Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Wanna Say This Really Quick ...

Okay, so I am just going to be honest.

I really dislike when people post anonymous comments on my blog criticizing me. 

Sure,  I know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if anyone thinks that I am negative and they just hate my blog ... I am NOT forcing you to read it!! In fact, if you don't like it, I'd prefer that you don't read it.

And, besides, I am only being truthful. I don't mean to cast things in a negative light, and if I do, forgive me. But I see things one way, and you see them another.

Furthermore, most of the time when I post things, I am trying to be silly. And, yeah, I understand that some people just don't get my type of humor.

Yes, I recognize that I am privelidged and blessed to be able to do God's work. But, to be completely honest, sometimes I wish that I could do God's work in my own country. Is it a sin to wish that you could live in the country you were born in? To wish that you actually had a few real friends. To wish that you could go out and have fun every once in awhile. Try sitting in your room, day in and day out, only leaving to go to church. Sometimes it can be a bit discouraging. So before you go around talking about how "negative Dacia is", try to remember that my life might not be as glamorous as you think it is!

Okay. That's pretty much all that I wanted to say. Sorry, if I offend anyone with this post, but I am just a very blunt girl who doesn't really know how to word things in a nice way when I read something that upsets me.

And to all of you who read my blog and enjoy it, I LOVE YOU! :D



Kristen said...

make to where people can't post anonymously....or where you have to approve comments before.

Dacia Loa said...

I suppose that I should do that ... I don't know why I don't!! LOL!

Justin said...

Note to Anonymous: read more than the first sentence before deciding that the entire post is negative. She was apparently having a bad hair day, which seems to invoke such emotional responses in most human females. (I know it doesn't make sense. I for one would have simply worn a hat or shaved my head)

Justin said...



Justin said...

And leave it where anonymous people can post! Maybe she'll come back cuz you know she won't post under her own name!

Dacia Loa said...

Justin, the comment from "anonymous" is on the post below, not this one. That's why you don't see it!

Justin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Awwww Dacia...
I understand.
And people that have never experienced the life of a missionary...well they just don't understand. :) We ARE sooo priviledged, but we also have a very unique set of problems and stuggles.... It's ok tho!
You just keep doing what you're doing...God sees and he will reward you for your sacrifice.


Dacia Loa said...

Thank you, Bethany!! You are completely right!! If you want to know the truth, the one thing that keeps me from feeling too bad is that I know you girls are there in Puebla most likely feeling the same way! :)

Hannah said...

Team Dacia!!:-P

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people comment on my blog anonymously too! haha


Anonymous said...

Dear Dacia,
I don't leave comments very often on anybody's blog. However, after reading several of your entries, I felt I must leave a comment. I want you to know as a small home missionaries wife I know in a very tiny part how you feel. However, being in a different country than your own and being a virtual prisoner because of crime, etc., is a sacrifice that can only be measured by those that live it and God. I definitely believe that your reward someday will far outweigh any of our small efforts and sacrifices we thought were so great in America. I truly admire everything you, your brothers, and your parents are doing in Mexico. I pray for you all and hope in some small way my words can be of a tiny comfort. Yes, it is a very hard and boring life for young people at times. Just know that we and all those wonderful Mexican natives love you and your family. Please give my regards to your lovely parents. P.S. I LOVE reading your blog!!Keep up the great work!

Sis. DeAro (Santa Clarita)

Dacia Loa said...

Thank you, Sis. DeAro! I am glad that you made an exception for me (for commenting). Your words truly touched my heart!
I admire home missions very much!


Mary Frances said...

Your AWESOME...thats all...just keep lovin Jesus...bloggin and ignorin the haters...I have gotten some REALLLLY mean ANON comments before that have made me cry...BUT you know what my friend Kim told me, when this happened she said, YES!!! Good job Mary!!! She said you haven't really made it till someone starts hatin you...bahaha!!!

Dacia Loa said...

Haha! Mary, surely you're friend must be right! :D