Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, Baby!

Well, 2012 is here, folks! I hope you all had a nice time Saturday night and didn't spend it in bed sleeping.

New Years' Eve started for my mum by making cookies.

Yum, Yum, Yum! Chocolate Chip Cookies are by far my favorite cookies!

Meanwhile, in another part of town ...

My dad was sent by my mum to go buy some fireworks. And this is what he brought back. It was all free though. See, the thing is that we know the right people. HAHA! So every year if we want firecrackers we can get them for free (although my dad tries to pay ... you know Mexicans, if they want you to have something they will get offended if you don't take it)!

My dad also brought back yummy tacos from one of the church people's taco shops. They make the BEST arrachera! :D

Of course, while my mum and I were waiting for my dad to get home we sat around ... doing granny stuff. I was crocheting and she was knitting (which is something that she just started learning).

After it got dark my brother started popping some of his firecrackers (I made him split them into two piles. One for him, and one for me. Because if not, he hogs them).
He got bored doing it by himself though and so he made me go out there with him.
He put the dogs in their cages so that they wouldn't get hurt (some of those firecrackers can be pretty dangerous).

Aw! Doesn't he look like a bear?

Jacob's pile.

Lighting one.

Lighing another ...

These things are like mini bombs. They are extremely loud and the shake the ground.

So Jacob had the grand idea to tape one to one of the fireworks that flew up in the air.
Here's the first one.

Well, he tried to light it and only succeeded in lighting the bomb one. So it blew up and ...
... busted the pipe.

We tried again. I lit the bomb one and he lit the other one. It worked. It flew waaaaaay up in the air and then BAM! It was pretty cool! :D

Then it was time for dangerous don't-try-this-at-home #2.
Jacob dug a hole and then put one of the little mini bomb (I call them that for lack of a better word) in it and then stuck this hoe thing over the hole:

He lit the bomb thing and I threw the hoe on top.
The explosion rocked the ground and sent the hoe about five feet into the air.
We were all excited. And so I said, "Let's put two bomb things in the hole." Jacob: "Are you nuts?!" Me: "C'mon!"

So we did. We lit them and ... RAN. We couldn't run that far though because our car was in the way. And so we're standing there waiting. BAM! One explodes. The hoe flies in the air! The second bomb thingy flies in the air also. Oops. It hadn't gone off yet. We cringed and covered our ears. BOOM! SMACK!

Jacob *weird look*: "A firecracker."
Me *fall to the ground*: "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!"
*Tears gather in my eyes*
Jacob thinks that I'm messing around.
Me: "OWWWW! My toe! My toe! My toe!"

See, what had happened was that at the exact moment that the mini bomb thingy went off something flew with great speed and hit my toe (it was flying like 50 miles an hour). And it hit my toe so hard that it nearly killed me. HEHEHE! Okay, well, it hurt really bad.

So there I was laying on the ground outside, clutching my booted foot, and nearly in tears from the intense throbbing in my toe. I made such a big ruckus that everyone came to see what had happened to me. And then my dad gave us a lecture on being careless. LOL.
While I was down with the hurt toe my brother put another one of those dangerous mini bombs inside of the hole and it blew the hoe over the top of the wall! HAHAHA! After that we decided that maybe, just maybe, it was too dangerous to be doing that.

I'm telling you though, those things should be against the law. I mean, someone could get a finger or two blown off by those things. But in Mexico they allow all of the dangerous fireworks.

When I was a kid (sorry, I just have to tell this story too) all of the kids used to do fireworks after church. One day I was with my friend, Tania, and we were outside with all of the boys. They started throwing the firecrackers at each other. And  they had ones similar to the "mini bomb" ones, except that they were smaller. And someone tossed one at me and Tania so we scrambled out of the way, over to this ledge that was beside us.

