Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Told You They Were Real ...

Tonight, driving home from church, we saw a UFO!

See that! I told you aliens existed!

Okay, I'm only kidding! I actually thought it was a hot air balloon. Because there used to be a time when you would see them at night here. But then my brother said, "Hot air balloons don't move that fast."
Me: "Yes, they do."
Jacob: "Dacia, no they can't."

I looked out the window again and realized ... oh, he was right, it was moving pretty fast.

But if it wasn't a hot air balloon what could it be? I mean, it had an orange glow which would mean fire.
So apparently (I googled it ... my solution to everything) there are the things called, Chinese Lanterns, and they are basically some sort of small balloon filled with fire. They are put into the sky at events such as weddings. And they are quite often mistaken for alien UFO's because most people have never seen them before.

Oh well, there goes my UFO story down the drain since we have most likely identified the strange fiery object floating through the sky.

He! He! He!


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