Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Miles And Back!

Whew! I am feeling ... invigorated!

The other day I woke up with a keen desire to have a frappuccino from Starbucks! So I came up with a beautiful idea: Jacob and I could ride to Starbucks on our bikes. Well, I told him the plan but he's such a party pooper, a stick-in-the-mud, a spoil sport, a killjoy, a grouch, a ...wet blanket (OKAY, I have run out of words)! And so to put it succinctly, he said, "NO."

I had looked up the distance from our house to that particular Starbucks. It said that it was two miles. I was up for the challenge. I mean, really, two miles isn't that far. But my brother is obviously too lazy! *evil grin*
Naw, I'm kidding! He's just like any other guy. He doesn't want to do what you want to do, but he wants to do what HE wants to do. Which is playing basketball. Well, I dislike basketball (I try to refrain from using the word "hate" in my sentences). I don't want to go play basketball every day of the week. I WANT STARBUCKS! :D

But, anyways, today dawned, bright with beautiful blue skies (I love when the end of October comes around because the rain stops)! And it was FRIDAY FRIDAY (ahaha)! And I thought, "What another perfect day for a frappuccino!" I mean, I just got hooked on those things a couple of years ago or so, and every since them I am just ... IN LOVE!

Guess who I convinced to go with me?! That's right! My dad!
He wanted to know how we were going to get there. He didn't want to ride on the busy main streets that surround us. So I layed out my plan. I mean, I didn't want my innards strewn across the road anymore than my dad did. I said, "We'll just go ... and then we'll ... and then ... and then we'll be there!"
And it worked (at least I think both of my arms and legs are accounted for).

Thank you, daddy, for taking me! But I suppose all of the calories we burned riding to and from Starbucks were probably all back plus some with the frappuccinos.  o_O
Oh well, it's so worth it!

Since I am bored I am going to describe a Mexican Starbucks to you.
They look really pretty and modern, just like the American ones (or maybe better). But what really gets me is the clientele. It's mostly young people who look like they are priviledged rich kids. I love Starbucks, but as soon as I see all of those rich kids it almost zaps away all of my courage to enter the place. I feel ... shabby! HAHA!

Okay, maybe they aren't really rich. My dad's theory is that everyone buys everything on credit here. Who knows if that's actually true. I'm more inclined to think that their parents are educated and work like slaves to provide the "richness" for their kids. So they are either rich and they know it, or they are just pretending to be rich.  Either way, it still intimidates this down-to-earth girl. TEEHEE!

Okay, enough with the decription. Not that I really described it.

I am hungry now! Perhaps I shall go eat?

Peace, Love & Food!


P.S. Sorry that there were no pictures!


Kristen said...

I made mr.donkey's picture my wallpaper on my phone hehe

Hannah said...

Starbucks RAWKS!!! LOL