Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two More ...

I have been in a VERY lazy mood lately. I haven't felt like blogging at all.
This is really too bad. I mean, it's taken me a whole week to report that ... we had TWO more people receive the Holy Ghost (last Sunday)!!!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of either one of the people who received it. I mean, no one announced that they had received the Holy Ghost until after church.

One of the people who received the Holy Ghost is one of the guys who used to be part of our youth (until he got married a couple of weeks ago).
I found this picture, but you can't really see him.
Marco Antonio (from Ixtlahauca).

And the other person is a lady who has been coming (on and off) for the past ten years. Sara. So we are glad that she finally received it!

Thank God for what He is doing here in Toluca! 
Make sure and send up some prayers for our church here!


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