Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yesterday For My Brother's Birthday ...

Yesterday we went out to eat for Jacob's birthday. I was in a bad mood. Because my hair wouldn't do anything. But then we got to the table and the waiter comes over to take our drink order. And when he comes to me I said, in English, "I want lemonade." I was talking to my dad, but I guess he thought that I was talking to him. And then he starts talking in English! Hehe!

It seems everybody and their mama speaks English in Mexico now. So if you ever come down here DO NOT say anything rude in English about anyone. Even if you are mad, it's better to just zip your lips!! Haha! Someone I know, and love, used to (and sometimes still does) say rude things and then I would get embarrassed because then that person would start speaking English.

I'm just giving you a heads up! But I hope that you, like me, are a firm believer in NOT being rude to people.

Jake and I ... I just barely realized that he is putting bunny ears over my head (yes, I prefer to think of them as bunny ears rather than devil's horns). I definitely wouldn't make a good detective ('cause apparently I'm not very observant).

Mum & Dad!

I got shrimp!! Yummy!!

Also, last night four guys from the church came over to play basketball. I had invited Carlos (ugh, it feels weird calling him that, but he insists everyone call him that now ... instead  of Nachito) over because his family has been telling me that he just locks himself up in his room and stays there all of the time. They said that he doesn't have any friends at all. And he's looked pretty depressed lately.

So the other night in church I was praying and I looked up for just one second. I saw Carlos. He was just sitting there. And he looked so sad. Well, I don't know why, but I just felt the biggest burden for him. I started bawling my eyes out, begging God to touch him. I mean, so many kids are getting out of church nowadays, and I just don't want him to leave (I mean, I've known him since he was like four or five).

I decided that I would ask him to come over and play basketball with Jacob and me (even though I absolutely abhor sports). We decided on yesterday. He gathered up a few of the other guys from church to come too.

We were going to go over to the park by our house. Unfortunately, it started raining (it hadn't rained for at least a week and a half). I mean, it poured! And then it just kept raining and raining and raining. It never stopped. So instead they just came inside to play some ghetto videogames that my brother owns. You know, like PacMan. Haha!

I thought it was boring.  I mean, when you get guys and videogames together, girls are just ignored. So when my dad asked me to go with him to pick the dogs up from the vet (they've been sick), I left. I mean, I play games, just not in a group!! LOL!

Jacob, Manuel, Lorenzo, Juan, and Carlos.

My dad and I left to go get the dogs. And, well, the vet place isn't that far away. It's maybe six miles away. But we definitely were out at the wrong time. It took us an hour and a half to get there (if you live in a big city, you know what I am talking about). I was really mad because ... well, I won't say why, but if you look at some of the pictures I am going to put up, then you might figure out the reason! HEHE!

When we finally got to the vet I decided to stay in the car. I told my dad to hurry. Well, he didn't.
It really wasn't his fault though. You'd have to understand our vet.
Ivan. He's a really nice man. But, when we first started taking Shadow (our original family dog who know lives with my sister) to him, no one liked him (we like him now, of course). He was fresh out vet school and he was Mr. Know It All. He would keep you there for hours expounding on all of the different dog illness' and every single different technique for anything, and everything! Sitting there, and listening to all of those details, (that any normal person could care less about) was akin to torture.

Well, over the years he has simmered down, if only a tiny bit. The monotonous speeches, that used to go on for about an hour, have now been cut down to at least thirty minutes. But last night, as I was sitting in the cold car, thirty minutes was way too long!! But, of course, Ivan was in there telling my dad that our dogs have worms. And he just had to show it to him in the microscope (Is that what those things are called?? I have forgotten).

I was in the car boiling freezing mad!!

Anyways, when my dad finally came out of there, we left to go back home. Traffic was really backed up. So I made my dad stop at a Pemex (the gas station of Mexico ... I saw one in Memphis, TN one time).

And while I was in the restroom I took a few pictures!! Yes, I did do that! I mean, I had my iPod in my pocket, I just couldn't resist!

I thought it was interesting how they had everything caged in with these metal bars.

The toliet paper.

The soap.

And the hand dryer!

Isn't that funny??

And I took another random photo too! I just wanted to show y'all how high the stop signs are in Mexico.

They're so high that if you aren't looking for them, you most likely won't ever see them. It's rare for there to be one anyways!

Then we stopped at a taco shop to get some tacos for us and the guys.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, but as I mentioned before, there were all taken with my iPod. I mean, I feel less conspicuous taking photos with my iPod. :D

We got back and they were still playing videogames. BORING!

(The reason I call them ghetto video games is because we don't have a x-box or playstation, or wii. My brother just hooked up the computer to our projector! Hahaha!)

Eating tacos.

Well, I hope they weren't bored out of their skulls. And, if they ever come back over, I hope that we actually get to go play basketball. ARG!



Anonymous said...

Wow you are so negative. You are such a privileged and blessed girl!

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

If you want to be rude to my sister (considering she didn't force you to read her blog) then you could at least leave your naming instead of hiding. :)

Marvin C. C. said...

YAY SOME DRAMA!! HAHA JK! Keep fighting Dacia God has his ways. Dont be discouraged. When God comes down from heaven or when you get married you wont be in your lonely room anymore. LOL. Laugh at anything and anybody to boost yourself up. God Bless Take Care.

Dacia Loa said...

LOL! Sorry! I do tend to be a bit dramatic! But thanks for the encouragement, Marvin!! :D

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh my word... Anon commenters are so... so entertaining... Haha. Beth and I get our share of dumb anon comments, too. All you can do for those people is pray that they get lives hahaha.
Contrary to anon, I really enjoy your blog :))
All your funny "missionary experiences" are very similar to ours. ...Though I have never seen caged in bathroom things haha that's new! :)) But I CAN relate to getting ignored during video games & not being able to talk about people in English anymore! ;P Hahaha!

Dacia Loa said...

Nicole!! I am glad that you don't think I'm negative!! I suppose I shouldn't have responded to that comment, but it was the first one I had ever gotten!!
I am sure our experiences are very much alike, because I often laugh when I read y'alls blog because I have seen/experienced the same things!
The caged things in the bathroom was new to me too!! That's why I took pictures!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

Dacia Loa said...

To 2nd Anonymous: If you are the one who posted the other comment, then thank you! Your apology has made my day! :)