Monday, January 23, 2012

My Parent's Trip To Veracruz

As I mentioned, my parents made a little trip to our work down in Veracruz. It was just a short trip and I really don't know much about it ('cause I didn't ask), but if you want to read more about it you can go here: Burden Ministries of Mexico

Here's some pictures though.

Visiting with the people.

Still visiting! :D

Setting up the equiptment to have church.

Missionary Loa praying.

Sis. Mum Loa on the keyboard.


Some cute little girls ... looking in the window.



Everyone eager to hear the Word (I hope).   :D

Now for some interesting pictures.

This time around both my dad and mum went to Veracruz and took one of the minister's from church, and his wife, with them. And they left Jacob and I at home (with no way to get to church ... so it was a pretty boring week).
This time they got to go see all of this cool stuff.

Like what??
Like ... like, an ostrich farm!
You know, I think ostriches are evil though (aren't they)?

And they went to go see this waterfall. My parents think that I have seen this waterfall before so I have to remind them that I've only been to Oluta like two times. And I promise you that I've never been there. Not that I feel like I'm missing out or anything. I mean, once you seen one waterfall (or fifty, like I have), you've seen them all.
I'll admit that waterfalls make for pretty pictures though.

See the pretty bird in the tree??
And here's a picture that ... I have no clue what it is. But it looks so interesting that I just had to add it.

This is junk for sale on the side of the road. Cool, huh?

A truck filled with sugarcane. They make a lot of sugar in Veracruz, you see.

Bro. Gabriel and Sis. Miriam (the minister, and his wife, who accompanied my parents on their trip) have always talked so much about Veracruz, Veracruz (it's by the ocean) that they all decided to make a quick stop there before returning home.
My parents said that it was a very modern, rich-looking city. SIGH! God needs to send us to a cool place like that. LOL!

The whole city was filled with checkpoint after checkpoint (by the military).

They got to see the ocean (I was especially envious of this part, because I adore the ocean)!



And guess what?! They got to go to Ripley's "Believe It Or Not"!

My dad and Bro. Gabriel's heads in jars! Nice!

My dad got to meet President Obama (forizzle) ... well, at least the wax President Obama.  

And here's a random picture that I thought looked cool. Some ... store.

And here's a Toucan. Isn't he cute?

And a ... parrot.


Well, not quite.

Okay, yes it is.


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Kristen said...

50? Don't you mean more like 100! Aww pretty toucan! :) MMMMMMMMmmm love sugarcane. I haven't had any in a long time!