Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six Flags

I have been wanting to go to Six Flags (in Mexico City) for like ... FOREVER! 
A few of the kids in our church would start planning it but the idea never came to fruition.
So, I decided to take matters into my own hands! I told all of the youth that we were going. I told them the date. And then told everyone that they were all invited but that I was not going to change the date for anyone. I said, "Those who can come up with the money, fine. But if you don't have the money ... we aren't waiting around on you!"

I'll admit that it was a bit rude to put it like that, but in our church you have to be like that or nothing will ever happen. 

Amazingly, several of them actually did go. I guess my approach to it was good after all. Of course, I have to give credit to one of the guys, Gamaliel, for helping me plan how to get us all there.

Lorenzo, Aglahe, Cynthia, and Lezli.

(While looking at these picture bear in mind that a couple of the guys aren't actually part of our church anymore, and a few of the kids just started coming to church again).

Carlos, David, and Alex.

Susana and I.

All of us after riding a water ride ... where we got SOAKED!

Armando playing one of those dumb games that are a rip off because no one ever actually wins them (do they?).

Batman was at Six Flags!! I KNEW that he was real!!!

Carlos ... he actually won a few things at those games that I just called dumb! o_O

The haunted house ... which was closed. 

The carousel. I wanted to get on SO bad, but I ended up running off to go see something else. 

They had a dolphin show. It was pretty cool! All of the kids were really impressed. I guess they had never seen such a thing! LOL!

Jacob and Gama.

While we were standing in line for a roller-coaster we came upon this tree full of gum! Of course, we added our gum to it! He, he, he!

I think most of us were worn out by the time we were heading back to Toluca. A bunch of us were snoozing. But then Lorenzo (the dude with his hand raised) decided to lead some of the kids in singing some church songs. I decided to open my eyes long enough to take a picture of them (and caught Jacob with a weird look on his face)! LOL!

Anyway, it was fun! But one thing that was really unfair about the whole thing was that I was the ONLY person who got sunburned. UGH!



MezDaisy said...

Hey Dacia I saw ur plea for a comment LoL, I did not know there was a six flags in MX! Well glad u had a great time, hopefully to see ya'll soon in MX again

MezDaisy said...

Hey Dacia, here goes a comment, lol, Glad that the youth group is getting bigger and that ya'll finally went to six flags :)

Dacia Loa said...

Thanks for the comments Daisy!! I hadn't been on my blog in awhile because we were in the US! I wasn't purposely ignoring you!! :D