blunt girl who doesn't really know how to word things in a nice way when I read something that upsets me.

And to all of you who read my blog and enjoy it, I LOVE YOU! :D


Yesterday For My Brother's Birthday ...

Yesterday we went out to eat for Jacob's birthday. I was in a bad mood. Because my hair wouldn't do anything. But then we got to the table and the waiter comes over to take our drink order. And when he comes to me I said, in English, "I want lemonade." I was talking to my dad, but I guess he thought that I was talking to him. And then he starts talking in English! Hehe!

It seems everybody and their mama speaks English in Mexico now. So if you ever come down here DO NOT say anything rude in English about anyone. Even if you are mad, it's better to just zip your lips!! Haha! Someone I know, and love, used to (and sometimes still does) say rude things and then I would get embarrassed because then that person would start speaking English.

I'm just giving you a heads up! But I hope that you, like me, are a firm believer in NOT being rude to people.

Jake and I ... I just barely realized that he is putting bunny ears over my head (yes, I prefer to think of them as bunny ears rather than devil's horns). I definitely wouldn't make a good detective ('cause apparently I'm not very observant).

Mum & Dad!

I got shrimp!! Yummy!!

Also, last night four guys from the church came over to play basketball. I had invited Carlos (ugh, it feels weird calling him that, but he insists everyone call him that now ... instead  of Nachito) over because his family has been telling me that he just locks himself up in his room and stays there all of the time. They said that he doesn't have any friends at all. And he's looked pretty depressed lately.

So the other night in church I was praying and I looked up for just one second. I saw Carlos. He was just sitting there. And he looked so sad. Well, I don't know why, but I just felt the biggest burden for him. I started bawling my eyes out, begging God to touch him. I mean, so many kids are getting out of church nowadays, and I just don't want him to leave (I mean, I've known him since he was like four or five).

I decided that I would ask him to come over and play basketball with Jacob and me (even though I absolutely abhor sports). We decided on yesterday. He gathered up a few of the other guys from church to come too.

We were going to go over to the park by our house. Unfortunately, it started raining (it hadn't rained for at least a week and a half). I mean, it poured! And then it just kept raining and raining and raining. It never stopped. So instead they just came inside to play some ghetto videogames that my brother owns. You know, like PacMan. Haha!

I thought it was boring.  I mean, when you get guys and videogames together, girls are just ignored. So when my dad asked me to go with him to pick the dogs up from the vet (they've been sick), I left. I mean, I play games, just not in a group!! LOL!

Jacob, Manuel, Lorenzo, Juan, and Carlos.

My dad and I left to go get the dogs. And, well, the vet place isn't that far away. It's maybe six miles away. But we definitely were out at the wrong time. It took us an hour and a half to get there (if you live in a big city, you know what I am talking about). I was really mad because ... well, I won't say why, but if you look at some of the pictures I am going to put up, then you might figure out the reason! HEHE!

When we finally got to the vet I decided to stay in the car. I told my dad to hurry. Well, he didn't.
It really wasn't his fault though. You'd have to understand our vet.
Ivan. He's a really nice man. But, when we first started taking Shadow (our original family dog who know lives with my sister) to him, no one liked him (we like him now, of course). He was fresh out vet school and he was Mr. Know It All. He would keep you there for hours expounding on all of the different dog illness' and every single different technique for anything, and everything! Sitting there, and listening to all of those details, (that any normal person could care less about) was akin to torture.

Well, over the years he has simmered down, if only a tiny bit. The monotonous speeches, that used to go on for about an hour, have now been cut down to at least thirty minutes. But last night, as I was sitting in the cold car, thirty minutes was way too long!! But, of course, Ivan was in there telling my dad that our dogs have worms. And he just had to show it to him in the microscope (Is that what those things are called?? I have forgotten).

I was in the car boiling freezing mad!!

Anyways, when my dad finally came out of there, we left to go back home. Traffic was really backed up. So I made my dad stop at a Pemex (the gas station of Mexico ... I saw one in Memphis, TN one time).

And while I was in the restroom I took a few pictures!! Yes, I did do that! I mean, I had my iPod in my pocket, I just couldn't resist!

I thought it was interesting how they had everything caged in with these metal bars.

The toliet paper.

The soap.

And the hand dryer!

Isn't that funny??

And I took another random photo too! I just wanted to show y'all how high the stop signs are in Mexico.

They're so high that if you aren't looking for them, you most likely won't ever see them. It's rare for there to be one anyways!

Then we stopped at a taco shop to get some tacos for us and the guys.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, but as I mentioned before, there were all taken with my iPod. I mean, I feel less conspicuous taking photos with my iPod. :D

We got back and they were still playing videogames. BORING!

(The reason I call them ghetto video games is because we don't have a x-box or playstation, or wii. My brother just hooked up the computer to our projector! Hahaha!)

Eating tacos.

Well, I hope they weren't bored out of their skulls. And, if they ever come back over, I hope that we actually get to go play basketball. ARG!