Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Just Feel Lucky

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just feel lucky?

Well, I just had one of those moments. Of course, I know a lot of people freak out at the use of the word "lucky". I don't understand that. *shrug*

Anyways ...
My brother wanted to go to Starbucks to get a Frappuccino. So I, being the nice sister, offered to take him and buy him one. See, I have a Starbucks card that my sister bought me for my last birthday and it still has money on it. So off we went.
Well, first we had a little debate and THEN we left.

Jacob: I'm going to drive.
Me: No, I am because I am the one buying you the coffee.
*I walk out the door and head to the passenger side of the car*
*Jacob looks at me weird*
*We get in the car*
Jacob: I thought you were going to drive.
Me: *shrug*
Jacob: You just don't want to drive 'cause you'd have had to back out of the driveway.
Me: Nope. (Inside my head: YEP.)

That was our little discussion. And then we headed down the road to Starbucks.

When we arrived we saw that it was extremely busy. I got Jacob to go through the drive-thru. And we waited for about twenty minutes in the drive-thru. And right as we are going up to the window I said, "They are soooo slow!" And I called them a name which I will not repeat (it's not a bad word ... it's just not very nice ... HE! HE!).  And then the girl opens the window and says: "Thank you for your patience. Because you have been waiting for awhile you are getting one of your frappuccinos for free."
OOPS! Hey, I didn't really mean to call them names! I was only kidding! HEHEHE! (My sister says that they heaped hot coals on my head ... uh oh!).

Afterwards I told Jacob: "Man, I'm such a lucky person. I got a free drink even after I called them names! God always blesses me." (Bear in mind that I didn't call them a name to their face ...)
 Jacob: That's why you should never call people names ... like me. That's why I'm lucky. They gave me the free drink."
Me: "Yeah, well, I was the one paying with my card. That means that I didn't have to pay, which means that I got the free drink. So I am the lucky one."

Hmmm ... I am not sure why my brother and I argue over these small things. All I know is that someday when we are both apart and living our own seperate lives, I am sure going to miss the old days of arguing with him. Pointlessness is my favorite thing. So what am I going to do the day when I have no one to talk pointless stuff with? Hmmm ... I guess I'll survive.

Anyways, I just feel really lucky (*wink* *wink*) blessed right now sitting here sipping my FREE, VENTI, mocha frappuccino and blogging. HEHE.

Okay, so long folks!

P.S. I am planning on writing about Thanksgiving, but I am waiting on my sister to give me the pictures that she took. I never take my own pictures when she is around. I mean, why take them when she can?

Monday, November 21, 2011

We Are Here!

I a happy to report that we arrived here in the US safe and sound. No wrecks, no sudden, horrific deaths! Thank You, Jesus!

So I had written this huge post and then it deleted (because I am writing on my iPod). :(
I guess I'll just have to rewrite it some other day.

Until then ...

The Entities That Dwell Amongst Us

What you are about to read may be slightly disturbing. If you do not like to hear stories about the spirits of hell that live in our world ... then DO NOT READ!

Recently I was talking to one of the guys from church. Somehow we got on the subject of "Pie Grande" (BigFoot). Oh, I remember. We were talking about Yellowstone National Park. And he said, "Isn't that where BigFoot supposedly lives?"  I laughed. I mean, c'mon, who believes in BigFoot? That is, who believes in him ... besides me?

I asked him, "Do you believe in BigFoot?"
He laughed, "Noooo. I would rather believe in something much more real ... like the Nahual."
My curiosity was piqued. What was a Nahual?
He said that it is a demon that transforms into animals such as a dog or cat, and attacks people.

I thought that was just bogus. I mean, let's face it, the people around here are very superstitious. So I let him know that I would much rather believe in something real like ... BigFoot (teehee).
Him: "Well, I have always been skeptical about it too. But I saw him. And so did someone else that I know."
I, of course, wanted to know all of the details. I mean, truth is ... I love stories like that.

He began telling me about his friend who went to work cleaning trash trucks of something. And right away his co-workers began telling him about a Nahual who would appear at the top of a hill, under a cross. It's a craggy hill that would be very difficult for any animal to climb (except maybe rodents and cats). Well, one night his  friend was at work alone. He looked up at the hill and saw ... a dog standing under the cross. He got so scared that he left work and went home. When his friend told him this story he thought that he was lying.
I wasn't convinced. I mean, so you saw a dog at the top of a hill?? That doesn't mean that it was a Nahual.

