Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 21st Birthday ...

Yesterday was my birthday. I must admit that it turned out pretty good. Why? Because they had a party for me!
Okay, maybe it seems like I'm too old to be having parties anymore. But I really wanted one because ... I was turning twenty-one.

It's usually a yearly tradition where I get depressed on my birthday because I hate getting older and feeling like my life isn't going anywhere. It's like the years are flying by and leaving me behind. But I determined that I was not going to get depressed this year, no matter what!

My mum said, "You need a party since this is your 21st birthday!" I just said, "No one would come."
And I thought that was that.

We went to prayer last night and an awful lot of people seemed to know that it was my birthday (people who wouldn't normally know). Then I went over to Lucia and Miriam and said, "Wish me a happy birthday!" LOL! What can I say? I'm pathetic! And Lucia was asking me what we were going to do and telling me to invite them to my "pachanga". So I was making a BIG deal about how no one cares about my birthday and we were just going to go home and go to bed. But Lucia was over doing the sad part. And so I got rather suspicious. But I didn't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed.

But then after church we all went over to the taco shop, and there's balloons, and I see almost everyone from the church. I started pumping my fists in the air and dancing around in the car and singing, "Woohoo! I get a party! I get a party!"

I walked in the door. It took them a minute, but then they cut off the lights and played "Las Mananitas" mariachi style.
The cake. They even spelled my name right, thank goodness!

With Lucia ... the one who sorta gave the party away because she tries to act so normal that she acts suspicious.
With Miriam. 
Paula, Pascuala, David, and Saralet.
People standing around.

Sitting around.

Me, hiding in the corner, with Lupita, and Carlos.

Everyone brought food.


Araceli and Lorenzo. Aren't they cute? They like each other. I forsee a wedding ... in the next two years.

They made me get a knife ... they wanted me to cut the cake.

They sang me "Happy Birthday", during which I stood awkwardly, and then started acting silly so that I wouldn't look so awkward!

They wanted me to bite the cake. So I did, and amazingly no one shoved my head in it. Maybe they thought I'd get mad? Lupita was taking the pictures though ... and she cut off my head! LOL.

The type of cake that it was made it hard to bite and so I only got that little piece on my face.

That was pretty much the end. We passed out the cake. Ate the cake. And went home.
But it made me feel special that pretty much everybody would attend a party for me. I mean, I get the feeling that they think I'm weird. Like they just don't know what to think about me. My mum says it's probably because they think that I'm stuck up. But I'm totally NOT like that. If they got to know me they would realize that I am just shy and extremely self-conscious. Because the ones who have gotten to know me (like all of the people who have been in our church since the beginning), they know that I am not stuck up. And I must say ... they love me (I'm full of myself)! HAHA!
But, yeah, that's why I felt good.

I even got a few gifts!
If you can't tell what the yellow thing in the bag is, that's because it's a stuffed ... moon.

The Cartas gave me some beautiful flowers. Sis. Cartas had their little boy, Isaac, give them to me. And then he was supposed to give me a hug, but he got too shy. It was so cute.

And Lupita gave me this cool stuff. A chocolate flower that is too pretty to eat. A hair thingy. And a super cute wallet! I adore these gifts (Well, not really adore, that's just the word I use when I really like stuff).

All in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday.
Okay, I should shut up now. But I must say, even though the people in the church will never see my blog, I LOVE THEM ALL! They truly are like my family.


Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday Dacia!!! Sorry I don't check blogs that often.. anyways looks like you had a blast!

Dacia Loa said...

Thank you, Danae!!!
Sorry that I took so long to respond! I just forgot that you had commented! LOL! :D