Tuesday, March 20, 2012

... Then I Went To Puebla (Pt.2)

Sorry for just barely getting around to posting part two of my trip to Puebla, but I have a good reason that you can read about in my post after this one.

To start off where I finished my last post, I had agreed to go stay with Bethany in Puebla for a few days. She  claimed that we would have a LOT of fun. And guess what?! We did!

She took me to this lake right by her house where they had boats.
We got into a paddle boat and ... paddled around.

All of the ducks saw that we had food and they came over to pig out.

 We also got on a row boat. I made Bethany do all of the rowing. LOL.

And I just sat there enjoying the scenery and the cute little ducks.

Awww ... isn't he cute!

And there were so many baby ducks out there too.

And mother ducks sitting on eggs.

Then Bethany, who likes gross adventures, sees an egg floating in the water. She says, "Pick it up!"
I hesitated, thinking, "Gross", but decided to do as she said.
We put it in the boat. We decided to take it to her house to look inside. So we hid it inside of some bags that we had (because I am sure the park people wouldn't like us to take an egg from their precious park, albeit it was obviously "rotten").

We got to Bethany's house and she opened it up.

A putrid odor struck our nostrils.

Inside was this little dead, baby goose! See his beak??
It was so sad! 

Bethany also took me downtown. Man, I am so jealous of their downtown. It is so much cooler than ours.

 We went inside the Cathedral where they were having Mass. I had never been to a Mass before (except at a wedding and a funeral) so we decided to stay.
The priest man got up there and he actually started (kind of) preaching. I didn't know they did such things at Catholic churches. 

 I was a bit distracted by the chandeliers though and didn't hear too much of it.
Then the pipe organ started playing and the people started singing this really gloomy, religious sounding song.
I'll admit that at this point I started getting teary-eyed. There are so many people in Mexico who go to Mass. There is no presence of God there. It is empty. And if the service feels empty surely their hearts feel empty?

The priest giving them the wafers.

After it ended we began to walk out. My heart felt heavy. And I saw this man sitting near the back of the church. He was staring into space. And he just looked ... lost. God, help us to find those people and show them the truth!

We walked around some more.


Bethany introduced me to this drink called Horchata. She was surprised that I have lived in Mexico for so long and had never even heard of it before. Hey, I'm just picky and don't like to try stuff that sounds gross ... like Horchata. Horchata does not sound appealing. But amazingly it was! In fact, I am now looking for it in Toluca (and have already bought some)! Yum! Yum!

Anyways, we stayed downtown all day and had some really cool experiences. I am really glad that I got to go to Puebla. I mean, the truth is that I don't ever ever ever go to people's houses. I never really hang out with people either (I'm a bit of a recluse, hermit, homebody, etc.). And so that was a bit of a new experience for me altogether. 

THANK YOU, Bethany for making me try Horchata!! HE! HE! HE!

Anyways, my dad got back from Veracruz, he preached at the Wakefields' church (I forgot to take my camera though), and then the next day we loaded up to come back home to Toluca.

On our trip home I took one last picture:
I just had to take this picture. We saw them and I was like, "Poor piggies!"
My dad turns to Bro. Marcelo (a minister from our church who had gone with my dad to Veracruz) and says, "Poor pigs! They don't know that they're being taken to be slaughtered."
And Bro Marcelo responds with: "It's just like the people of this world, right, Pastor?"
I was sitting in the back of the van and I started snickering. Preachers, ministers! Their eyes see everything as analogies having to do with souls!

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