Monday, January 23, 2012

My Parent's Trip To Veracruz

As I mentioned, my parents made a little trip to our work down in Veracruz. It was just a short trip and I really don't know much about it ('cause I didn't ask), but if you want to read more about it you can go here: Burden Ministries of Mexico

Here's some pictures though.

Visiting with the people.

Still visiting! :D

Setting up the equiptment to have church.

Missionary Loa praying.

Sis. Mum Loa on the keyboard.


Some cute little girls ... looking in the window.



Everyone eager to hear the Word (I hope).   :D

Now for some interesting pictures.

This time around both my dad and mum went to Veracruz and took one of the minister's from church, and his wife, with them. And they left Jacob and I at home (with no way to get to church ... so it was a pretty boring week).
This time they got to go see all of this cool stuff.

Like what??
Like ... like, an ostrich farm!
You know, I think ostriches are evil though (aren't they)?

And they went to go see this waterfall. My parents think that I have seen this waterfall before so I have to remind them that I've only been to Oluta like two times. And I promise you that I've never been there. Not that I feel like I'm missing out or anything. I mean, once you seen one waterfall (or fifty, like I have), you've seen them all.
I'll admit that waterfalls make for pretty pictures though.

See the pretty bird in the tree??
And here's a picture that ... I have no clue what it is. But it looks so interesting that I just had to add it.

This is junk for sale on the side of the road. Cool, huh?

A truck filled with sugarcane. They make a lot of sugar in Veracruz, you see.

Bro. Gabriel and Sis. Miriam (the minister, and his wife, who accompanied my parents on their trip) have always talked so much about Veracruz, Veracruz (it's by the ocean) that they all decided to make a quick stop there before returning home.
My parents said that it was a very modern, rich-looking city. SIGH! God needs to send us to a cool place like that. LOL!

The whole city was filled with checkpoint after checkpoint (by the military).

They got to see the ocean (I was especially envious of this part, because I adore the ocean)!



And guess what?! They got to go to Ripley's "Believe It Or Not"!

My dad and Bro. Gabriel's heads in jars! Nice!

My dad got to meet President Obama (forizzle) ... well, at least the wax President Obama.  

And here's a random picture that I thought looked cool. Some ... store.

And here's a Toucan. Isn't he cute?

And a ... parrot.


Well, not quite.

Okay, yes it is.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Weirdest Thing Anyone Has Ever Told Me ...

Last night after church I went outside. Two of the girls were outside and I went to say "hi". One of them was wishing me a happy birthday and she gave me a giant hug. I was caught off guard. I mean, let me just put it plainly, the only girl at church who ever really talks to me is Lupita. The rest of them just shake my hand but that's about it.

The funny thing is that I used to be really good friends with almost all of them. And I was never really sure when that changed. But I won't get into all of that. LOL.

Anyways, I gave her a big hug back (which is a rare thing for me because ... I don't do hugs). I said, "Man, you haven't talked to me in FOREVER, I miss you!" And I started making a big show (I'm dramatic) about them always ignoring me! HEHEHE! So you know what they told me? It was the weirdest thing. They said, "You want to know why we don't really talk to you?" Me: "Yeah ..."
Them: "Because you're really spiritual."
I'll admit ... that completely shocked me. I even started laughing. Me, spiritual? I definitely don't see myself as spiritual. I mean, I try to live right and be a good example, but I've never really seen myself as being particularly spiritual.

I said, "ME?!" 
And I wanted to know how they came up with that.
They said, " 'Cause you're always praying and stuff."
I was like, "Oh."

I really didn't see that coming. I think everyone in my family would've laughed if they would've heard that.
But I'll admit, it did kind of make my head grow a bit larger. HAHA! I mean, it feels good to have someone think that you are a good person when you feel like such a failure. Don't you agree?

Anyways, the girls promised me that they would start talking to me again. YAY! I think 2012 just might be off to a better start. I mean, if I get all of my old friends back ... that would be cool. Because although I try to act as if it doesn't bother me that none of the girls will talk to me, it really does bother me. Why? Because I love having multiple friends.

I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out. Will we become friends again (not that we're enemies or anything), or will they continue excluding me because of my supposed ... spirituality?


P.S. Pray for our youth. :D

The Things My Brother And I Do

My brother and I have always had this thing going on called: competition.
It's been going on since the time we were kids. It was always who could spit the farthest, who could jump over the highest board, who could ride their bike longer with no handlebars, who could draw better (which, hands down, is my brother), etc, etc.

Well, tonight after church we got home. We ate sandwiches and then my mum and dad left to ... where ever they left to. So my brother and I sat around in the living room throwing the basketball back and forth. Before you know it my brother was like, "Let's see if you can kick the ball between my legs." Then we took turns kicking it.

After that it was, "Let's see who can kick it faster with their "big toe". Then, "Let's see who can make it go faster by punching it!"

Then we sat down on the ground, in front of the heater (because it was cold). I picked up the basketball and started bouncing it really low, and fast, near the ground. I did it for about ten seconds. Jacob said, "Wow! I didn't know that you could do it for that long."