He continued with his story ...
A couple of days later he (the guy from church, not his friend) was on his way home. He was going around a roundabout and he turned to look out at that hill. And what he saw almost gave him a heart attack. There was a huge dog, like a Napolean Mastiff (which, by the way, are very cute), but much bigger. He laughed and said to himself, "Now I'm imagining things." So he decided to turn back around. As he passed the hill again he look up and ... there it was, an impossibly huge dog just standing there on a rock at the top of the hill. Out of curiosity he stopped his car. He honked his horn. The big dog looked at him, put his paw over his head, and dropped to the ground as if it were dead, and became smaller.

After he was done telling the story I still didn't believe it was a Nahual. I mean, c'mon, it was a dog. Now if it had looked like a monster then I might have believed it. But that's superstitious to think that every dog you see standing at the top of a hill under a cross is some demon dog. HAHAHAHA!

I told him, "I have a better story." And I told him about a weird experience I had a few months ago in my room. I won't go into detail ... because it would be a long story, but there was some sort of something in my room. And I didn't just hear noises, I saw it.

Well, he said, "You know what that was?" Me (joking): "An alien?" Him: "No, it wasn't an alien, it was paranormal. It was an "Ente."
Once again I had to ask what that was. I had no idea what it was. He said that they attack people. He said that one time he was attacked by one on his bed and that it held him down so strong that he began vomiting. And then his sister was attacked by four and one was a little boy who was began screaming in her ears.

I was very skeptic. I mean, first of all I didn't really understand what an "ente" was. I mean, was it a person? A spirit? So Lupita came to my house Saturday and I sat her down for an interview.

Me: So do you know what a Nahual is?
Lupita: A what?
Me: A Nahual.
Lupita: I've never heard of it.
Me: Hmmm ... are you sure? Supposedly it's a demon that transforms into animals.
Lupita: Nope.
Me: Okay ... what about "entes". What are they?
Lupita: They are spirits that can enter objects or move things around.
Me: So are they real?
Lupita: Dacia, DUH! Evil exists!
Me: Excusez-moi. I know that spirits are real. I am just trying to get some clear answers so that I know what they are.
Lupita: Oh ...
Me: So have you ever seen one? (And I told her what that guy had told me.)
Lupita: Well, one time my grandma was at home with my cousin. And there was a shrine set up for idols. And she had a skull in her hand (because they have stuff like that around the time of the Day of the Dead). She began waving the skull back and forth in front of my cousin's face, saying, "The dead, the dead ..." And suddenly a vase that had been sitting on the table (of the shrine) was thrown to the ground. But it didn't just fall off. It was moved into the air and then thrown to the ground.
Lupita: My grandma was telling me this story and she said, "I'll never make fun of the dead again." And I told her, "Grandma, that wasn't the dead. That was the demonic spirits that you are entertaining in your house by having this shrine."
Me: So you've never seen one yourself though?
Lupita: No, but when I used to live in ---- strange things used to happen there. It was a house that was built on an old cemetary. And I think that because of that there were many spirits in that house. Because there are a lot of spirits at Mexican cemetarys because of all of the witchcraft that goes on in those places.
Me: What kind of things happened in that house?
Lupita: Well, when I would be home alone, upstairs watching tv (this is before she got in church), I would hear footsteps and chairs scraping across the ground downstairs. And I always felt as if there was someone right behind me. It followed me around the whole house. And so when my mom would get home and she would want me to go do something upstairs or downstairs without me I would throw a big fit because I was terrified of that feeling.
Me: Okay, not to be superstitious, but let's quit talking about all of this.
Lupita: Yeah, I'm not superstitious either, but I don't want to talk about it either.

End of interview.

So from what I conclude, these "ente" things are just spirits, or as google translate calls them: Entities.
And from the stories around here they can show up in any form and they can move stuff. But they're just Satan's demons and if you rebuke them in the name of Jesus ... they have to flee. :D

Anyways, to continue my writing ... I have been very interested in these things for quite some time now. The reason being that I had never heard so many stories of spirits and stuff until we moved to Mexico. I mean, it seems everyone of them have at least a hundred different stories that they can tell you that will chill you to the bone.

