Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They Don't Taste Like CheeseCake ...

Last night I drug my dad to Wal-Mart (even though he was sick) so that I could buy stuff to make CheeseCake Brownies.
Weeellll ...
That's what they ended up looking like. Hmmm ... not very appetizing. They actually look quite disgusting.
They taste really good though. Like they are better than just regular brownies. The only problem: They don't taste like cheesecake at all. I must've done something wrong. The recipe wasn't very concise so I probably messed up.

Needless to say, now I am going to be obssessed with making these type of brownies until they come out right. So does anyone have a recipe for these things?? You know ... usually when I ask for recipes no one gives me any. It's really annoying. They'll even say stuff like: "Sounds like you could use a recipe that I have." And then when I ask for it they never answer back. What's up with that?!

Okay, so if you have a recipe ... GIVE IT TO ME!

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Kristen said...

Have you tried that one? Which recipe did you try?