Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally I Can See The Wall ... And The Ground

A great miracle has happened in our house!
Just that our storage room finally got cleaned out after nine years of living in Mexico.

Okay, we didn't have a storage room when we first moved here, but after time, and lots of broken pumps, washers, dryers, toilets, vehicles, etc, etc, we accumulated a lot of stuff. And I didn't even mention all of the thousands of papers that we had in there from my dads old messages and studies. Also, we have a million old tapes in there.

I am a person who cannot stand junk and clutter. And while, for the most part, our house is junk-free ... our storage room was not. It was terrible. So I, being the evil person that I am, told eveyone that I was going to clean out the storage room Wednesday and that I was going to throw everything away. That inspired my dad to help me.

The reason I said that was because my mother and I had been cleaning it for a few months already. But the problem is that my mother likes to drag it out into several different cleaning days. I, on the other hand, want to swoop in and get it done in one day. 

And, well ... mission accomplished.

These are the before pictures (sorry for the bad quality but I didn't have my camera with me).
This was the left side of the room.

My dad actually threw away almost all of his stuff. I was so ... astonished.

This was the right side of the room. See, it looked terrible.

We found so much junk.
Including old school books. I finally convinced my mum to let me throw them away. I was like, "Mum, we're all out of school (except for Jake ... but he's finishing up now)! We don't need them anymore!"  Poor mum is so attached to those books. I guess because it reminds her of all of the years she home-schooled us. Sigh. Boy, I miss school so much ... never thought I'd say that!

A "money" clock that we found still in the package. My dad said that someone gave it to him for his birthday.
We were making piles though. 1. Completely trash. 2. Give away to someone (my dad always says that people can sell this stuff). This clock ended up in pile #2.

I even found a stack of letters addressed to Bro. Raul Alvear Jr. I have no clue how they came to be in our possession (since it's not like we stole them from his mailbox or anything) ... but ... there they are. LOL.

My dad and I cleared and cleaned and threw away until about seven o'clock. Then he got tired. And the next biggest surprise was that my brother came and helped me rearrange everything and finish up the cleaning and throwing away. He even hung up a curtain (ghetto style ... by nailing the curtains to the wall).

And voila!

The after pictures!
Okay, I'll admit that we still have a lot of stuff in that room, but at least it got organized, right?! (And my mum's going to kill me for putting these pictures on my blog! But FYI: she does keep a very clean and organized house ... it's just that our storage room just ... I dunno ... there's really no explanation for it.)

The other side of the room. See, I cleared the big shelf, except for the two bottom shelves (and put random books I found in there, and our games,  and put them on those on those little shelves). But if all goes as planned I will be convincing my dad to let me get rid of that ugly shelf. *evil laugh*

See, doesn't it look better (yes, I still hafta paint the bench)?! And it's all thanks to ... ME! Yeah, I gotta brag. I mean, if I don't praise myself, no one else will. And I deserve it! I mean, without me the storage room would still be ... the before pictures! He! He! He!

It reminds me of a conversation that I had with my mum about a month ago. I told her, "You know why I get things done? Because I know the secret."
And what is the secret? Well, I have discovered that the only thing that men understand is ... nagging. So if you nag enough they will finally do what you want them to. MUAHAHA!

Of course, men also get annoyed by nagging so you have to be careful not to nag too much. So choose only ONE day out of the week (about once a month) ... and nag to death! It always works for me. But you also have to make sure that it's something that you can't do by yourself (because if you can then don't ask a man to do it ... do it yourself). 

I guess the only things that I have nagged about are ... my curtain in my room, and the storage room cleaning. You'll notice that neither of those things I could do by myself. I would hang up my own curtain except that I can't use a stinkin' drill.  I just end up putting big holes in the wall, which is NOT attractive.

So what's the little lesson you just learned ladies? Nag. Just not too much because then whatever man is in your house (be it your dad, brother, or husband) will dislike you.

Disclaimer: Although I use this method to persuade the male members of my family to do things for me, it may not work for you! So in case of failure: DO NOT SUE!

Okay, nighty-night, folks!


Kristen said...

::patting Dacia on the back:: You are such an awesome organizer, Dacia! You deserve Organizer of the Year award.

Dacia Loa said...

I know, I know! I really DO! *bow*
I'm not too puffed up, am I?!

Kristen said...

no. no. at. all. :D

Dacia Loa said...