I never realized how many people have been affected by these things. I mean, sure, I have been scared in my life, but not to the extent that these people have been. A lot of them sleep with lights on because they are afraid of being in the dark. I caught a glimpse of their fear about two years ago though.

All of us girls decided to have a sleepover. And so we all went to stay at some of the girls' house. And after it got late and we were all laying on the beds and blankets they decided to start telling scary stories. You know how that goes. Get a group of kids together and they love to tell "horror stories".

I lay there listening to their stories and asking an occasional question. I never tell stories myself when in big groups because ... I am shy (yes, even with my own youth group, although not quite as much as with other youth).
After awhile one of the girls says, "We better stop talking about this. But remember ... oh, I can't even say it, he might show up if I talk about him."

My natural reaction was to laugh. I mean, c'mon, for real? But I was the only one laughing. All of the other girls were acting scared. I guess there was a story that included all of them that I knew nothing about.
I asked, "Y'all aren't really scared are y'all?"

I honestly just thought that they were being silly. So I said, "A ghost won't just walk in here." They started screaming. I was like: Okaaaay? And so I said, "There's no reason to be scared. I'll prove it. Hey, Ghost, come out. Show yourself."

Well, at that point they were all acting scared. Meanwhile, I was like: "See, nothing happened."
I would've continued proving my point except that I realized that they were really scared. I mean, one of the girls was hysterical and practically in tears. Then I felt bad. I mean, I knew nothing was going to happen.

Well, my mother's theory (and a very plausible one) is that all of these things happen because of the religion here. Their religion leads them to perform pagan and demonic rituals. And by doing such things they mess around with things they shouldn't mess around with. They entertain a lot of spirits. And that is why so many "paranormal" things happen to them (e.g. Shadows of people sitting in their houses. Cats with evil spirits. Voices that talk to them. Hands touching them when no one is around. Or hearing the weeping of "La Llorona"). 

Mexico might only be across the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo, as known here in Mexico), but it is just as foreign as Africa, or ... even Brazil. The things that go on in those places also go on here (like satinistic rituals in the cemetarys), and also in the US (they're just more hidden there). This place definitely needs to hear the gospel. There are so many people in Mexico who are trapped in Catholicism.

Have I convinced anyone of the need of more missionarys down here? I mean, you know how in the US you can pretty much go anywhere and people know that you're Pentecostal? Almost everyone either has family who are Pentecostal or they themselves used to be in church. Well, down here in Mexico it is completely different. Did you know that Mexico is 82 % Catholic? Being Catholic, they have not heard the truth preached to them. And when they see you they don't know what you are. Most of them have not ever heard of Pentecostals (In Mexico the term "Apostolic" is used by the Catholics a lot).

More people need to get a burden for this country. There are so many lost souls down here wandering around in the dark. But as far as I know ... there are not many churches down here. And there are not many missionarys either. There are too many people with not enough churches. Get a burden, people.

Okay, I am through preaching at you (and at myself)! HEHE!

Well, we are fixing to leave right now. It took me all night to write this. But to end on a funny note ...

After Lupita and I were through discussing spirits and superstition she looks over at my dresser and asks: "What's that?"
I told her, "It's called a dreamcatcher. In Indian superstition it would catch bad dreams in the webbing and only let the good ones through."
Lupita: "Let's see how many bad dreams you've had ... " *starts pretend counting the webbings*
Me: "Well, I don't believe that. I just have it there for decoration (because I think they are pretty)."

Lupita turned her head and something else caught her eye:
My rabbit's foot.

Me: "I know this looks bad ... but I'm really NOT superstitious!"

Lupita: "Sure, sure, whatever you say!"

Okay, I have to go now!

P.S. I really am NOT superstitious. I really DO just have those things because I have always thought they are so cute. So last time on our trip through Arizona I bought them! :D

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am Happy ...

"This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Today is a very happy day! It's one of those days where you just turn on black gospel music and dance around your room.

But I always get one question when I am happy and in love with life. The question (which annoys me): "What's his name?"
That always makes me frown. I mean, does everyone's minds' think that happiness revolves around having a guy in your life? Well, I am not that narrow-minded. Because I have discovered the secret to true joy.

So his name is No One, but HIS name is Jesus! I am not "in love" with a guy. I do not have a boyfriend. But I am in love with Jesus and He makes everyday good.

