Friday, July 20, 2012

Bye Bye! :(

Tonight after church we had a little going-away party.

SO ...
Who's going away?

Well, my brother has decided to brave the world on his own. Jacob is abandoning me to go and live back in Texas.  Believe me, I am DEPRESSED!
Well, actually, I'm not too depressed. It just means that I can move some junk out of my room into the room that he will no longer be occupying! He! He! Yes, I have it all figured out!
Oh, I am such an evil sister!

Anyways, Miriam (one of the girls in our church) and I had to go to the church earlier to prepare some sandwiches for the party. 
Miriam with a jalapeno! Can you believe that Mexicans like jalapenos on sandwiches?? Not only do they put jalapenos, but they also put crumbly white cheese (I have no idea what "Doble Crema" is in English), and avocados too!

Me ... actually doing some work for once. 
(Okay, that's kind of like a joke among the women and girls in our church. They think that I don't ever do anything. And they also think that I do not know how to do anything. And so I just let them think that. And so when I actually do some cleaning or cooking with them then we always joke about me finally doing some "work").

Our sandwiches looked pretty, if I do say so myself! And putting them in those sandwich bags to keep them from getting stale was like a total American thing. Miriam was just going to let them sit in the air and I was like, "Ummmm ... actually, I brought these baggies along to put them in!" LOL. (See, Mexicans, at least the Toluquenos, don't mind eating stale or cold food).

We ended up having to run to a store to buy some more things that we forgot to take to the church with us. 
And when I say run ... I actually mean RUN! See, what happened was that we were walking to a store that was near the church and it started pouring rain! So we ran like crazy (for like a mile) to get to the store.\

We ended up having to take refuge from the deluge outside. We waited out the torrential downpour inside of a bread shop (I didn't take a picture because I figured that I might upset the owners). It smelled SO good. I was tempted to buy a piece of bread, but I know that I wouldn't like it (because no matter how good Mexican sweet bread smells ... it never agrees with my taste buds). 

The store had a sign outside that said:
"This Place Is Catholic
We do not accept propaganda 
Protestant or any other sect
Thank you"

This poor little doggy was trying to avoid getting wet. 

The rain finally let up (but only a little). We made it back to the church with rain-splattered clothing (and let's not mention my hairdo)! And church was already going by the time we walked in the door (oops o_O)!
Gaby helping me after church!

Gaby & Miriam helping me put the sandwiches on plates.

Susana ... standing there with a knife.  

Lucia & Miriam with their sandwiches! They complimented me and said that they were good sandwiches. Then they gave me permission to get married since I now know how to make a sandwich and the guy wouldn't starve! LOL! (What did I say about them thinking that I don't know how to do anything?! I DO know how to cook ... I just don't do it!)

Eating and socializing!

Yes, they had to eat on the pews! We don't have a fellowship hall or anything!

Abel, Jacob, & Manuel. 

The kids were all hanging out outside.

The only picture of me all night and it HAD to be blurry! :D

For some reason they bought three cakes for Jacob!

I guess this one fell apart! 

A very strange cake with mango, grapes, strawberries, and a lemon. 
They sure do have weird cakes around here. Pretty, but strange!

Jacob with his cakes!

Jacob cutting his cake!

WELL, we all know that I love my little brother a lot! Well, maybe you don't know that ... but I do!
He has been a pain in the neck at times ... but he's a beloved pain. 
He is officially leaving next Monday, but I have already started crying. I mean, now who am I going to have around to kick me out of his room (because he hates me going in there)? Who am I going to have around to tell me to "shut up" because I talk too much? Who I am going to have around to tell me that I'm ugly (he tells me this because he thinks that I am vain)? 


Well, as the Bible says, "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning."

I guess the joy will come for me as soon as I realize I can be as conceited as I want because I'll no longer have anyone to keep me in check!

Peace, Love & Joy!


Elias said...

That cake that fell apart made me laugh. Happy bday to Jacob!


David Stokely said...

I only discovered your blog a few days ago, and I so enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your life in Mexico.

Dacia Loa said...

@ ELi ... Yeah, I do not know how that happened to the cake! But I think it may have been my fault ... SHHH!!!

Dacia Loa said...

@ David Stokely
Thanks for reading my blog!! :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Ummm.......Elias?? Did you read the post???? Or just look at the pics? hahahahahha!


Dacia Loa said...

@ Bethany ... Yeah, I just totally wasn't going to mention that! But now that you brought it up ...

Anonymous said...