Friday, January 6, 2012

In The Dark ...

It's that time again for another ... RANT! :D

In Mexico things always go wrong. And it's said that it doesn't matter where you live at you're always going to have problems with one of these two things: 1. Water. 2. Electricity.

My brother, mum, and I decided to vote on with which we would rather have problems.
Jacob: Electricity.
Mum: Electricity.
Me: Water.
We were having this debate because we arrived home after prayer the other night and this is what the electricty was like:

Then something very funny happened. Jacob goes to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and says, "Uh oh! We're out of water."
So then I had to laugh and say: "See, without electricity you can't turn on the pump." Which means that you are out of both electricity AND water.
Jacob and I were so bored with the lights that low. Because we couldn't plug anything in because not only was there not enough electricity to make anything work, but you also have to be aware of power surges (we've had many things "fried" because of power surges).
So you know what we did? We actually pulled out some real games and played them!
Que milagro (what a miracle)!

We needed some light, of course, so we decided to light some little candles.
As you can see they didn't yield much light.
We situated them around our game though and that seemed to work okay.

First we played our favorite game ... Guess Who! HAHAHA!
It's such a kid's game. But we love it because it is so quick.

Then we got out our OLD GameBoys and decided to play this Mario game together.
After awhile we were like, "What are we doing?!"
We forgot that we could play the same game on our DS' and without having to hook them together with some sort of cord thing.
With the DS (yeah, we have the old DS') you can play games together without the special cord.

It was rather weird playing our DS games together. Because Jacob NEVER plays his anymore. To him they are junk because they have, quote, "bad graphics". I, on the other hand, love (okay, not love ... but you know what I mean) my DS and I still buy games whenever I get a chance (which is hardly ever because in Mexico the games are triple the price that they are in the U.S.).

After all of that we decided to play ... Chess. That's another of our favorite games. For as long as I can remember we have played this game. It makes me feel nerdy. But Jacob says that all kinds of people play it ... like Mafia people. *raise eyebrow* *shrug* Okay, I think he was trying to make me see that it's not only nerds who play chess.
The problem with Chess is that Jacob always beats me.
Although I must say that it wasn't fair because at one point I confidently moved a piece somewhere else and said, "You can't eat my king so I'll move here." Turned out that he could eat that piece because it was, in fact, my queen, not my king. I thought that it was unfair because he should've been honest and said, "That's your queen, not your king." But noooooo.

And then at another point he moved his bishop and I exlaimed, "Aha! You just cleared the way for me to eat him (a pawn)!" Jacob looked at me weird. That's when I realized that he had just cleared the way for me to eat ... my own pawn! HEHEHE! So then I died laughing because I felt ... blonde. :P

Then we played Life like a million times. During which we had another laughing fit because we come to the part where it says: Get Married. And I hear Jacob ask, "Can I have two lives?" And I, trying to be a witty jokester, said, "Cats have nine." And then Jacob starts laughing so hard that I'm like, "WHAT?!" Jacob: "I said, can I have two wives." Me: "Oooooh." I suppose that did make more sense. I blame it on my bad hearing. I really do have bad hearing. Seriously, I get so embarrassed when I am with people who like to whisper because I can never understand a single thing they are saying. And then they ask a question and I have to ask them to repeat it about fifty times. Oh, the embarrassment. Okay, I usually just say, "You know, I'm sorry, but I've got bad hearing ..." After that they usually raise their voice.

Electricity, which causes us to go without water, causes things like this to happen:
Everyone gathered around the cistern. Why? Because my ferret needed water and so my brother went outside to the cistern to go get him some ... and dropped his water bottle in the cistern. See, if we had electricity that would NOT have happened. :D

They were trying to fish it out with a broom and a ... bucket, I think.

Sadly, this is what has been going on for the past few days. Low, or no, electricity.

So what's my rant? Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me. I kind of forgot that I was supposed to be ranting.

My rant ...
Why can't Mexico fix their electricity problems? When a colony starts having trouble with it the electric company NEVER even comes out to try to fix it. They never even bother with it. In fact, the neighborhood men, who are inexperienced, get out there and try to fix it themselves ... which  makes it worse.

Yeah, maybe we don't all pay for electricity, but is that any reason to NOT fix it?
I mean, what's worse than getting home in the dark and your lights are so low that you might as well not have them on? You have to stumble around in the blackness until you can try to find a flashlight (which we only have two, mine and my dad's ... but mine never has batteries). Then after you find a flashlight you have to walk around the house unplugging all of the household appliances. So you unplug the refrigerator and sigh because you just went grocery shopping yesterday and now everything in there is going to go bad.  And does the electric company care?! NO! What do they do about it?! NOTHING!
 Let's all protest (I've always wanted to join a protest)! :D

Okay, end of rant. And you know what? I think I just figured out what my calling is. I want to be one of those people that talk on the radio. Like those men ... what are they called? The ones who rant about everything! Umm, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage ... yeah, yeah, the radio talk show guys.
  Some of those talk shows rub me the wrong way. But out of the few times that I've actually heard them sometimes I find myself nodding and clapping, and like, "Woohoo! You go, man!"   :D
I mean, you gotta admit, it's FUN to rant!

Although I heard one man one time who made me want to punch him in the face. One time we were driving through Austin, on the way back to Mexico, and my dad turns on the radio to try to find one of the talk shows about politics. And he stops on this one where this guy was talking about the upcoming 2008 presidential election. And you know what that man was saying? He said, "So many people are worried about Jesus coming back, but, frankly, I hope Jesus does come back before the election. Because then we'll have all of them Christian voters out of our way and we might just get the right person elected."

When I heard that I wanted to jump through the radio, into his studio, and punch his teeth out. He obviously didn't know what he was saying. It seems quite foolish to me to mock like that. He was obviously some dumb liberal (ahem ... sorry).  :D

Okay, I should quit ranting about ranters (if that's a word) ... or I might offend someone. LOL. Man, I get completely off subject.

Anyways, I just thought I'd post before our electricity goes wacky again and I'm unable to use my computer.
And, no, I'm not really feeling angry or anything. I just love ranting. So don't get all, "You should be thankful for what you do have ...".  I am thankful. I know that there are people in much worse situations than me. But think about it ... if you grow up accustomed to electricity and water, of course, you're going ot be frustrated when it's gone for several days. That's not saying that you're not thankful for what you do have. It's just saying that at the moment you are annoyed at your electricity being out and NOT thinking about the poor people in ... Ecuador who don't have electricity (although I'm sure they probably do have electricity in Ecuador). See what I mean? It happens to everyone!  :P

Okay, okay, I should probably really stop writing before I really offend someone. HAHAHAHA!


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