Speaking of true joy ...
My brother-in-law and I always have this debate about happiness/joy. He thinks that happiness and joy are the same thing and I do not. To me happiness is more superficial and is in the mind, but joy runs much deeper and is in the heart. And if something causes you to be upset and down most would say that you are unhappy. And that, to me, is true. Yet I have found that even when I am upset and subsequently "unhappy" I still feel joy in  my heart. Because when you have God no matter what you can still feel that reassuring peace and joy in your soul. It's like a bubbly ... happiness. HEHE. (I just sort of contradicted myself.) 

Okay, so maybe my happiness today also has teeny tiny bit to do with the fact that we are going to the US tomorrow! LOL. But, hey, that doesn't mean that all of what I wrote above is not also true. He.He.He.
Anyways, my point is that I am happy and it's because of God ... and because we are going to the US. :D

Okay, it's time to get ready for church. But I think I will write after church. Man, I see that I am inconsistently consistent. Or perhaps it's consistently inconsistent? You see, every few weeks I get into this mood where I want to write a ton. Then the next week I don't want to write. And this repeats over and over. So I am consistent ... in an inconsistent way.


A Day In The Life Of Missionarys

Wednesday morning dawned bright and early for me at ... ten o'clock. In my defense (against being called lazy) I had only been asleep for five hours. Well, I rolled out of bed and frowned. I hate only sleeping a few hours. But I just cannot make myself go to sleep early. If there's things that I have to do the next day I prefer to do them before I go to bed because if not all I can do all night is think of "what I hafta do tomorrow".

Anyways, I immediately started walking around with my camera, as I said that I would. I definitely got some embarrassing pictures. But I would feel bad if I posted them ... so I won't. HEHE.

I began by taking pictures of my dad. But since he doesn't read my blog that much he didn't know what I was doing. Thus, he was getting annoyed at me for snapping pictures of him. Especially after I told him why I was doing it. Then he said, "But I'm dirty." I said, "How is anyone going to know that?" Oops ... I guess I just told everyone.  :P

Missionary Loa doing the dirty work of a ... missionary.

This is his desk where he is usually at. But since we were having a birthday party at our house he left his Bible and studying long enough to clean outside.

Moving stuff around.

Fixing ... something. That thing on top of the car.

Meanwhile, the dogs were put in their cages so that they wouldn't be under everyone's feet. I was growling at Baxter so he was growling back. :)

Bouncer ... isn't he so cute?

SIGH. Afterwards, I stretched out on the chair in the living room to wait for my brother to wake up.  I sat there for a good twenty minutes with my camera pointing at the stairs.
Finally, he came down. And gave me a BIG smile and a thumbs up. It was quite suspicious. He never does that (he is always a grouch).

He then proceeded to the kitchen to wash a cup. That was also suspicious. Since when does he wash any dishes??

I have discovered my brother's morning ritual:
Drinking a coveted glass of tea. In our house greedy tea-lovers fight over who will get the last cup of tea. I, of course, do not fight over it because I am not a tea-drinker, but everyone else does. So if anyone likes my brother ... HE LOVES TEA!  :D

See ...

Moving the car ... I can't remember why. Hmmm ... I should've remembered the details about these pictures.

Jacob showing my dog some love. Ladies, he also loves dogs. :D

And he's a hardworker ... well, when he wants to be.

*Scrub* *Scrub* *Scrub* 

Funny face ... ???

Fixing the same "something" as my dad was trying to fix.

And so all of you are most likely wondering the most about my mother. Sis. Mum Loa never really appears on my blog.  Well, this is why:

"The Case of the Laundry Monster".   :P

Yet another example:
I see a shop-vac but no mom.

Finally, I convinced her to let me take her picture.

And another.
Getting ready for Spanish class.

Those are the lives of my family. Boring, no?? Cleaning, studying, laundry, and more cleaning. What? You thought that the life of a missionary was out hunting tigers with the native Indians? Oops ... Sorry, I don't ride my camel to Wal-Mart. And the only place that I've seen elephants is at the zoo. Sorry to disappoint you but our lives are very mundane. TEEHEE! :D

And what did I do in between taking pictures??

Well, I cleaned the sinks.

Stood in the sun.

And held some tools for my brother.

And this is the life of Missionary Chester Loa:
Sleeping. All day, everyday. And, yes, he is a missionary ... at least I hope that he's dreaming about winning souls and not about how many more guinea pigs he can kill in his life.  Of course, he still hasn't repented over his first murder. And he hasn't been baptized either. Man, I hope he's still saved!

