Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally I Can See The Wall ... And The Ground

A great miracle has happened in our house!
Just that our storage room finally got cleaned out after nine years of living in Mexico.

Okay, we didn't have a storage room when we first moved here, but after time, and lots of broken pumps, washers, dryers, toilets, vehicles, etc, etc, we accumulated a lot of stuff. And I didn't even mention all of the thousands of papers that we had in there from my dads old messages and studies. Also, we have a million old tapes in there.

I am a person who cannot stand junk and clutter. And while, for the most part, our house is junk-free ... our storage room was not. It was terrible. So I, being the evil person that I am, told eveyone that I was going to clean out the storage room Wednesday and that I was going to throw everything away. That inspired my dad to help me.

The reason I said that was because my mother and I had been cleaning it for a few months already. But the problem is that my mother likes to drag it out into several different cleaning days. I, on the other hand, want to swoop in and get it done in one day. 

And, well ... mission accomplished.

These are the before pictures (sorry for the bad quality but I didn't have my camera with me).
This was the left side of the room.

My dad actually threw away almost all of his stuff. I was so ... astonished.

This was the right side of the room. See, it looked terrible.

We found so much junk.
Including old school books. I finally convinced my mum to let me throw them away. I was like, "Mum, we're all out of school (except for Jake ... but he's finishing up now)! We don't need them anymore!"  Poor mum is so attached to those books. I guess because it reminds her of all of the years she home-schooled us. Sigh. Boy, I miss school so much ... never thought I'd say that!

A "money" clock that we found still in the package. My dad said that someone gave it to him for his birthday.
We were making piles though. 1. Completely trash. 2. Give away to someone (my dad always says that people can sell this stuff). This clock ended up in pile #2.

I even found a stack of letters addressed to Bro. Raul Alvear Jr. I have no clue how they came to be in our possession (since it's not like we stole them from his mailbox or anything) ... but ... there they are. LOL.

My dad and I cleared and cleaned and threw away until about seven o'clock. Then he got tired. And the next biggest surprise was that my brother came and helped me rearrange everything and finish up the cleaning and throwing away. He even hung up a curtain (ghetto style ... by nailing the curtains to the wall).

And voila!

The after pictures!
Okay, I'll admit that we still have a lot of stuff in that room, but at least it got organized, right?! (And my mum's going to kill me for putting these pictures on my blog! But FYI: she does keep a very clean and organized house ... it's just that our storage room just ... I dunno ... there's really no explanation for it.)

The other side of the room. See, I cleared the big shelf, except for the two bottom shelves (and put random books I found in there, and our games,  and put them on those on those little shelves). But if all goes as planned I will be convincing my dad to let me get rid of that ugly shelf. *evil laugh*

See, doesn't it look better (yes, I still hafta paint the bench)?! And it's all thanks to ... ME! Yeah, I gotta brag. I mean, if I don't praise myself, no one else will. And I deserve it! I mean, without me the storage room would still be ... the before pictures! He! He! He!

It reminds me of a conversation that I had with my mum about a month ago. I told her, "You know why I get things done? Because I know the secret."
And what is the secret? Well, I have discovered that the only thing that men understand is ... nagging. So if you nag enough they will finally do what you want them to. MUAHAHA!

Of course, men also get annoyed by nagging so you have to be careful not to nag too much. So choose only ONE day out of the week (about once a month) ... and nag to death! It always works for me. But you also have to make sure that it's something that you can't do by yourself (because if you can then don't ask a man to do it ... do it yourself). 

I guess the only things that I have nagged about are ... my curtain in my room, and the storage room cleaning. You'll notice that neither of those things I could do by myself. I would hang up my own curtain except that I can't use a stinkin' drill.  I just end up putting big holes in the wall, which is NOT attractive.

So what's the little lesson you just learned ladies? Nag. Just not too much because then whatever man is in your house (be it your dad, brother, or husband) will dislike you.

Disclaimer: Although I use this method to persuade the male members of my family to do things for me, it may not work for you! So in case of failure: DO NOT SUE!

Okay, nighty-night, folks!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Trip To Tonatico

Here is the weekend trip that I promised to write about.
A couple of months ago Lupita's family invited me to go with them on their mini-vacation over Christmas weekend. And they said that they'd pay for everything. I thought, "Hey, this is too good an opportunity to pass up." He he. So I, of course, said that "yes" I'd go.

