Monday, July 23, 2012

La Marquesa

Saturday some of us "kids" from church decided to give Jacob one last fun day before he leaves!
We went to a place about ten minutes outside of Toluca called, La Marquesa. It's a national park that has restaurants, four-wheelers, go-karts, horses, zip-lining, and a place with paintball guns!

Some of the girls gave Jacob a mini cake that said: Jake, We'll miss you!
Aw, so sweet!

The girls (the ones who showed up) standing around!

The guys on the merry-go-round! LOL!

Taking turns jumping out of the swings!

Monkey bars!!! 

Miriam and Belem swinging (Belem and her husband were along to supervise us)!

Carlos and Jacob  on four-wheelers!


HEHE! All the guys said I drive the four-wheelers like a maniac! LOL!



Gaby & Dara!

So we were all having fun ... then something KRAZY happened!
Armando was riding his four-wheeler (I think him and his brother, Daniel, were trying to race) when all of the sudden his tire blew and his whole four-wheeler flies up and flips and throws him to the ground!
Daniel was right behind him and hits Armando's turned-over four-wheeler! Daniel's four-wheeler also flips and throws Daniel off!
 I was coming right up behind them (Gaby was riding with me) and saw what happened. It all sort of went in slow motion! I saw two options.
1. Hit the two four-wheelers that were turned over on the track.
2. Run right over Daniel who was laying in the middle of the track.

SO, you're probably wondering why I didn't just apply the brake. Well, there's a simple explanation for that.
The four-wheeler that I was on ... didn't have any brakes! 

I quickly assessed the situation and ... FREAKED OUT!
I mean, I was like, "We're either gonna hit the wrecked four-wheelers and fly off of ours OR ...
See, I truly panicked 'cause I thought that I was fixing to run over Daniel and kill him!

So out of option #1 and option #2 I decided to choose ...
I ran up onto these tires that you see here in this picture! 
You might think, "Well, that's not SO bad!"
Well, the truth is that what the picture doesn't show is that there was a deep drop-off on the other side of those tires! 

Well, in my freaked-out mind I was more willing to hurt myself than I was to run over Daniel and hurt him!
So I steered right up onto the tires!  We nearly flew off into the drop-off on the other side (Jacob said that from the other side of the track that it looked like we were fixing to fly off), but somehow we didn't! I flew forward but with my grip on the handles I didn't fly off, but Gaby DID!
She was thrown right off and landed next to Daniel!


After all was still for a moment suddenly everyone was around us!
This lady rushes over to me and Gaby and was all worried, "ARE Y'ALL OKAY?!"
I was like, "Yeah, we're fine!"

After it all calmed down all of the other kids were over asking us what happened!

We decided to check our injuries!
Daniel just got a rip on his jeans and a skinned knee (plus a bunch of bruises).

Armando got a patch of hair torn out of his hair (and it was bleeding), but other than that he was fine.

Gaby twisted her ankle and had to go sit down.
And, well, me ... I got burns on my leg (I'm not quite sure how that happened). Plus, I jammed my hand and re-hurt (is that a word) the place where I had previously fractured it. Arg. I don't think I'm ever going to get my hand to heal right. LOL!

Well, needless to say, we were all worked up (I guess the adrenaline) and had to tell the story OVER and OVER amongst ourselves all day. In the end it turned out to be pretty funny AND it gave me a story to write on my blog!

After we all calmed down we went over to one of the ... "cabanas" to start cooking the food.
Levit trying to keep the fire going!

The girls preparing stuff.

Cynthia trying to cut wood off of a tree for the fire!

Carlos! :P

Belem cooking the meat!

As per usual I just sat there. 
What can I say? I'm lazy!

The beautiful food! Bistec and Longanisa with cactus, and cold potatoes! We were all starving by the time it was done cooking!

Levit made Armando pray for the food. It was a pretty hilarious prayer because we couldn't quit laughing.

Fixin' to eat!


We all gathered around to sign a t-shirt that they bought for Jacob.

Jacob with the t-shirt.

This is what I wrote! HEHE!
FYI: I was going to write: "I love you", but Jacob didn't want me to. That is why I put "hate" instead! 

Jacob and Levit!


Anyways, the day turned out pretty good and the wreck turned it into something even more memorable!
BUT the most amusing part of the whole thing was watching all of us (those who went to La Marquesa) at church last night. You could definitely tell who rode four-wheelers! None of us could stand  up or sit down without looking as if we were in excruciating pain!


Kristen said...

wow! I can see it in my head!

Dacia Loa said...

LOL! It was CRAZY! :D