Anyways, I've got things to do, like packing my suitcase, so I better stop blogging.
Peace & Love

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Non-Peopled Fiesta ...

Last week Nancy approached me after church. She is Juan's sister and has been coming to church for about five months now. Well, she sat down beside me and began telling me that her brother was sad because no one remembered that it is fixing to be his birthday. So she asked me to throw him a party and invite all of his friends. I agreed.

I went around and invited thirteen individuals out of the youth group. And then I guilted two ladies into coming to decorate (since I stink at decorating). And that was it. 

The party was supposed to be a surprise party (because that was how his sister wanted it). I personally despise surprise parties. Not because I don't enjoy surprises, but because they are very stressful to plan. I mean, keeping the secret is hard. And finding a good excuse for the person to go to a certain place is also difficult. Plus, it's the culture around here for everyone to arrive late. And so sometimes the dude the party is for shows up before the people who are supposed to surprise him. That happened to my dad one time. We got there before the rest of the church. We were like, "Eh ... surprise?." HEHEHE. 

Anyways, I decided to throw the party at my house. And I came up with a good excuse for Juan to come over (I got my dad to tell him that he needed to talk to him). The only problem was that all of his friends started backing out and giving me very LAME reasons as to why they couldn't come (turns out most of them were at home and just didn't want to come). Out of the thirteen youth that I invited only two showed up. Lupita and Cynthia. None of his guy friends came. I was soooooooo embarrassed.
Anyways, the party was fine even though only a few people showed up. Juan thanked me (after which I told him that he should thank his sister since it was her idea) and said that he was truly surprised. And so I guess as long as he didn't feel bad that his "friends" didn't show I shouldn't feel bad, right? RIGHT!!! Teehee.
Lucia and Lupita decorating.

The little girls were awed by my dad's handwriting on the board that read, "Happy 21st Birthday, Juan!"

Still decorating. I just helped blow up all of the balloons because as I said, I stink at decorating.

Waiting on the birthday boy ... he was an hour late. The terrible thing is that he is one of the few who is usually punctual (at least more so than the rest).

Juan after he FINALLY arrived!

We decided to go get some tacos to eat. Juan, Gabrielito, and Gabriel.

Cynthia, Miriam (with he face blocked!), Lupita, and my mum.

Cynthia, Me, and Miriam. I forced them to take a picture with me.

I think this was right when we were going to sing "Happy Birthday".
My dad: "We'll start on the count of three. One. Two. Three."
I think everyone was confused as to which song to sing. I don't know why but my dad always insists on singing happy birthday in English. It is very boring compared to their song, "Las MaƱanitas".

Nancy and Juan ... I don't know what they were doing. Maybe cutting the cake?

Me and Lupita!

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Juan who will never read this. LOL.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The BIG Feud

There's a piece of "art" in our house that causes conflict between my brother and I.
It is this picture you see below.

See, I know that I drew it. But my brother insists that he drew it. Do you want to know what his argument is as to how he knows that he drew it? This is a direct quote from him: "I know you didn't draw that because you can't draw that good."
Well, thanks a lot, bro. I can definitely feel the love.

Sure, I drew a few pictures of Scooby-Doo.

But should a notebook full of cartoon characters discredit my ability to draw something a bit superior?
Yet my brother still claims that I stole his drawing and put it in my notebook. That is just loco. I mean, I remember sitting down on my bed and drawing it. I remember being mad because the petals didn't come out very good. And then I couldn't get the shading right (because I'm not an artist) and decided to leave it as it was so that I wouldn't ruin it. I also remember being proud that I drew it.

Jacob says, "Yeah, well, I remember drawing that water drop right there."
Well, there's a reason that he remembers such a thing. He drew the same exact rose before I ever did. Except that I remember his rose looking much more defined, and the shading was definitely better. He just lost his drawing. And I keep telling him that some day when he finds it that he is going to owe me an apology.

Anyways, here's further proof that I have drawn other things besides cartoon characters:
(I'm not sure what's going on with his mouth. I think that may be his tongue.)

And I also drew a horse one time. But I used to always give away my best drawings ... which is why I have no more proof.