Friday morning rolled around and I drug myself out of bed to get ready. When they rang our bell outside I ran downstairs and hopped in their car (well, first I drug Lupita inside to help me with my stuff). Then we set off to Tonatico.

Tonatico is located about 84 kilometers away from Toluca. It took about an hour to get there. To get there you have to drive through the mountains on curvy roads. I noticed that Lupita and her mother would freak out all the time like they thought that Lupita's dad was going to run off the road. It made me laugh because my dad drives way crazier than that.  *shrug*

Lupita (and one-quarter of her sister's face) in the car.

The neat thing about Tonatico is that the climate totally changes from Toluca to there. It is much warmer there.

In fact, after we arrived in Tonatico we went to go to this bridge that is situated over a gorge. And they had this sign there that said: "Tonatiuh (which is the Indian Nahuatl word), place of the sun."
Okay, I'll admit that I didn't read that sign until I was looking at the pictures when I got home. But when we were in the car Lupita remarked, "I wonder what Tonatico means." And I had to open my BIG mouth and say: "It means, place of the sun." See, I had just been reading about Tonatico on wikipedia the night before. But you never know how reliable the information on there is. So when Joel (Lupita's dad) was saying something about it, Lupita said, "Dacia said that it means 'place of the sun'." I was  like: *put hand over face in embarrassment* "Nooo, don't quote me, Lupita, I'm not sure that's what it means!"  Boy was I relieved when I got home and saw that that's what the sign said too! HEHE!

A strange ... design of ... water pools (but not for swimming if not for looks).

The sign says: "Bridge. Prohibited: The passage of groups of more than twenty persons. Jumping, pushing, swinging, or to cross if inebriated (for all of you people who don't know what that means, it means: intoxicated, drunk), or if you feel dizzy."   The part about "no more than twenty people" made me quite wary. Why do I want to cross a wooden bridge over a gorge if it can't even support more than twenty people??

Yay! I'm on the bridge with my hundred somethin' pounds and it's not collapsing (thank God)!

Lupis! Of course, she wouldn't collapse the bridge, she's too skinny.

Doesn't it look dangerous? Some of the boards actually looked like they were ready to snap in half. And some appeared to be rotting.  o_O

That's what we were walking over. This bridge brought back a sense of deja vu. I then began to tell Lupita about the rickety bridge we had to cross over one time that was located over a den of tigers. Talk about intimidating!  :D

Me, Lupita's little sister, and Lupita.

Lupita's family.

A second bridge that was even more scary, but at least it wasn't 100 feet in the air.

Isn't that tree pretty?

A pretty, blue dragonfly. Sorry, but I think that they are pretty!

After the bridge we went to the hotel to check in.

I, of course, had to start snapping pictures as soon as I entered the room. Hehe. Lupita was looking at me like I was weird. Hey, maybe I am. But what's a vacation without a picture of the room you stayed in?
And I HAD to take a picture of the bathroom too! :D

There was actually a ceiling fan in the room. That was the first time that I had ever seen a ceiling fan in Mexico.

Afterwards we went to eat. They had a cafeteria type room where you went and chose a table. After you sat down the waiters would come and tell you what they were serving. Then you would choose what you wanted. And the cool thing was that the food was included with the room ... so I didn't have to pay.

They gave you like four different courses. It was a lot of food.

This was the dessert. Some bread that tasted like oranges and had raspberry jelly-ish stuff on it.

After we finished eating we decided that we were going to to walk downtown to look around.
It was really hard getting out of the hotel without her parents. Her parents are very paranoid about girls getting kidnapped or something. Lupita's mom says that we already stand out because of our skirts. And, plus, I don't look like a Mexican (that's what Lupita and her family said, not me).

Down the street we went to downtown ...

This was the center of downtown and there were all of these "puestos" set up with all sorts of ... mostly jewelry, but there were also other things. I didn't buy anything though (even though I was supposed to be getting a souvenir for my mum ... I decided that I'd do it another day).

