Friday, December 16, 2011

My Dad's Teaching ...

 Tonight was church and my dad has been doing studies titled: Mass: A Mix of Lies.
I guess since it's around the time of year where they start doing all of their weird rituals that he decided that he was going to talk about the Catholic church and it's roots in paganism.

I must admit that my dad makes these studies fun. Not only because we get to write down the answers on some cool papers, but also because he doesn't do it in a boring manner. He makes it fun because he cracks jokes that he, and the rest of the church, thinks are funny. I'll admit that sometimes I think his jokes aren't very funny, but tonight was an exception.

My dad was talking about the wafer that the priests give to the people during comminion. He was saying that they teach the people that it is the actual body of Christ. You know, like when you eat it, it turns into His body. And likewise with the wine, it turns into Jesus' actual blood. This is called: Transubstantiation (don't worry, I had never heard that word either). And they believe that in order to be saved you have to eat the body of Jesus and drink His blood.

My dad then began talking about how ridiculous it is to think that the wafer and the wine actually turn into Jesus' blood and body when they have it in their mouth. He gave various reasons and among them was the scripture that states that we are not to eat/drink blood.
And then it went something like this:
Pastor Daddy: "Nancy, you were a devout Catholic, right?"
*Nancy nods*
"So tell me, when you were given the wafer, did it taste like meat?"
*Nancy shakes her head*
"Did it smell like meat?"
*Nancy shakes her head again*
"Did the texture become like meat?"
Nancy shakes her head a third time*
*Pastor Daddy turns to look at everyone*
"How many of you actually thought that you were eating the actual body and blood of Jesus?"
*Almost everybody raises their hands*
Pastor Daddy: "That's ridiculous!"
Bro. Aurelio: "Well, we didn't know any better!"
Pastor Daddy: "Just imagine if the servant boy who serves the priest was taking a basket of wafers to the priest. What if he dropped one and then someone stepped on it? They would be stepping on Jesus' body. ... Or what if a rat ate it? Then the rat would be saved!"
*Everybody laughs, including me (all I could do was imagine a rat raising it paws and praising God after eating a wafer :)*
Pastor Daddy: "So we know that the wafer does not actually turn into a piece of meat. We have a witness right here who says so. When she ate the wafer it didn't taste like a piece of steak."
*More laughter*
Pastor Daddy: "Besides, I have a question. How many bodies did Jesus have? I mean, how can they still have pieces of His body now. Did they cut it up into really tiny pieces?"
Jacinto: "The meat just never runs out!"
Pastor Daddy: "Then they must have more miracles than us!"
*Even more laughter*

That's just a small example of the things that Pastor Daddy says that makes everyone laugh. Okay, I for one thought that his jokes were a bit ... wrong, but I suppose he was just trying to make a point. The rat one still gets me though! HAHAHA!  Okay, he wasn't cracking jokes the entire time. But that's the only part that I can really remember. I must admit that sometimes I space out.  o_O 

I guess it's just that I tune out Spanish very easily (plus, I had a bad headache during church). But, no, I don't only do that with the teachings at church. I also do that with the people when they are talking to me. I mean, it's so easy to do. Especially if they are saying a bunch of boring stuff. Suddenly I lose focus and all it sounds like is: garble garble garble. It's like for a for a minute I don't understand Spanish. Hmmm ... that's interesting.
Anyways, I just thought I'd talk about something, anything, since nothing out of the ordinary has been going on. Although ... next weekend I am going out of town with Lupita. Her parents invited me to go along with them on their mini vacation! I am soooo excited! I guess then maybe I'll have something to write about ... with pictures! :D

Okay, see y'all!

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