My mother thinks that it's irrelevant for us to argue over who drew it. But I do not. I mean, I'd have to be stupid to take his drawing and put a date on the left side corner of when I drew it. I suppose I should've also put my signature on it. That is what my brother always does, which is further proof that it is not his picture.


Anyways, I just wanted to share this big debate with y'all.


P.S. To any artists out there: I know my drawing is a disgrace to real art. HEHE! But I never claimed to be an artist!

I Have Come Up With An Idea

A hearty hello to all of my readers. Thank you for reading my blog.

I look around at all of my fellow bloggers and I realize, wow, I don't have that many followers. O, the depression that ensues. Just kidding. I don't really get depressed. But really, what's up with that? Is my blog really that uninteresting? By the way, that's a rhetorical question! *grin*

Anyways, I have just come up with an idea. It's called: " Ideas Doomed For Failure #735289 - A Day In The Life Of ..."
I have decided that I am going to annoy my family by following them around with a camera to capture their every moment. HEHE. And then you will see that their lives are just as uninteresting as mine. Hmmm ... this might not go over too well with certain (a.k.a. all) members of my family. They stifle my creativity.

Arg. I have just thought of a slight complication to this plan. Following someone around requires that I be awake. And to be awake to capture their most active hours of the day I will have to wake up early. Hmm, I can already see these plans coming to a sudden stop. Nah, I must do this. Tomorrow will be THE best day to follow everyone around. Why? Because there is going to be a lot of cleaning going on around my house (Not that my mum doesn't clean everyday. She's just one of those people who obsess about cleaning). I am hosting a birthday party at my house. Therefore, everything must be sparkling clean.
Anyways, we'll see how this will all turn out.

In other news:

I have also decided what I want to be when I grow up (teehee). I shall be a missionary. I mean, what better way to spend your life than working for the kingdom of God winning souls?

Okay, I must go to bed if I want to wake up early.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I have been meaning to write about my dad's trip to Oluta last week, but I kept forgetting.

Last week was the monthly (I think) trip down to Oluta. It is about seven hours from Toluca. I wanted to accompany him but he said that it's too expensive for me to go along. Que?

They had three services. And three new men who are going to church there. And one of them received the Holy Ghost. There should be a few baptisms on the next trip down there.
I have been trying to convince my dad to move to Oluta. But my family insists that it's Toluca or the US. Am I the only one who wants new scenery and adventures? I mean, I would have so much more to blog about.
Who wouldn't want to live in a place flowing with milk (coconut milk, that is) and honey (okay, bananas)? There are even squirrels. And I want to live near the ocean. SIGH. :D

Here are a few pictures:
This is Bro. Cartas preaching.


It's quite a bit hotter in Oluta than it is here in Toluca.

Listening to the word.

Missionary Loa with ... one of the men (I haven't been down there enough times to know their names).

Missionary Loa with two old men.  :)

You know, I guess the good thing about not going to Oluta with my dad is that I don't have to be subjected to eating their food. Down there they serve stuff like iguana and armadillo. And right now wouldn't be a good time for me to visit. I mean, at the moment I can't even eat Spaghetti without getting grossed out.

I have a very weak stomach. I get grossed out every time I eat. Yesterday when I ate hamburger meat all I could thing of was crunching on hundreds of dead flies. And then when I tried to eat Spaghetti instead I could only associate it with blood.

My mum gets mad at me for being that way. But I CAN'T help it.
Mum: "Well, don't dwell on it."
Me: "I'm not. I don't intentionally think stuff like that, it just pops into my head."
Mum: "Well, think of other things. Waterfalls, blue skies ... airplanes. Tornadoes."

What my mother doesn't realize is that even from those seemingly nice thoughts my mind will eventually end up on other things. If I think of blue skies and then airplanes ... all I can think of is airplane crash and death. The same with tornadoes. SEE! It doesn't work. SIGH. I haven't been able to finish a single meal this week because I keep getting grossed out. The only things that I can eat without trouble is ... chocolate, cake, and candy!! HE!HE!HE!

So it's probably a good thing that I didn't go with my dad. I would have looked at the cooked plantains in my food and thought: "Eww, brains." HEHEHE! And then I wouldn't have been able to finish it and then they would have gotten offended. :/

Sorry, I just rambled.
But speaking of gross, LOOK:

My dad said that this is blood. YUCK!

All this leads me to the conclusion that I should definitely become a vegetarian.

Anyways, see y'all.