Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The BIG Feud

There's a piece of "art" in our house that causes conflict between my brother and I.
It is this picture you see below.

See, I know that I drew it. But my brother insists that he drew it. Do you want to know what his argument is as to how he knows that he drew it? This is a direct quote from him: "I know you didn't draw that because you can't draw that good."
Well, thanks a lot, bro. I can definitely feel the love.

Sure, I drew a few pictures of Scooby-Doo.

But should a notebook full of cartoon characters discredit my ability to draw something a bit superior?
Yet my brother still claims that I stole his drawing and put it in my notebook. That is just loco. I mean, I remember sitting down on my bed and drawing it. I remember being mad because the petals didn't come out very good. And then I couldn't get the shading right (because I'm not an artist) and decided to leave it as it was so that I wouldn't ruin it. I also remember being proud that I drew it.

Jacob says, "Yeah, well, I remember drawing that water drop right there."
Well, there's a reason that he remembers such a thing. He drew the same exact rose before I ever did. Except that I remember his rose looking much more defined, and the shading was definitely better. He just lost his drawing. And I keep telling him that some day when he finds it that he is going to owe me an apology.

Anyways, here's further proof that I have drawn other things besides cartoon characters:
(I'm not sure what's going on with his mouth. I think that may be his tongue.)

And I also drew a horse one time. But I used to always give away my best drawings ... which is why I have no more proof.

My mother thinks that it's irrelevant for us to argue over who drew it. But I do not. I mean, I'd have to be stupid to take his drawing and put a date on the left side corner of when I drew it. I suppose I should've also put my signature on it. That is what my brother always does, which is further proof that it is not his picture.


Anyways, I just wanted to share this big debate with y'all.


P.S. To any artists out there: I know my drawing is a disgrace to real art. HEHE! But I never claimed to be an artist!

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