Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just A Story!

As we sat around our table eating today my mother began telling us about a story she had read. It was about a man who had promised his daughter, since she was young, that when she got married he would make her wedding dress. And he actually did it. He was not a tailor, but he still did it. Isn't that so sweet?

So I turned to my dad and said, "Hey, dad, when I get married someday you have to write a song and sing it at my wedding." Well, he said that he couldn't do such a thing. I told him that, hey, if he couldn't write any words that I would do it. I mean, writing good things about myself is what I do best! *evil grin* He just needs to make the tune to go with my lyrics!

After we finished eating I went to go wash the dishes. And as I washed I thought of some words! It's actually already  a song. But I decided to change the words from talking about God to talking about me!

Here goes:

"I remember when I first held you
Seems like only yesterday
You were the daughter I always longed for
But with your angel wings you've flown away
After all these years you've been in my life
I'm begging don't leave, stay here
'Cause you've been my favorite daughter
Through all these years."

"Through all these years
I still love to see your smile
Through all these years
I've wished you were still my little child
To hug you, to hear your giggle
And to hear my name so dear
Daddy, I'll still be your little girl
Through all these years."

"I remember watching you grow up
You were always my little twin
You would get angry, punch, and fight
But I never failed to make you grin
Then you got older
A breath-taking beauty
I kept the guys away
That was my duty
But one got through and now I fear
You're gone after all these years."


TEEHEE! How do you like it?!
Okay, a bit conceited! But, hey, a dad writes that kind of stuff about a daughter, right? So since I was writing it for my daddy ... he would say stuff like that! At least I hope he would!  O_o 
(Actually, he'd probably write something more along these lines:

"You always caused me nothing but trouble,
Floating around in your selfish bubble,
You were mean, and oh so cruel,
You started fire without the fuel,
Now I sigh with relief
That you're leaving my life
'Cause without you it'll be peaceful
No more dramatic strife."
Yeah, that'd probably be more like it! Hehe!)

Anyways, I just thought that I would share that song with y'all!! I shared it with my sister and she said, "Here's the next verse, 'Through all these years I've babied you. Through all these years, I've loved you more."

I told her, "Hey, not true! He actually loves you more, but as the saying goes, 'The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.'" She just should have been more dramatic like me. My fourteenth year was the peak of my dramaticism, you know. "Everybody hates me! Nobody loves me! Nobody would care if I died!"  AHAHA! I laugh when I think of that now! Man, I am so glad that I am not fourteen anymore!

How many are happy that they aren't a teenager anymore?! I most definitely am!

Anyways, I have to get ready for church! OH, WHAT TO WEAR?!
 *pulling hair*   :D

Peace, Love, & Dramaticism!


Kristen said...

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me! I guess I'll just eat worms!

That song is quite eh hilarious! Breath taking beauty? :D very conceited my dear! And the 2nd made laugh out loud!

Dacia Loa said...

Haha! You know me! LOL! :D

W.D and Amber Hilton said...

Hehehe... this made me laugh out loud!!! =D

Dacia Loa said...

Hehe! Glad I could be of service! :D