Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Felicidades Cynthia!

Tonight I am back to my happy self! YAY!
Okay, I was never really unhappy! I think my last post left the impression that I was. The truth is that I was just a bit upset. But after all of the nice comments from all of you I realized that I had no reason to feel bad! Man, I think I should start throwing pity parties more often! It makes a lot of people comment!! TEEHEE!

Anyways ...
Sunday night after church one of the girls, Cynthia, invited me to her fifteenth birthday party! I was rather surprised since we don't ever really talk to each other, except to say "hi" and a little bit of small talk! But I thought that it was sweet of her to ask so I said that I would go.

My dad dropped me off. I will admit that I felt a bit awkward. I never go anywhere without either my family or my friend, Lupita. But I just put on a brave face and walked in. Oh, the courage that took! But, hey, I survived! I'm still alive! Hehe!

I just shook hands and then Cynthia asked if would help her finish tying the balloons together. I felt embarrassed though because I didn't really know how to do it! I mean, as I have said before, I am not the party decorator in my house. But I didn't want to seem like an American who doesn't know how to do anything so I just bumbled my way through it! HAHA!

After everyone arrived I realized that aside from myself it was mostly just her family. Fortunately I knew most of them (even though half of them don't come to church).

Cynthia in her quinceañera crown! She looked so pretty!

All of the balloons that they hung up!

The cake! Those were real roses and leaves on there! I never did get a piece (My dad ended up calling Bro. Gabriel and Sis. Miriam to bring me home before they ever got around to eating it)! But it looked yummy!

They served "barbacoa" ... which is sheep, or lamb, or whatever they call a cooked sheep in the US.

I just had to take a picture of the meat! See, the mouths are still there with their teeth and everything!! YIKES!

Everyone kept asking me if I like barbacoa. I was like, "Ummm ...". But, of course, I eat whatever anyone sets in front of me!
I asked for just pure barbacoa though. They were also serving "panza" which is the stomach. And I have never been brave enough to try it! But some of the panza got mixed up in my barbacoa tacos and ... I could sure tell that it was NOT barbacoa. Needless to say, I didn't eat it all. I tried to pawn it off on some of my friends who were sitting with me, but they were all "full". *shrug*  So I kind of just didn't eat it. There were so many plates and stuff everywhere that no one even noticed!! Hehe!

Well, I had a lot of fun. People should invite me to their birthday parties more often!

 I should throw a birthday party for myself in January! Then I might at least get a piece of cake!!

Peace, Love, & Cake

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