Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Missionarys

Wednesday morning dawned bright and early for me at ... ten o'clock. In my defense (against being called lazy) I had only been asleep for five hours. Well, I rolled out of bed and frowned. I hate only sleeping a few hours. But I just cannot make myself go to sleep early. If there's things that I have to do the next day I prefer to do them before I go to bed because if not all I can do all night is think of "what I hafta do tomorrow".

Anyways, I immediately started walking around with my camera, as I said that I would. I definitely got some embarrassing pictures. But I would feel bad if I posted them ... so I won't. HEHE.

I began by taking pictures of my dad. But since he doesn't read my blog that much he didn't know what I was doing. Thus, he was getting annoyed at me for snapping pictures of him. Especially after I told him why I was doing it. Then he said, "But I'm dirty." I said, "How is anyone going to know that?" Oops ... I guess I just told everyone.  :P

Missionary Loa doing the dirty work of a ... missionary.

This is his desk where he is usually at. But since we were having a birthday party at our house he left his Bible and studying long enough to clean outside.

Moving stuff around.

Fixing ... something. That thing on top of the car.

Meanwhile, the dogs were put in their cages so that they wouldn't be under everyone's feet. I was growling at Baxter so he was growling back. :)

Bouncer ... isn't he so cute?

SIGH. Afterwards, I stretched out on the chair in the living room to wait for my brother to wake up.  I sat there for a good twenty minutes with my camera pointing at the stairs.
Finally, he came down. And gave me a BIG smile and a thumbs up. It was quite suspicious. He never does that (he is always a grouch).

He then proceeded to the kitchen to wash a cup. That was also suspicious. Since when does he wash any dishes??

I have discovered my brother's morning ritual:
Drinking a coveted glass of tea. In our house greedy tea-lovers fight over who will get the last cup of tea. I, of course, do not fight over it because I am not a tea-drinker, but everyone else does. So if anyone likes my brother ... HE LOVES TEA!  :D

See ...

Moving the car ... I can't remember why. Hmmm ... I should've remembered the details about these pictures.

Jacob showing my dog some love. Ladies, he also loves dogs. :D

And he's a hardworker ... well, when he wants to be.

*Scrub* *Scrub* *Scrub* 

Funny face ... ???

Fixing the same "something" as my dad was trying to fix.

And so all of you are most likely wondering the most about my mother. Sis. Mum Loa never really appears on my blog.  Well, this is why:

"The Case of the Laundry Monster".   :P

Yet another example:
I see a shop-vac but no mom.

Finally, I convinced her to let me take her picture.

And another.
Getting ready for Spanish class.

Those are the lives of my family. Boring, no?? Cleaning, studying, laundry, and more cleaning. What? You thought that the life of a missionary was out hunting tigers with the native Indians? Oops ... Sorry, I don't ride my camel to Wal-Mart. And the only place that I've seen elephants is at the zoo. Sorry to disappoint you but our lives are very mundane. TEEHEE! :D

And what did I do in between taking pictures??

Well, I cleaned the sinks.

Stood in the sun.

And held some tools for my brother.

And this is the life of Missionary Chester Loa:
Sleeping. All day, everyday. And, yes, he is a missionary ... at least I hope that he's dreaming about winning souls and not about how many more guinea pigs he can kill in his life.  Of course, he still hasn't repented over his first murder. And he hasn't been baptized either. Man, I hope he's still saved!

Anyways, I've got things to do, like packing my suitcase, so I better stop blogging.
Peace & Love

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Kristen said...

:D love the 'missionary chester loa' LOL and I also love mom's hood-y! :)