Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Climbed Over A Tall Gate? Check.

Oh my! I just remembered something! Yesterday my dream came true!

Some guys from church came over to play basketball. And as always I tagged along with them. We went to go get coffee from Starbucks (which is probably why I really went along).

I just love this picture that I snapped:
"I'm going to eat your brains!"
And all of the guys looking up ... What? Is there an alien UFO in the air?

Of course, I didn't play. I stood on the sideline drinking my Starbucks! Of course, it annoys the guys that I won't play basketball. I always have like a million excuses as to why I can't play. Sorry, the truth is that I just hate sports! LOL!

So what was the dream that came true??
WEEELLLL ... we finally got locked in the park again (I've been waiting forever to have that happen again). 

The park man kept coming around telling everyone to leave 'cause the park was closing. Jacob and the guys were still in the middle of playing a game of basketball with some other guys. And, well, the people around here don't really seem to care if something's closing or not, they won't leave. So I just sat there on the bench waiting on the guys.

Well, true to his word the park man closed the gate. There were a lot of people locked inside (like a lady who had on headphones and didn't hear him telling her to leave). I don't think the guys even realized that the park had closed. They acted all surprised. They're like, "Well, we'll have to jump the fence!"  Me: "YES!"
*pump fist in air*

Parks in Mexico are surrounded by either fences or concrete walls. The one here has barbed wire all over the top. But the gate (which is really tall) doesn't have barbed wire, so that is where we all went to jump out. I stood around and let all of the guys jump over first. There were all these guys from the neighborhood there and they all stood there waiting for me to jump over. I'm like, "Jacob, can't you tell them to leave?" I mean, I have a skirt and let's just say ... EMBARRASSING. Plus, there was like high winds and I had on a really wide skirt. Not a good combination.

I stood there for a few minutes waiting for all those guys to leave, but they wouldn't. And then they're all trying to show me how to jump over (like I don't know how to or something). PULEEZE! Finally I just jumped up, praying that my skirt wouldn't blow up over my head. I was trying to be as modest as I could.  

I got to the top of the gate. I looked down. *Gulp* 
BIG MISTAKE. Suddenly, I was scared. I couldn't get down. All of the guys were shouting up suggestions. "Do this!" "Do that!" "Just let yourself slide down." "Just put your legs like this!"
I wanted to yell, "Shut up already! I know what I'm doing! ... I'm just terrified of heights!"

Maybe one of these days I will learn to quit climbing up onto places that I can't get down from. 
I mean, obviously I ended getting down, but that was only because I didn't want to get called names for being a chicken. I mean, I have a reputation to uphold. LOL! So I just closed my eyes and ... somehow found my way back on the ground!

Anyways, I gotta go!

Dacia Adventure Loa

You know, my arms are so sore (I can barely move them) even though I didn't even play basketball. I guess my arms just get sore from watching other people play!!!!

P.P.S. And it just dawned on me why my arms are sore. Why? 'Cause my brother was making me throw a bag of sugar in the air (over and over and over). Another thing I need to learn ... how to quit doing dumb stuff that my bro tells me to do!!! He! He!!


Ash said...

Hahaha! You had me laughing on the bag of sugar! LoL

Rachel said...

I can just picture you taking a flying leap over that gate!! Lol!