Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Youth Meeting

Saturday there was a youth meeting in Mexico City at Bro. Ervin's church.
My dad decided to try to take all of youth (the two churches from Puebla also attended).

Everyone got to the meeting place (to get a ride on the church van) bright and early.
I even arrived with a smile on my face, even though I had only slept two hours the night before (talk about being sleepy)!
Hanging around waiting for a few of the kids who were running late!

The guys huddles around.

We all loaded up in the church van, and in Bro. Gabriel's Suburban, and headed out to Mexico City.
All of the kids got to have fun chatting in the van on the way over there. I had to sit up front with my dad though. So I was pretty much talking boring conversation with him. LOL.
In  the van.

Then we got lost because the directions we had ... well, they didn't help us! And so we had to stop on the side of the road and call for help. That's when I saw this poor dead doggy on the highway.  :(

We finally got there (like, we were late).
As we walked through the street there were people laughing at us because we looked "funny". They were cracking jokes about our clothing. LOL.

In the service!

Lorenzo was picked out from our youth to testify! He did a good job! I felt proud that we have some good youth!

Abner (from Elder Wakefield's church) preached on having the fire of God in our hearts.
He did such a good job! All of our youth were so surprised that a young guy could preach that good. In fact ... it led them all to repentance! 

Even Karla and Susana were repenting! HAHA!! And one of our more "stone-hearted" guys even broke down into tears! It was pretty amazing!

Of course, afterwards the girls wanted to know how old Abner was because they thought he was cute. I was like, "Sorry, girls, he WAY younger than all of you (since most of them are in their late teens and hitting their twenties now)!!!"

After the first service ended we were given a fifteen minute break. But none of our youth had eaten yet and so my dad went and complained (HAHA)! They changed it to an hour long break. So we stepped outside to go eat at the market that was set up right outside the door of the church. 
We found a place that sold "huaraches" (which means sandals).
They were full of grease, but we had to eat them because  ... there really aren't many safe options in a market.

Sis. Miriam and Gabriela eating their huaraches.

Pastor Loa eating his huarache. Notice the little stool he is sitting on. That is real Mexican, market style eating there!

ME!!! All of the kids were making fun of me because I didn't know how to eat a huarache, and also because they thought I looked so out of place eating there in the market.  
*rolling eyes*

I tried to take pictures of the meats in the market.

We went back to the church.
Bro. Mario preached. He did a good job preaching about ... clay. 
Okay, I'll admit, after having only slept two hours the night before, plus having just eaten, plus the heat ... I was sorta almost falling asleep. Of course, it had nothing to do with Bro. Mario's preaching because it was really good! And I kept waiting for him to drop the clay cup on the ground to break it, but he never did ... that is, until my eyes were almost shut and then: CRASH! I almost jumped ten miles into the air! :D

People at the altar praying!

After that service we all decided to go outside for some fresh air. Strike that, the air was actually suffocating. All of those tarps over the market did a good job of keeping fresh air from reaching our lungs! I think the walking around woke me up though because I was awake during the last service.
My dad got up to testify, or whatever you call it. 

After that Elder Wakefield got up to preach about having a different spirit.

Then the whole day was over!

Bethany and me took a picture together. I know Nicole was around, but I didn't even get a picture with her. o_O

The Toluca youth group.

Some of us with some of the other youth in attendance.

Back in the van with all of the crazy kids. They were cracking jokes the entire way back to Toluca.

They also decided to do a Q&A with El Pastor about: "Is It Wrong To Do This/That?"
One of the guys started it by asking my dad if it was wrong to do a certain thing. My dad, who is behind on the things kids do nowadays, had no idea what he was talking about. I had to explain it to my dad. And then my dad responds with, "Armando, do you have the Holy Ghost?"
Armando: "Yes, Pastor."
My dad: "Then what does the Holy Ghost tell you?"
Armando: "It's wrong!"
AHAHAHA! So if he knew the answer why did he ask in the first place???

As soon as we got back in Toluca (amazingly, it only took us 45 minutes) some of us went to eat.
One side of the young people's table ...

... the other side of the table.

Pastor Loa, Gabriel, and Miriam at the "old people's" table! 

So, we had a VERY good time at the youth meeting. And even if I didn't really get to talk to the Wakefield girls that much (because ... we were always in different places), it was still great! I mean, hanging out with our youth group in Toluca is FUN!

And a cool thing happened at church Sunday. Going to that youth meeting seemed to have strengthened several of our youth. They were really praising God during church Sunday. I was very amazed and happy about it! We all even went up to the front to dance! 

Anyways, ADIOS!


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK!! I love this post! I'm happy to hear that you guys enjoyed it, we are talking about when we want to do the next one. :) How bout next week? HA!

And you are going to absolutely make Abner's head explode, I hope he doesn't read that part about your girls thinking he is cute...HAHAHHA!!


Hannah said...

Looks like fun!:) wish I could meet the Wakefield girls!! They look really sweet and fun! Haha

Dacia Loa said...

@Bethany ... Yah, we need to do it again! But, please, next time don't have three services!!!

Btw ... I wrote all of that cuz I thought Abener would like to see it!

Dacia Loa said...

@Hannah ... they are sweet and fun!