Thursday, July 12, 2012

While I Was In The U.S. ...

I got to see some friends while I was in the U.S. Plus, I got to go to some new places! YAY!

Hannah and I.

Tim & Holly (sorry 'bout the cups that are in the way ... we were eating at some supposed "Mexican" restaurant)!

The funniest thing was that while I were in Indiana at a church ... Lupita showed up (from our church). I, of course, knew that she was going to be there, but my dad did not. It was pretty cool getting to see her in the U.S. 

We got to travel to some new states!
Like Pennsylvania.

And West Virginia! 

Got to see some cool sights too!
Some boat ... sorry, I just love this picture!

The St. Louis Arch!!!!

We actually got to go up inside of the arch (but I don't feel like putting pictures).

I thought St. Louis was the prettiest city that I have ever been to. But I will spare you having to see all of the cool pictures that I took! HEHE!

The most fun that I had my entire trip though was when we went to visit KY for the first time in six years (it's where we lived before we moved to Mexico).

We got to eat at Taco John's ... YUM!!! LOL!

And I got to see a lot of old friends. 
Heather, Me, & Lana.

Me & Jessica!

Me & Miranda!

Jacob & Jr. (it was sooo hard to get them to take a decent picture)!

Sharon & Me.

Wow. So many memories. Very OLD memories! It was great to reminisce with all of them about when we were kids!! 

Peace Out 
(I just wanted everyone to see their pictures on my blog ... hehe)!

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Hannah said...

hahaha i dont remember taking that pic!! lol sad i know!