Friday, December 16, 2011

Just Got To Use My Skills ... Again!

We've been having a big problem with flies for the past few days and wondering where they were coming from. Well, today my parents and brother went out to eat and I stayed home to clean the house. Okay, okay. It was more like I invited Lupita over and so my mum made me clean the house. :D

Anyways, what it a clean house without clean, fresh air traveling through it? So, of course, I opened the windows. After I got through I went to my room to straighten it up and stuff. Next thing I know my parents are home. They had brought me some food back. So I went downstairs to eat. My brother then went upstairs and started ... yelling.

There were flies EVERYWHERE! Oh, just the sight of those nasty worm-turned-fly creatures set my skin crawling. My brother began shouting at me for leaving the window in the bathroom open. I was like, "Hey, I never saw any flies!" (Which just proves that I walk around without looking up in the air).

We finally discovered the source. That STUPID beautiful horse next door (SEE! I knew that horse would cause problems ... there were two but they took the other one away). And guess who had to kill all of the flies? ME! I guess everyone just thought it was only fair because I am the one who opened the window. But I didn't think it was fair. I mean, after two hours of cleaning the last thing I want to do is smash fly guts everywhere. HAHAHA!

Anyways, I just thought that I would gross y'all out (which is what it did to me and I couldn't finish my food) and reiterate the fact that I am the QUEEN!  

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