Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home At Last

We are home at last.
Monday night we arrived home at 12:00.
Man, we were all exhausted, although my dad will claim that he was the most worn out I know that I really WAS the most tired. I mean, I didn't sleep at all the night  before (because of snoring ... you know I can't stand snoring!), I just jammed my earphones in my ears and listened to music all night. All the while sleeping on the ground by the door (in the hotel) so that I could MAYBE escape the sound of snoring. And, boy, I think that it's really crazy when you can hear snoring through your headphones, over the music!

Then we got up at 4:00 a.m. to cross the border back into beloved Mexico. It was fast. I guess no one wants to go to Mexico at that hour of the day. We payed the money to cross and then we drove over the bridge.
At the Customs building we stopped to get our Visas. And wouldn't you know it! After all of the waking up early, and being forced to go inside so that the customs people could see my beautiful face, they rejected us because of ... well, I don't feel like going into details.
The point is that we had to cross back over to the United States. And at five in the morning that is NOT a good thing. People may not want to cross to the Mexican side at that time, but they cross to the U.S. side. I guess the whole city of Nuevo Laredo works in the U.S. It took a good two hours to get across that small bridge over the Rio Grande that closes the gap between the borders of the U.S. and Mexico.

During that time I fell asleep. I was snuggled up in this cool, brown blanket that I bought in the U.S. And next thing I know is I hear my dad say: "Dacia, wake up!"
And I immediately jerked up and said (all disoriented-like), "Huh, what?!" Only to see that my window is rolled down and the border dude-man is staring at me (and chuckling). Needless to say, I was embarrassed. But at the same time it just proved that I was an American. I mean, a Mexican's response to being rudely awakened would've been in Spanish, right?

And since when are the border people nice? Most of the time they are just like airport people (don't get me started on that). RUDE. They just want to treat you like you are a criminal. And sometimes they even ask my dad, "How did you get you citizenship?" And he just looks at them and says, "I was born here." And then after they let us through he starts ranting about how he served in the United States Army and his family goes back to generations of Americans and blah blah blah. HAHA.

Our visit in the U.S. was brief. But the same thing always happens to me. First, I do not want to go to the U.S. and I get all sad. Then when we get there I remember how much I love it and then I do not want to come back. I think that happens to my whole family.

But here we are. Thankfully we were not shot up by any cartel or smeared across the highway in a wreck. And I even got out of driving once we got to Mexico. I just said, "I can't see out of my contacts." And, yes, that was the truth. In fact, I still can't see out of them. My brother thought that I was lying, but I DO NOT LIE (okay, maybe I've told one or two half-truths in my life ... but THAT was NOT one of them!!).  ;)

I still don't understand why he cared so much anyways since he claims that my driving scares him. He says that I drive like a maniac. I do not believe that. I mean, sure, I might speed (and somehow always have enough luck to see cops in time to slow down ...). And I occasionally ride cars' bumpers, but that's because they won't get out of my way!!!! But even considering all of that, I am a good driver. Of course, my sister also thinks that she's a good driver. But her driving terrifies me. Why? Because it never looks like she is paying attention. It just looks like she zooms about without looking.  o_O

Anyways, the point is that we are home in Mexico again and we got here safely (Thank God!).

Peace Out, People!


Holly said...

So glad yall are home and safe!! Hope yall get rested up!

Hannah said...

Lol Kris isn't a scary driver until you have been in a car the Josh is driving! Oh my goodness lol or Ashley Kubena haha she scared the living daylights out of me! Haha! Bridge used to be a scary driver until I got used to it!;-)ROFL well hope to see you soon for more camping! Hahaha!

Kristen said...

I think people are just always uncomfortable with other people driving. Because you don't know where they are looking, what they see, or what they're thinking.

Dacia Loa said...

Thank you, Holly!!! :D Too bad that I didn't end up getting to see you guys! :/

Dacia Loa said...

Hannah, yeah, I have heard the stories of their driving. But lemme tell you ... no one in the U.S. drives as bad as the people here!! A few months ago Jake and I were riding with this guy from our church. He scared us to death! He really DID drive like a maniac!!!
And, well, they pretty much all drive like that here.

I've got all my gear ready to go camping. Ok, jk. I don't have any camping gear (besides my sleeping bag), but I guess that'll do!! :D

Dacia Loa said...

Kris, that is true ... I suppose! HEHEHEHEHE!
*evil grin*
But you are still a scary driver!