Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've Been M.I.A. Because ...

Here is my explanation:

We started having some crazy weather. 
My brother gets home from working (with some men from our church) and says, "You're never going to believe this!"
He pulled out his iPod and showed me some pictures.

A tornado!!! 

See, this is a really BIG deal because we don't have tornadoes in Toluca! 
My family and I were just debating about this the other day. We were giving our opinions as to why they do not happen here. And then a few days later my brother sees one and gets a picture!! LOL!
Now I am all freaked out because tornadoes scare me to death!

Anyways, so we were sitting at home during the storm and lightning decided to strike our house! We hear this loud cracking noise, as if all of the light bulbs in our house had just exploded. 
The lights went out (and stayed out for quite some time). After they came back on we ran around checking everything out to see if anything had been burned up. Fortunately, everything was fine ... except for our internet! LOL. It burned up the internet box! So we were without internet for a few days until my dad could go get a new box. 

And to top it all off we had an earthquake today!!
Mother Nature has sure been busy this week!!!

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