Monday, October 31, 2011

Ummm ... Okaaay?

All night we have been hearing a really strange noise. I somebody was killing a pig somewhere. And then we were downstairs and we kept hearing the same noise. And I said, "It's either a pig or a donkey." But my dad said, "It ain't no donkey." So we decided that it must be a pig.

Then I was sitting in my room and my brother comes barging in, scaring the living daylights out of me! He said, "You're going to find this funny ... but there's a donkey in the car lot next door."
So I went running to the bathroom window where he was looking out (it's the only window on that side of the house). ARG! I was too short to see out the window though! So my brother lifted me up to see ... that is, until he threw his back out lifting my heavy self!

Then I ran downstairs and barged into my dad's office to tell him. He thought that I was lying. But we went outside to look. It's a baby donkey! He's so adorable! He came over and let us pet him. And then he started hee-hawing in my face (Is hee-hawing a word?). AWWWW!

One question. Why is there a donkey on a car lot? Hmmm ... I suppose he could be considered a car by some people!
I told my mum, "Oh no! What if it was a man? And he was turned into a donkey?" (You know, like in "The Horse and His Boy" book). Maybe I have an overactive imagination.

Anyways, I would've stayed out there for awhile petting him but my brother told me, "There's a SUV parked down the road with two men sitting in it." Then I got paranoid that they might pull out a gun and shoot us. See, we have this theory that the people who run this car business do some shady business deals. I mean, nobody has bought any cars. And so we think it's a front for a drug business. Okay, we're just suspicious of everyone!  Teehee!

Peace, Love, & Donkeys


Nicole said...

That little burro is so CUUUUTE!!!! You should have stolen it for a pet!! Hahaha... I love it!!

Dacia Loa said...

I knooowwww! I love him! I pet him everyday! But if I stole him I'm sure I'd be the first suspect. If not for that ... I would probably attempt it! Hehehe!