Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Turning Into A Carm (Car Lot/Farm)!

Remember how I wrote about the car lot next to our house? They sell ... cars. Well, first they had a donkey there. Then they had a sheep. Now guess what they have?!

That's right, folks!

Horses! Not one. But two!

This is getting to be quite ridiculous! First, it was hee-hawing. Second, it was baaing (which sounded like a baby crying ... and that can be creepy in the middle of the night). And now it's this neighing.
How are we supposed to get any sleep? I mean, this is the middle of a neighborhood, people, not the country.

What I would like to know is why these people have these animals. I personally think the whole business is just a front. I can just envision the conversations.

Drug Dealer: "Hey, you, where's my dinero for the marijuana?"
Druggie: "I-I-I don have no money. I ... live under a bridge."
Drug Dealer: "Oh yeah? *thrusts chin in the air* Oh ... yeah, you're right. *frowns* Well ... then give me your burrito (and I don't mean food). And give me that sheep, and those two horses. And ... throw in that, eh, random wagon that you have there."
Druggie*singsongy whiny voice*: "But- but that's my home. I live in that wagon. Those horses, they are my vehicles to drive my wagon. The sheep ... he was my next meal. And  Pancho, well, he's just my friend ... but you're taking all of my stuff!"
Drug Dealer: "You should've thought of that before you decided to mess with me, Senor IHaveACarLotToPretendLikeISellCarsButIReallyDon't. *hits chest with fist*... Wait, the donkey's name is Pancho?"

HEHEHE! See, that's what I really think goes on.

P.S. The thing to the conversation is that it only sounds good if you imagine it in a Spanish-person-speaking-English voice.

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