Monday, January 16, 2012

The Things My Brother And I Do

My brother and I have always had this thing going on called: competition.
It's been going on since the time we were kids. It was always who could spit the farthest, who could jump over the highest board, who could ride their bike longer with no handlebars, who could draw better (which, hands down, is my brother), etc, etc.

Well, tonight after church we got home. We ate sandwiches and then my mum and dad left to ... where ever they left to. So my brother and I sat around in the living room throwing the basketball back and forth. Before you know it my brother was like, "Let's see if you can kick the ball between my legs." Then we took turns kicking it.

After that it was, "Let's see who can kick it faster with their "big toe". Then, "Let's see who can make it go faster by punching it!"

Then we sat down on the ground, in front of the heater (because it was cold). I picked up the basketball and started bouncing it really low, and fast, near the ground. I did it for about ten seconds. Jacob said, "Wow! I didn't know that you could do it for that long."

So guess what?! It was competition time! He's like, "Let's time you!"  He pulls out his iPod and uses his stopwatch to time me. I got to 56 seconds and then my arm gave out (I have no muscle, you see). Well, of course, Jacob says that he can beat my time (which I didn't really doubt). So he starts bouncing it. But, lo and behold, he dropped it at exactly 56 seconds. We were tied.

Tie-breaker time!

I didn't want to do it again because my arm felt cramped. But Jacob insisted. So I started.

And I went on.

And on.

And on.

*My arm starts burning*

And on ...

And even longer ...


Still going ...

Still ...

*Profuse sweating*

Until I reached:
6 minutes and 26 seconds of continuously bouncing the basketball (low to the ground ... which is kinda hard to do).

Then it was Jacob's turn.
He was determined to beat me.

I started taunting him, trying to make him drop the ball.

He keeps going ...

His muscles start to cramp ...

He keeps bouncing ...

More ...

Still bouncing ...

*Dad walks out of office*

Me: "Dad! Watch out! Don't make him drop the ball!"

*Dad walks past Jacob*

*The ball falls to the ground and stops*

5 minutes and 42 seconds!


Okay, in his defense, my dad sort of distracted him (not intentionally), and that is why he dropped the ball (if he had not have dropped it he probably would've won).
But who cares! I still won!
*evil laughter*

Anyways, I need to go. I just had to write about this! :D


P.S. Tomorrow my parents are leaving to go on a trip to our "church" (we don't have a building yet) in Veracruz. So wish me luck ... 'cause I have to cook while they are gone. ARG! Not that I don't know how to cook. I just don't want to. LOL!  :D

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