Next thing I know: BOOM! And my hand feels like it was blown off! It went all numb. There had been a firecracker on the ledge and my hand had been right over it. It hurt so bad that I staggered backwards ... into a rose bush that had a million thorns. Needless to say, I went inside with a blown up hand and bloody legs! HAHAHA! Man, I do have bad luck! :D

Anyways, back to New Years' Eve ...

12:00 a.m.
At twelve o'clock sharp all of Mexico comes alive. It sounds like bombs going off all over the city. And the air gets really smoky from the fireworks. If you go outside you can see a show of fireworks. But it's more fun to have your own.

Everything gets loud and all of the dogs start barking and the animals that are around, like the ...
llama next door, get scared.

These poor animals were all feeling anxious.

And a so-called "miniature bull".

I felt bad for them. They were running around like they thought that catastrophe was upon them.

(See what I did there? I subtly mentioned the new animals that are next door at the car lot without making a whole post about them ... ;)

It was time to pop our good fireworks:

I'd say that we ended 2011 with a literal BANG!

It was pretty cool! But then my dad made us sweep the sidewalk outside and clean up everything before we could go to bed.  ARG!

I must say, all in all, this was a fairly good end to a year. And 2011 will most likely not be missed. But I still can't believe that we are now in the year 2012. I guess we'll see if the Mayans were right and the world ends (jk jk).

NO, I am not going to make a New Years' resolution. Why? Because I never complete them. Like last at the beginning of 2011, I said that I was going to lose 30 lbs. As we can see ... I didn't. In fact, I didn't even try to. SEE! So I decided that I wouldn't waste my breath doing such a thing this year! Because although there are many things I wish I could change like: My personality, my spirituality, my weight, my ... everything! I know that I can do it with or without a resolution. And I know that just because I make a resolution doesn't mean that I will do something. Get it?!

Okay, I gotta go for now!
HAPPY NEW YEARS to all of you! I wish you all the best! May your dreams for this year come true. May all of you who want to lose weight, lose it. For all of you who want to find their soul-mate (if there is such a thing), may you find him/her. For all of you who want to win more souls to God, may you win them. And etc. etc. etc.
God Bless!

P.S. Here's a peek at what we were doing the night before (mostly for show ... so we could take pictures! I know, we're pathetic!).


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Ohhhh...we love those little black bombs. It's crazy how loud they are!


Kristen said...

1. MMMMM arrachera!
2. I find it really hilarious that mom is knitting. I guess she has received more patience. :D
3. The dogs look really sad in their cages.
4. He really does look like bear!
5. Y'all do dangerous things with those firecrackers! My theory is, is that they're just like guns. If used improperly they are dangerous! :D
6. That llama is cute! I can't believe the animals they have over there!
7. Your firework pictures are awesome!
8. Ya they looked posed. hehe j/k

Dacia Loa said...

@Bethany, Yeah, they are pretty cool ... just a bit dangerous though. :D

Dacia Loa said...

1. Psshhh ... WHATEVER! THose photos were not posed. We were actually punching the bag! And now Jacob is trying to teach me how to box ... although I can barely go for like one minute and I'm out of breath!
2. HeHeHeHe! I can't believe mom is knitting either! It's quite hilarious! MY mom KNITTInG! HAHAHA!
3. I think all of those animals are cute too, but we can't open the windows anymore for fresh air because thousands of flies will come in.
4. Those pictures of the fireworks are actually stilled frames from a video clip mum took. I remembered what you told me one time: "The best pictures come from video clips." :D

Nicole Wakefield said...

Okay I'm lame I know it! I'm very late on wishing you guys a happy new year.... Buuuut who cares hahaha. So happy new year! :)
I loved this post... and those little black bombs! That all sound like something me, my dad, and Beth would do! :))))
Oh and I absolutely adore that llama! Haha :)

Kristen said...

:D no wonder they are so awesome! Information from me :D hehe j/k

Dacia Loa said...

@Nicole! Guess I'm even more lame ... I didn't even wish you guys a happy new years at all! HAHAHA! :P

Dacia Loa said...

@Kris ... fo' sho! :P