Monday, October 24, 2011

Bone & Skulls

El Dia De Los Muertos is still like a week away, but they've already been selling "Day of the Dead" themed stuff. Like tonight at church a girl (well, she's like 25) came up to me and gave me some chocolate. Okay, she didn't just come up to me and hand me some chocolate, she asked if I liked it first. Then she said that she had gone to some fair, and then she gave me the chocolate!

After she left I opened the little brown paper bag and pulled out a ... bone! I was like, "WOAH!" Hahaha! But then I realized that it was all just candy for the season.  :D

Like a skull!

And another skull!

And another one!

And, finally, the bone!!

I had never eaten any candy shaped like a bone before. But it was pretty good! HEHE!

Pretty cool, huh?

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Kristen said...

that candy looks nasty