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The Entities That Dwell Amongst Us

What you are about to read may be slightly disturbing. If you do not like to hear stories about the spirits of hell that live in our world ... then DO NOT READ!

Recently I was talking to one of the guys from church. Somehow we got on the subject of "Pie Grande" (BigFoot). Oh, I remember. We were talking about Yellowstone National Park. And he said, "Isn't that where BigFoot supposedly lives?"  I laughed. I mean, c'mon, who believes in BigFoot? That is, who believes in him ... besides me?

I asked him, "Do you believe in BigFoot?"
He laughed, "Noooo. I would rather believe in something much more real ... like the Nahual."
My curiosity was piqued. What was a Nahual?
He said that it is a demon that transforms into animals such as a dog or cat, and attacks people.

I thought that was just bogus. I mean, let's face it, the people around here are very superstitious. So I let him know that I would much rather believe in something real like ... BigFoot (teehee).
Him: "Well, I have always been skeptical about it too. But I saw him. And so did someone else that I know."
I, of course, wanted to know all of the details. I mean, truth is ... I love stories like that.

He began telling me about his friend who went to work cleaning trash trucks of something. And right away his co-workers began telling him about a Nahual who would appear at the top of a hill, under a cross. It's a craggy hill that would be very difficult for any animal to climb (except maybe rodents and cats). Well, one night his  friend was at work alone. He looked up at the hill and saw ... a dog standing under the cross. He got so scared that he left work and went home. When his friend told him this story he thought that he was lying.
I wasn't convinced. I mean, so you saw a dog at the top of a hill?? That doesn't mean that it was a Nahual.

He continued with his story ...
A couple of days later he (the guy from church, not his friend) was on his way home. He was going around a roundabout and he turned to look out at that hill. And what he saw almost gave him a heart attack. There was a huge dog, like a Napolean Mastiff (which, by the way, are very cute), but much bigger. He laughed and said to himself, "Now I'm imagining things." So he decided to turn back around. As he passed the hill again he look up and ... there it was, an impossibly huge dog just standing there on a rock at the top of the hill. Out of curiosity he stopped his car. He honked his horn. The big dog looked at him, put his paw over his head, and dropped to the ground as if it were dead, and became smaller.

After he was done telling the story I still didn't believe it was a Nahual. I mean, c'mon, it was a dog. Now if it had looked like a monster then I might have believed it. But that's superstitious to think that every dog you see standing at the top of a hill under a cross is some demon dog. HAHAHAHA!

I told him, "I have a better story." And I told him about a weird experience I had a few months ago in my room. I won't go into detail ... because it would be a long story, but there was some sort of something in my room. And I didn't just hear noises, I saw it.

Well, he said, "You know what that was?" Me (joking): "An alien?" Him: "No, it wasn't an alien, it was paranormal. It was an "Ente."
Once again I had to ask what that was. I had no idea what it was. He said that they attack people. He said that one time he was attacked by one on his bed and that it held him down so strong that he began vomiting. And then his sister was attacked by four and one was a little boy who was began screaming in her ears.

I was very skeptic. I mean, first of all I didn't really understand what an "ente" was. I mean, was it a person? A spirit? So Lupita came to my house Saturday and I sat her down for an interview.

Me: So do you know what a Nahual is?
Lupita: A what?
Me: A Nahual.
Lupita: I've never heard of it.
Me: Hmmm ... are you sure? Supposedly it's a demon that transforms into animals.
Lupita: Nope.
Me: Okay ... what about "entes". What are they?
Lupita: They are spirits that can enter objects or move things around.
Me: So are they real?
Lupita: Dacia, DUH! Evil exists!
Me: Excusez-moi. I know that spirits are real. I am just trying to get some clear answers so that I know what they are.
Lupita: Oh ...
Me: So have you ever seen one? (And I told her what that guy had told me.)
Lupita: Well, one time my grandma was at home with my cousin. And there was a shrine set up for idols. And she had a skull in her hand (because they have stuff like that around the time of the Day of the Dead). She began waving the skull back and forth in front of my cousin's face, saying, "The dead, the dead ..." And suddenly a vase that had been sitting on the table (of the shrine) was thrown to the ground. But it didn't just fall off. It was moved into the air and then thrown to the ground.
Lupita: My grandma was telling me this story and she said, "I'll never make fun of the dead again." And I told her, "Grandma, that wasn't the dead. That was the demonic spirits that you are entertaining in your house by having this shrine."
Me: So you've never seen one yourself though?
Lupita: No, but when I used to live in ---- strange things used to happen there. It was a house that was built on an old cemetary. And I think that because of that there were many spirits in that house. Because there are a lot of spirits at Mexican cemetarys because of all of the witchcraft that goes on in those places.
Me: What kind of things happened in that house?
Lupita: Well, when I would be home alone, upstairs watching tv (this is before she got in church), I would hear footsteps and chairs scraping across the ground downstairs. And I always felt as if there was someone right behind me. It followed me around the whole house. And so when my mom would get home and she would want me to go do something upstairs or downstairs without me I would throw a big fit because I was terrified of that feeling.
Me: Okay, not to be superstitious, but let's quit talking about all of this.
Lupita: Yeah, I'm not superstitious either, but I don't want to talk about it either.