So guess what?! It was competition time! He's like, "Let's time you!"  He pulls out his iPod and uses his stopwatch to time me. I got to 56 seconds and then my arm gave out (I have no muscle, you see). Well, of course, Jacob says that he can beat my time (which I didn't really doubt). So he starts bouncing it. But, lo and behold, he dropped it at exactly 56 seconds. We were tied.

Tie-breaker time!

I didn't want to do it again because my arm felt cramped. But Jacob insisted. So I started.

And I went on.

And on.

And on.

*My arm starts burning*

And on ...

And even longer ...


Still going ...

Still ...

*Profuse sweating*

Until I reached:
6 minutes and 26 seconds of continuously bouncing the basketball (low to the ground ... which is kinda hard to do).

Then it was Jacob's turn.
He was determined to beat me.

I started taunting him, trying to make him drop the ball.

He keeps going ...

His muscles start to cramp ...

He keeps bouncing ...

More ...

Still bouncing ...

*Dad walks out of office*

Me: "Dad! Watch out! Don't make him drop the ball!"

*Dad walks past Jacob*

*The ball falls to the ground and stops*

5 minutes and 42 seconds!


Okay, in his defense, my dad sort of distracted him (not intentionally), and that is why he dropped the ball (if he had not have dropped it he probably would've won).
But who cares! I still won!
*evil laughter*

Anyways, I need to go. I just had to write about this! :D


P.S. Tomorrow my parents are leaving to go on a trip to our "church" (we don't have a building yet) in Veracruz. So wish me luck ... 'cause I have to cook while they are gone. ARG! Not that I don't know how to cook. I just don't want to. LOL!  :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 21st Birthday ...

Yesterday was my birthday. I must admit that it turned out pretty good. Why? Because they had a party for me!
Okay, maybe it seems like I'm too old to be having parties anymore. But I really wanted one because ... I was turning twenty-one.

It's usually a yearly tradition where I get depressed on my birthday because I hate getting older and feeling like my life isn't going anywhere. It's like the years are flying by and leaving me behind. But I determined that I was not going to get depressed this year, no matter what!

My mum said, "You need a party since this is your 21st birthday!" I just said, "No one would come."
And I thought that was that.

We went to prayer last night and an awful lot of people seemed to know that it was my birthday (people who wouldn't normally know). Then I went over to Lucia and Miriam and said, "Wish me a happy birthday!" LOL! What can I say? I'm pathetic! And Lucia was asking me what we were going to do and telling me to invite them to my "pachanga". So I was making a BIG deal about how no one cares about my birthday and we were just going to go home and go to bed. But Lucia was over doing the sad part. And so I got rather suspicious. But I didn't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed.

But then after church we all went over to the taco shop, and there's balloons, and I see almost everyone from the church. I started pumping my fists in the air and dancing around in the car and singing, "Woohoo! I get a party! I get a party!"

I walked in the door. It took them a minute, but then they cut off the lights and played "Las Mananitas" mariachi style.
The cake. They even spelled my name right, thank goodness!

With Lucia ... the one who sorta gave the party away because she tries to act so normal that she acts suspicious.
With Miriam. 
Paula, Pascuala, David, and Saralet.
People standing around.

Sitting around.

Me, hiding in the corner, with Lupita, and Carlos.

Everyone brought food.


Araceli and Lorenzo. Aren't they cute? They like each other. I forsee a wedding ... in the next two years.

They made me get a knife ... they wanted me to cut the cake.

They sang me "Happy Birthday", during which I stood awkwardly, and then started acting silly so that I wouldn't look so awkward!

They wanted me to bite the cake. So I did, and amazingly no one shoved my head in it. Maybe they thought I'd get mad? Lupita was taking the pictures though ... and she cut off my head! LOL.

The type of cake that it was made it hard to bite and so I only got that little piece on my face.

That was pretty much the end. We passed out the cake. Ate the cake. And went home.
But it made me feel special that pretty much everybody would attend a party for me. I mean, I get the feeling that they think I'm weird. Like they just don't know what to think about me. My mum says it's probably because they think that I'm stuck up. But I'm totally NOT like that. If they got to know me they would realize that I am just shy and extremely self-conscious. Because the ones who have gotten to know me (like all of the people who have been in our church since the beginning), they know that I am not stuck up. And I must say ... they love me (I'm full of myself)! HAHA!
But, yeah, that's why I felt good.

I even got a few gifts!
If you can't tell what the yellow thing in the bag is, that's because it's a stuffed ... moon.

The Cartas gave me some beautiful flowers. Sis. Cartas had their little boy, Isaac, give them to me. And then he was supposed to give me a hug, but he got too shy. It was so cute.

And Lupita gave me this cool stuff. A chocolate flower that is too pretty to eat. A hair thingy. And a super cute wallet! I adore these gifts (Well, not really adore, that's just the word I use when I really like stuff).

All in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday.
Okay, I should shut up now. But I must say, even though the people in the church will never see my blog, I LOVE THEM ALL! They truly are like my family.