Decorated for Christmas (Lupita's parents wouldn't let us go down there in the night to see what it looked like in the dark.
We stopped by the Catholic church (even though Lupita was very embarrassed to go inside and even more embarrassed that I was taking pictures).  :P

I think it would've actually looked kind of pretty if not for the checkered tile.

Some idol ...

I suppose this is supposed to be Jesus on the cross.
The painted ceiling. It says: The Sacred Family (I'm not sure who it's referring to though).

Some ... thing (you can tell that I'm not Catholic). :D

Virgin Mary.

I thought that this looked pretty cool.

The front of the church.

A cross outside of the church.

We then walked back to the hotel. After we got there Lupita wanted to go sit outside and ... talk. LOL.

So we sat on the logs around the tree and talked. We talked for a good hour about boys, love, and ... I think that was about it. Okay, we probably don't really know much about love, but we discuss it often. I, of course, always state that I don't believe in love (besides God's love, of course), and I think I'm rubbing off on Lupita. She said, "I don't believe in love." I then said, "Hey, don't steal my line!"

So you're curious? Who do we like? Well, actually ... no one. HAHA! We just have our old crushes and that's about it. Nothing to write home about. Don't worry, neither of us are getting married anytime soon so we'll still have lots of adventures together!

Anyways, we sat there until our bottoms got sore. Then we left to go swing on the kiddie swings!

We had only been on the swings for a few minutes though when Lupita's mom found us. Whew! She was kind of mad because we had been gone for two hours. She thought we had been kidnapped. And so she had gone all over town looking for us. Oops.  I felt bad.

One of the Christmas trees.

The other one. I liked this one better (probably because it's blue).

After the severe "talking to" by Lupita's mom we decided to just go sit in the hotel room and play a Nancy Drew computer game.
We played:

It is sooo scary! We didn't really get to the scary parts though because we were too busy solving the nanogram, renogram, and sudoku puzzles. We were like a bunch of nerds. It was pretty funny. The nanogram puzzles were more her thing though while the sudoku was more mine.

We solved puzzles until it was time to go eat ... yet again.

Then we decided to go swimming:

Yeah, it was already dark outside.

After that we went to bed. The bad thing about Lupita and I is that we can't ever sleep until we've talked for about five hours. So there we were laying in our beds ... chattering. We talked more about love. What is love? And I gave my theories about it. And then we talked about how evil guys are for always breaking girls' hearts and leading them on. HAHAHA! I think we need to find some new subjects to talk about besides love. Maybe next time we can talk about ... rats? Sorry, that's the best I can come up with.

Breakfast on Saturday:
The orange stuff (papaya) might look good, but it is NOT. I am sorry but it tastes like something rotten. I can't even get in to go down my throat without the blood rushing to my head, my eyes getting watery, and gagging a million times. :D

The drink options were: Atole, Milk, and Coffee. I chose coffee because I don't like atole at all, and I remember drinking hot milk (every morning for breakfast) when we first moved to Mexico and all I can say is: Yuck! So coffee was the safest choice for moi! :)
I know, I'm picky.

Lupita's milk.

The Mexican sweet bread.

After breakfast we loaded up in the car and headed out to a big cave that was nearby in the state of Guerrero.
The beautiful scenery.

As soon as we got out of the car everyone was crowding around trying to get us to by different things. But we didn't buy anything.

I thought that this was a neat tree. It's roots were hanging over the side of the wall.

The entrance to the dank, dark, foul-smelling cave. The cave of Cacahuamilpa is two kilometers long (actually four, but you can only walk into it for two km). Whew! We were so wore out when we finally got out of there.

Smiling for the camera! :D

Believe it or not, inside the cave was very hot. Well, it wasn't hot as much as it was HUMID. Extremely humid. We came out of that place sweating buckets.
This formation reminds me of a castle!

Lupita thinks that this one looks like the baboon from the Lion King who stood on the cliff?

A mineral deposit. It was so pretty. It looked like a million diamonds shining. The man was showing us the difference in the shiny, white things where you could see if people had touched and where people hadn't touched it. One man, a Mexican, said: "It's the foreigners who come in and touch it." Gosh, it made Lupita so mad! HAHAHA! She always gets so defensive when it comes to me, the foreigner. :D

A rock growing on a tree ... I mean, a tree growing on a rock.

