Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Years

This month marks our tenth year of living here in Toluca! 
We had a few pastors come down here to celebrate with us!

We had three services. So I just want to share some of the pictures with you!

First Day:
People waiting to be let into the church.

Some people who set up some food to sell (no one bought anything! LOL)!

Elder Frazier, Pastor Trevino, Elder Pope, and Missionary Loa.


Bro. May preached our first night service.

Armando with his three little kids at the altar!

We went out to eat after church (of course, that's the norm for Apostolic people).
Sis. Thompson and her son, Paul (from Elder Frazier's church).

My cousin, Rhesa (who was down here visiting), and myself.

Second Day:
I just had to put up a picture of myself! HEHE!

While they were having a session for "couples" inside some of us girls got stuck watching all of the little kids outside the church (there were over thirty little kids).

I had to hold little Isai 'cause he was crying. Isn't he so cute?! The cool thing was that it was like the first time I've ever held a baby and it didn't cry. I have like a baby phobia. So I was relieved that he quit crying! 

It started raining and so we all had to march inside and try to keep the kids quiet. ... Yeah, RIGHT! 

Our "security guard" Rigo (the guy in the white hat). He showed up to watch the vehicles! 

We had a PowerPoint presentation with pictures from the past ten years. 
Then my dad called all of us up to stand in the front of the church and to thank us for backing him up (my sister was here for our anniversary services).
We all died laughing when we got home and saw this picture. Us women are all staring at the floor! 
Aren't we just SO humble?!  (And see Bro. May sitting on the platform in the background?)

My dad presented Pastor Trevino with a plaque for his support of us and our church for the past ten years!

Then the church surprised my dad by giving him a plaque too! And then they said a lot of nice words about how their lives would have never turned out good if not for a Pastor who felt a burden for Mexico!
It was so sweet! It had my dad in tears! 

Then the women honored my mother and said a lot of nice things about her too. And they gave her some gifts! We have such good people in our church! 
I was only offended because they didn't give me a gift too. Don't I deserve one??
LOL.  ;)

The church!

Pastor Trevino preaching.

Mother praying with Guadalupe.

Elder Pope.

Armando & Pascuala!

Day 3:

The Wakefields came for our last night service!! It was SO awesome to see Bethany again!! :D
Bethany, Nicole, Rhesa, and me in church. The four Americanas!

Elder Frazier preached the last night (Bro. May was interpreting. He does an excellent job), and might I say, it was a PHENOMENAL message! He is so anointed! 
He preached: Desperate People Do Desperate Things!

We pretty much were on our feet through the whole preaching! And then people started shouting!





Me! I got such a blessing from God (and you just see the people in the background sitting there like they're bored ... Haha)!

We had a party after church! 
"10th Anniversary of The Word of God Church"

Serving the food. Which WAS chicken and NOT pork (HEHE)!!

Bethany and I were trying to cross our eyes ... uh, yeah. As you can tell, my eyes look closed INSTEAD of crossed!

Me & Bethany! YAY! :D

Eating!! The preachers were the only people who had a table! 
*shaking head*
Not that I don't think that they deserve it, they do ... but  ... all the rest of us had to eat standing up!! 

I was serving some drinks here! What a good missionary's daughter I am! He! He!

Little boys!

My beautiful parents!

Pastor Trevino & Elder Wakefield!

Eating a tortilla! 

Jacob & Paul.

Gaby & Rhesa (my cousin)!

Some guys ... 



Oh, wait, before I end this I just want to say:

Why? Well, because I have been living in Mexico now for 10 years. In one more year I will have lived here longer than I ever lived in the U.S.
And I just want to say that I am just SO proud of myself for not leaving Mexico (since I really could if I wanted to)!
* Applause *



Ash said...

Congrats Dacia!! Keep up all the work!:))

Dacia Loa said...

Hehe!! Thank you, thank you!!