Friday, March 16, 2012

... Then I Went To Puebla (Pt.1)

My dad and Bro. Wakefield were going to take a trip to Veracruz the next day. So Bethany invited me to her house (since they would have to pass through Puebla to get to Veracruz). I was all like, "Ahh, I'll have to think about it." Hehe. It's just that I NEVER stay at anyone's house.

I ended up deciding to go.

Monday morning we left. Bethany was all excited, as was I. She was coming up with all of these ideas of things that we were going to do once we got to Puebla.

We started our trip through Mexico City.
There are lots of BIG buildings (technically these buildings are in Santa Fe, but I count it as part of Mexico City).


A cute hotel that I always want to take a picture of but never had, until now. :D

We had completely passed through the nice part of Mexico City and that's when it happenned. 
The van broke down! 

We were on the highway and it just cut off. So we had to exit the highway. The men had to get out and push the van. No one wanted to stop and let us through and so my dad had to jump out in front of all of the speeding traffic and force them to stop (I was amazed that they didn't just run him over ... he he). 

After a few minutes the van came back on and we started back down the highway.
My dad then began telling Bro.Wakefield stories about all the times strange things have happened that made him have to stop for a few minutes. After he would get back on the road a few miles up the road there would be terrible wrecks (which this is true because I was in the car when it happened).

My dad: "Maybe God's just keeping us from a wreck."
*The van cuts off again*
Bro. Wakefield: "Well, Brother, He must be keeping us from a lot of wrecks!"

This time they decided to find a mechanic. And they had to push the van there!

My dad about had an asthma attack after all of that pushing (of course, he told me not to blog about this, but ... why not?). 

The mechanic "shop" was in a ghetto neighborhood. Even the Mormon church (the building in the background there) looked rather ghetto! Of course, I've been in Mexico for so long now that "ghetto-ness" doesn't scare me. You just have to watch out that no one swipes anything from your vehicle. LOL. 

Bro. Wakefield and Bro. Loa talking to the mechanic men. 

Sis. Wakefield decided to sit down. 

Graffiti on the wall!

While they were fixing the van us ladies went "looking around".
We had broken down right across from a Metro station. 

Alas, we did not get on though. My dad hates the Metro, and no one else wanted to get on either. :D

Finally, after about ten hours (okay, it was actually like three hours) they got the van fixed. The fuel pump had gone out and so they had to go buy a new one somewhere. SIGH! 

We did finally get to Puebla though. It's amazing that Puebla is really not that far from us at all yet it always seems to take ages to get there because something always goes wrong. 

To Be Continued ...

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