While taking this picture a BIG wasp landed on my ankle. I swatted it away with a surprised cry. A man who was sitting there began pestering me about whether it had stung me or not. I was like, "No, I don't think so!" I mean, surely I would feel the pain! LOL. It definitely would've been a better story to tell if it had stung me. I mean, I probably would've started jumping around from the pain and then I would've tumbled down the rest of the stairs (I was standing on the stairs). See, that would've made a way better story! 

Returning back to the State of Mexico.

This was a trick thing. You stick your finger in and then you can't get it out. They gave it to me but I think I left it in the hotel upon my rapid departure. :(

I think they liked playing tricks on me because then they put one of those wooden snakes by my head. When I saw it I was like, "OH!" And I about jumped off my seat! :D

This dessert was definitely the best. It looks gross, right? I was expecting it to taste terrible. But it was delicious. It was bananas in creme with cinnamon. I am going to try to make some.

Outside on Christmas Eve. We decided to sit out there and wait for the special dinner they were having that night.

On her laptop outside. She can't live without the internet (unlike me). :P

Everyone at the hotel went caroling ... around the hotel. We did not join them. But the only song they were singing was "The Drummer Boy", and the only person singing was the man at the front. I didn't understand that. I mean, there were hundreds of people following him and yet they weren't singing. It reminded me of the time I went caroling with the youth from Pastor Trevino's church. The only kids who were singing were the ones at the front of the line. I was at the back. And so I was practically the only one singing back there. It was quite embarrassing. But I thought, "Man, if this is the only time I ever get to go caroling in my life I might as well sing!" HEHE.

They had three pinatas (sorry I don't have a "n" with a squiggly thing above it on my keyboard) which the kids busted open. But they gave out candy to all of the adults standing around. It was nice except that there was only one candy in there that I actually liked. So I just gave it all to my brother when I got home.

Sitting outside in the cold drinking Ponche.

The special dinner. Unfortunately, the table that had their name on it was right in front of the speaker. So through the whole meal we couldn't talk because of the music blasting in our ears. I thought that it was pretty music. I mean, it was just mournful, slow, sad, love songs. Lupita, on the other hand, thought that it was depressing. She said, "It just brings bad memories of love gone wrong and then everyone starts drinking to forget." I was like, "Oh." (Well, put a damper on it, will you?)  :D

After the dinner Lupita and I went back to our room (because they were going to have a dance). We almost went straight to bed. I was still looking forward to the last two days left of the trip. But, lo and behold, I woke up at four in the morning and was sick. I started throwing up. So I was drinking water and putting cool rags on my forehead (like my mother always used to do when I was young) but it didn't help. I felt terrible.

 I waited until like eight in the morning and then I called my daddy to go pick me up (because it's even worse being sick when you're not at home). He didn't want to because it was a Sunday morning. But he had enough time to go get me and then get back home to study more before service. He didn't want to pick me up though and so I threw down my last card. I said, "You don't care about me!" HE! HE! HE! HE! That got him. Then he decided to go get me. :D

I got home and went straight to bed. I slept all day. I only woke up after my parents had left for church. I woke up and it was dark in my room except for a little light coming from my Scentsy thingy. I must say, I was quite disoriented. I stared into the air like, "Where am I?" And then I heard this beautiful, peaceful music coming from somewhere else and I thought, "Am I in heaven?" Teehee! But then it all came back to me and I realized that I was at home in my bed.

It wasn't until after I had complained about being sick (here on my blog) that I discovered that I wasn't the only one at home sick. My brother was also at home sick. Poor us, sick on Christmas. Just kidding, just kidding. Who cares about Christmas?! I was just mad because my trip with Lupita got ruined.

All in all, I still had fun. Now Lupita and I are trying to plan another trip to somewhere else. Anyways, I hope she had fun with me and didn't think that I was a pain in the neck. I must say that I am grateful to have her as a friend. Honestly, I think that without her friendship I would be really depressed (because I don't have any other friends at church). So I am glad that God gave me one friend who I can trust!

And, of course, I appreciate Lupita's family inviting me and paying for me to go along with them. It was really sweet of them. I just hope that they didn't feel too bad that I abandoned them halfway through the trip.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post. Yes, I know, it was really long, but WHO CARES! :P

Peace out!