Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Okay, so I was invited to join the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest that Mary and Destiny started.

Okay ... I'll admit, I didn't have a REAL Christmas sweater, but I wanted to participate in the contest so I made my own (with the help of my friend, Lupita). I know, I know, it's the UGLIEST OF ALL!

So I don't know if that was against the rules, but I did it anyways! Besides, what did you expect from a missionary girl in Mexico? OF COURSE, it HAD to be home-made!  :D

So make sure you vote for MY sweater! HEHEHE! :P


DesRosh said...

Thanks for joining in on the fun! :)

-Destiny Hyler

Kristen said...

Where do you vote? You forgot to include a link

Mary Frances said...

LOL! Homemade is THE BEST!!! HAHA!!! I want it to wear...LOLOLOL!!!!