Friday, November 18, 2011

The Non-Peopled Fiesta ...

Last week Nancy approached me after church. She is Juan's sister and has been coming to church for about five months now. Well, she sat down beside me and began telling me that her brother was sad because no one remembered that it is fixing to be his birthday. So she asked me to throw him a party and invite all of his friends. I agreed.

I went around and invited thirteen individuals out of the youth group. And then I guilted two ladies into coming to decorate (since I stink at decorating). And that was it. 

The party was supposed to be a surprise party (because that was how his sister wanted it). I personally despise surprise parties. Not because I don't enjoy surprises, but because they are very stressful to plan. I mean, keeping the secret is hard. And finding a good excuse for the person to go to a certain place is also difficult. Plus, it's the culture around here for everyone to arrive late. And so sometimes the dude the party is for shows up before the people who are supposed to surprise him. That happened to my dad one time. We got there before the rest of the church. We were like, "Eh ... surprise?." HEHEHE. 

Anyways, I decided to throw the party at my house. And I came up with a good excuse for Juan to come over (I got my dad to tell him that he needed to talk to him). The only problem was that all of his friends started backing out and giving me very LAME reasons as to why they couldn't come (turns out most of them were at home and just didn't want to come). Out of the thirteen youth that I invited only two showed up. Lupita and Cynthia. None of his guy friends came. I was soooooooo embarrassed.
Anyways, the party was fine even though only a few people showed up. Juan thanked me (after which I told him that he should thank his sister since it was her idea) and said that he was truly surprised. And so I guess as long as he didn't feel bad that his "friends" didn't show I shouldn't feel bad, right? RIGHT!!! Teehee.
Lucia and Lupita decorating.

The little girls were awed by my dad's handwriting on the board that read, "Happy 21st Birthday, Juan!"

Still decorating. I just helped blow up all of the balloons because as I said, I stink at decorating.

Waiting on the birthday boy ... he was an hour late. The terrible thing is that he is one of the few who is usually punctual (at least more so than the rest).

Juan after he FINALLY arrived!

We decided to go get some tacos to eat. Juan, Gabrielito, and Gabriel.

Cynthia, Miriam (with he face blocked!), Lupita, and my mum.

Cynthia, Me, and Miriam. I forced them to take a picture with me.

I think this was right when we were going to sing "Happy Birthday".
My dad: "We'll start on the count of three. One. Two. Three."
I think everyone was confused as to which song to sing. I don't know why but my dad always insists on singing happy birthday in English. It is very boring compared to their song, "Las MaƱanitas".

Nancy and Juan ... I don't know what they were doing. Maybe cutting the cake?

Me and Lupita!

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Juan who will never read this. LOL.


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