Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friday, The 13th

You ever heard of the superstition of Friday the 13th bringing bad luck?
Well ...
I've got quite a story to tell!

Last Friday my dad decided to take all of the visiting preachers to Malinalco. It's a little town about an hour away nestled in between some mountains. I decided to go along. I am really glad that I did go. 'Cause, boy, did I get a good story out of it!

We got into the big black van and started the journey.
I got car sick (because I always do).

After what seemed an eternity (trips take extra long when you feel the need to barf) we arrived.
My dad, Elder Pope, and Pastor Trevino.

Let's go!

Waiting on people ...

After you climb about 358 stairs there's some ancient ruins and a beautiful view!

These are some old Indian ruins.

My sister and I actually did not climb all the way up (because we had just gone to those same ruins a few days before). Instead we hiked in a different direction, which turned out to be not-so-scenic.
My sister, Kristen.

I guess this is what we hiked all of that way to see: A Catholic altar.

I decided to take a weird picture in front of a creepy building with a deep, black well in it. 
Speaking of creepy ... before my dad would let my sister and I hike in a different direction he made me put his pocket knife in my pocket! LOL.
I guess he thought I was more capable of defending us. Little does he know that I could never actually stab anybody! Besides, what would a little knife do against ... say ... a gun?
Anyways, this is a pointless conversation and I am getting side-tracked!

After everyone came back down the 358 stairs to the ruins Pastor Trevino starts talking about how it was Friday the 13th. And then we all loaded back up in the van.
 My dad wanted to take them to go see another "fantastic" sight!
This is a tree in/near (not sure which) Chalma called, "El Ahuehuete".
But this tree is not just any tree. Not only is it extraordinarily large, but it also has water flowing from underneath it.
This crystal clear water comes from beneath the tree. As you can see, people take buckets there to fill them with that water.

Well, I hadn't gotten out to see the magnificent tree because I had just seen it a few days before too (You're probably wondering why I went along to sight-see if I wasn't even sight-seeing! Well, that's another story for another day)! I stayed in the van to doze a bit.

Well, I was rudely awakened from my snoozing by a commotion in the van. Everyone had gotten back in and it seemed that they were all in an uproar. I didn't open my eyes but I mentally stretched my ears out so that I could hear the conversation that was going on in the front of the van.
"It won't start!" said my dad.
"Broootheeeer!" said Pastor Trevino (you'd have to hang around Pastor Trevino awhile and then you'd be able to hear his voice saying that).

My dad was jiggling the key in the ignition. See, what had apparently happened was that the wheels were turned when my dad had shut off the van. So the pressure had caused the steering wheel to lock up, or that was the theory anyways. 

I finally opened my eyes and sat up. I mean, it appeared that we were stuck on a steep incline, with a locked up van, in a town an hour and a half away from Toluca. SIGH! 

Well, right away the men decided to take action. They got out of the van to see if it would help if they pushed the van.

Everyone jumped out of the van except for Elder Pope (who they made take over the steering-wheel-jiggling ... I can think of nothing else to call it).  I also stayed in the van (because I refused to stand in the rain)

The pushing did not move the tires or unlock the steering wheel.
SO ...
It was time for Plan B:
They got a local man (who claimed to have been a landscaper at the Pentagon when Flight 77 crashed into it on 9/11) to push the van with his truck.

Elder Pope was still in there seeing if any of it was helping. Well, it wasn't.

It was time for Plan C:
Get the jack out and try to take the pressure off of the wheels so that the steering wheel would unlock.
The men trying to remember how to operate the thing! 

They finally figured it out.
Or so they thought.
Bro. May BROKE the jack!

Well, by this time we had been stuck there for a good twenty minutes and were beginning to draw a crowd.
We were also sending up prayers to God asking Him to PLEASE unlock the steering wheel.

Paul, Sis. Thompson, Mother went to get snacks while they waited and watched! 
I mean, it was quite entertaining.

Well, after they broke our car jack this Mexican guy finally managed to scrounge one up (after he had previously said that no one in town had one. He changed his tune later. I think he finally figured out that we weren't going to give him any money to help us)!
They began jacking the van up.
First they did one side of the van. And then the other.
The steering wheel wouldn't come unlocked.

We were beginning to get seriously worried.
I mean, I think we were about to have a prayer meeting right there!

All of the men had to have a try at turning on the van. 
My dad. Bro. May. Even the Mexican guy who was helping us.

Finally (after about an hour), Pastor Trevino gets in the driver's seat and starts jiggling the key in the ignition.
He was trying so hard that he was about to break the steering wheel.

Everyone decided to take a break, but Pastor Trevino stayed there in the van trying to get it to work.
And then I heard him say (I was still in the van), "Where's the other set of keys to the van?"
He started yelling out the door of the van about "the key to the van". I was about to laugh 'cause I thought he was talking about a more original set of keys. It just seemed silly to me to think that a more original key would get the van to start. Thus, I was inwardly laughing!!  HEHE!

After a minute though another set of keys were handed to Pastor Trevino.

He takes the key out of the ignition and sticks the other one in. 
My dad comes over and exclaims, "BROTHER! Don't tell me ..."

*the van turns on*


My dad had stuck the key to our other vehicle in the van and THAT was why the steering wheel was locked up!!!




My sister says, "No wonder none of our prayers worked!"

Yeah, God was probably looking down on us and LAUGHING at our prayers and thinking, "Sorry, I can't help 'cause you have the wrong key!"

Needless to say, we laughed all the way back to Toluca.  Sis. Thompson and Bro. May even made up a song about the whole experience!

And to make the whole day even more weird, on the way back we had to come to a SUDDEN stop because something was running right towards us on the road.
"It's a bird! It's a plane" ...
It's a pony!
Okay, it was a baby horse.
He was lost, I guess, and just decided to go running down the road.
Cars were having to swerve and miss him.
And then we passed by him and guess what?!
He turns around and starts following us (he followed us for a couple of miles)!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of him because the windows in the van were all fogged over.

Well, after all that happened I must confess that now I may be a bit superstitious about Friday the 13th!! 


Kristen said...

The horse that everyone tonight was a deer!

Dacia Loa said...

Yes, I'll admit that even I shouted, "It's a deer!" Then I was embarrassed when it turned out to be a baby horse!! :D