End of interview.

So from what I conclude, these "ente" things are just spirits, or as google translate calls them: Entities.
And from the stories around here they can show up in any form and they can move stuff. But they're just Satan's demons and if you rebuke them in the name of Jesus ... they have to flee. :D

Anyways, to continue my writing ... I have been very interested in these things for quite some time now. The reason being that I had never heard so many stories of spirits and stuff until we moved to Mexico. I mean, it seems everyone of them have at least a hundred different stories that they can tell you that will chill you to the bone.

I never realized how many people have been affected by these things. I mean, sure, I have been scared in my life, but not to the extent that these people have been. A lot of them sleep with lights on because they are afraid of being in the dark. I caught a glimpse of their fear about two years ago though.

All of us girls decided to have a sleepover. And so we all went to stay at some of the girls' house. And after it got late and we were all laying on the beds and blankets they decided to start telling scary stories. You know how that goes. Get a group of kids together and they love to tell "horror stories".

I lay there listening to their stories and asking an occasional question. I never tell stories myself when in big groups because ... I am shy (yes, even with my own youth group, although not quite as much as with other youth).
After awhile one of the girls says, "We better stop talking about this. But remember ... oh, I can't even say it, he might show up if I talk about him."

My natural reaction was to laugh. I mean, c'mon, for real? But I was the only one laughing. All of the other girls were acting scared. I guess there was a story that included all of them that I knew nothing about.
I asked, "Y'all aren't really scared are y'all?"

I honestly just thought that they were being silly. So I said, "A ghost won't just walk in here." They started screaming. I was like: Okaaaay? And so I said, "There's no reason to be scared. I'll prove it. Hey, Ghost, come out. Show yourself."

Well, at that point they were all acting scared. Meanwhile, I was like: "See, nothing happened."
I would've continued proving my point except that I realized that they were really scared. I mean, one of the girls was hysterical and practically in tears. Then I felt bad. I mean, I knew nothing was going to happen.

Well, my mother's theory (and a very plausible one) is that all of these things happen because of the religion here. Their religion leads them to perform pagan and demonic rituals. And by doing such things they mess around with things they shouldn't mess around with. They entertain a lot of spirits. And that is why so many "paranormal" things happen to them (e.g. Shadows of people sitting in their houses. Cats with evil spirits. Voices that talk to them. Hands touching them when no one is around. Or hearing the weeping of "La Llorona"). 

Mexico might only be across the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo, as known here in Mexico), but it is just as foreign as Africa, or ... even Brazil. The things that go on in those places also go on here (like satinistic rituals in the cemetarys), and also in the US (they're just more hidden there). This place definitely needs to hear the gospel. There are so many people in Mexico who are trapped in Catholicism.

Have I convinced anyone of the need of more missionarys down here? I mean, you know how in the US you can pretty much go anywhere and people know that you're Pentecostal? Almost everyone either has family who are Pentecostal or they themselves used to be in church. Well, down here in Mexico it is completely different. Did you know that Mexico is 82 % Catholic? Being Catholic, they have not heard the truth preached to them. And when they see you they don't know what you are. Most of them have not ever heard of Pentecostals (In Mexico the term "Apostolic" is used by the Catholics a lot).

More people need to get a burden for this country. There are so many lost souls down here wandering around in the dark. But as far as I know ... there are not many churches down here. And there are not many missionarys either. There are too many people with not enough churches. Get a burden, people.

Okay, I am through preaching at you (and at myself)! HEHE!

Well, we are fixing to leave right now. It took me all night to write this. But to end on a funny note ...

After Lupita and I were through discussing spirits and superstition she looks over at my dresser and asks: "What's that?"
I told her, "It's called a dreamcatcher. In Indian superstition it would catch bad dreams in the webbing and only let the good ones through."
Lupita: "Let's see how many bad dreams you've had ... " *starts pretend counting the webbings*
Me: "Well, I don't believe that. I just have it there for decoration (because I think they are pretty)."

Lupita turned her head and something else caught her eye:
My rabbit's foot.

Me: "I know this looks bad ... but I'm really NOT superstitious!"

Lupita: "Sure, sure, whatever you say!"

Okay, I have to go now!

P.S. I really am NOT superstitious. I really DO just have those things because I have always thought they are so cute. So last time on our trip through Arizona I bought them! :D

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