Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving ... Really Late!

Okay, I know that Thanksgiving was fifty weeks ago already, but I have barely been able to upload all of the pictures (sometimes the pictures just don't want to upload).

This year we went to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving (my dad's parents).
It was pretty ... boring. All of us cousins just sorta sat around and stare at other. The women all stand around in the kitchen. And the men get to sit at the table and eat. It's not fair. I think that they should start setting up more than one table so that everyone can sit down. And they need to make it buffet style so that everyone can get their own food and NOT make the women do all of the serving. But, hey, they are all hispanic which might be why that is the "tradition".

I must say that this year I was very disappointed by the food. You know why?? There were no rolls. What is Thanksgiving dinner without the rolls?! :D

My cousin, Rhesa. She always covers her face.
*rolling eyes*

Me ... being dorky.  :)

My grandma.

See! The men are the only ones who are privilidged enough to sit at the table. I only got to sit at the table one time, but that was only because one of my uncle's wanted me to sit there.  o_O  NOT FAIR!

My grandpa with his accordion.

Uncle Albert singing!!

Uncle Abel playing the guitar! :D

Kristen and David. Whiteness is invading in the Loa family! But Imma marry a ... I can't decide. Should I marry a Hispanic guy, a black guy, a white guy, or an Oriental guy??? Or maybe someone mixed like me? HEHE! (BTW ... since I am mixed. It means that I have the right to talk about Hispanic and white people!)  :P

La Familia! This year we actually got to meet our dad's sister for the first time in our lives. She is never around because she lives in Bolivia (South America). As you can see ... she's not a missionary! She just married a man from there.
Aunt Reveca, Mum, Tia Rosa, Aunt Rebecca, and Aunt Isabel.

Da cuzins!

Bahaha! Tio Ramon (my grandpa's brother, the man in the cowboy hat) showed up and suddenly everyone started to leave. The reason is that he always tells a lot of stories. Like ... looooong stories. And we all have to sit there and listen. I guess he tells the same stories all of the time because he is like eighty-five.

Rhesa, Me, and Alina.

They went to play basketball. I sat in the car because it was way too cold to be outside. :D

Oh, oh, oh!! My sister took me around a few places and took my pictures! That's the cool thing about having a photographer sister ... you get free pictures! Teehee!

Rhesa and I. Everyone thinks that we look exactly alike. But I don't see it, and neither does she. What do you think?

This picture was cool. Except that I realized that I was standing in a fire-ant pile when I began to feel these terrible burning feelings from those wretched creatures biting my toes.
*shaking fists*

Standing in front of a Saloon! HAHAHA!
Okay, this isn't a real saloon. We actually went to a "ghost town".
My mum thought that it was a bad image to take a picture in front of a saloon (even though it's fake). I said, "Hey, just 'cause I'm standing outside of the saloon doesn't mean that I was inside." Right?

Believe it or not, I have actually had people ask me if we ride around in buggys drawn by horses in Texas. I almost died laughing. I mean, some of the people who asked me that were from some states that really ARE ... backwoods! Please! Texas is just like ... any other place! Sure, we might have a country accent, but that doesn't mean that there aren't big cities and high-rises! C'mon, people. In fact, Texas is better than any other state. Why? Because everything is bigger in Texas. I hate when you go to California and they don't have Super Wal-Marts (okay, maybe they have them ... but I have yet to see one).
Man, I just got waaay off subject.

This is a picture of Kohls on Black Friday!! We got there late I guess. The line went for miles (okay, slight exaggeration) around the side of the building. We decided to stand near the door. Not cut in line, mind you. We just wanted to wait there so that we didn't have to walk all the way around the world to get to the back of the line. My cousin, Rhesa, was like, "Let's cut in line!" My sister and I refused to. I mean, that's just wrong, and, besides, I saw that people get viscious on that day. I was like, "What happened to the supposed order of the U.S.? All of the people started shouting at us and other people who were waiting by the doors. And then these two women started fighting. It was pretty cool. I was ready to see some fists flying! :D

Moving On ...
One night I got to go hang out at my cousin's house.
 I love hanging out at her house because ... my Uncle and Aunt love me! I am their favorite neice! HEHE! And they call me their "other daughter".  (Yes, I can be sweet, friendly, and outgoing ... which is why they love me). My Uncle even has a new name for me. Daisy. LOL! Like I didn't see that one coming! (A lot of people call me that because they can't get my name).

(People in Mexico think that my name is a Spanish name, even though no one is named that. And so they always think that my English name is Daisy. NOOOOO! It's not! It's Dacia. Day-see-uh! It's a Greek name ... with no meaning. It's not fair. Not only do I never get to buy keychains with my name on them, but I also never get to get those little cards that have the meaning of your name.)

While I was at their house I made some mocassins! Aren't they cute??

I think I'll start a new trend. Let's all wear mocassins!

Okay, that's all of the pictures for now!

Peace & Love

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