Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jacob's Departure & My Sleep-Over!

In order to not leave everybody hanging (like, "Where's Dacia at?") I have decided to just do a boring post! 
He! He!

My brother left a little over a week ago to go back to the U.S.
Everyone at church was SO sad. 
They all wanted pictures with him before he left.

Some of the youth with Jacob! (Notice I'm not in the picture ... SO SAD)! 

Carlos, Armando, Jake, Juan, and Beto in the front (some of Jacob's best friends ... except for the little boy, of course)!

Alejandro and Jacob!

Levit, his family, and Jacob (everyone loves my brother)!

Gabriel, his family, and Jacob!

It was so sad! The whole thing. The whole church lined up to tell Jacob goodbye (we're talking about eighty people). And Carlos (one of the guys) almost started crying. It was so touching. It almost made me cry too.
My parents had to leave right after church though (an emergency) and so Jacob and I were left hitching a ride home with Gabriel and his family. They were nice and took us out to eat though (which was why I chose to go with them ... because I KNEW they would take us out to eat)! 

My family all left to the U.S. and I was left here at home for a week. Well, I did what any normal young person would do ... I PARTIED! 

Okay, it wasn't the conventional party that you are supposed to throw when your parents are out of town ... I just had some girls from church come over and stay for a few days.

Our "party" actually mostly consisted of ... exercise!!! LOL!

And ... EATING!
I requested that they make "sopes" because I LOVE them!!

Miriam and Gaby with their sopes!

Me with my sope!

We then did something that both their parents and my parents would NOT have approved of one bit.
It was already late but we decided to go to the other mall all the way across town!

We had to walk FOREVER just to catch a bus though! And got RAINED on while we were at it!

This is the other mall. The one that none of  us EVER go to (I, myself, have only been a handful of times)!

At the pet store in the mall!

Such an adorable kitty! I want him!

Gaby with some candy that I bought!! 

We discovered that there is also an ice-skating rink in that mall too.

Finally the mall began to close and we saw that ... OMG ... it was really late!
So we decided to go home. But it was so hard to find a bus at that hour of the night!
We had to stand on the corner for about twenty hours (and get splashed by a stinkin' taxi driver ... he just couldn't swerve and miss the puddle of water). A bus finally did arrive. It was their last round for the night though so we just jumped on! We didn't want to be stranded all the way across the city at night!

This was the only picture I could get in the bus without it flashing! I didn't want to let anyone see that I had a camera. I mean, there were some pretty shady characters on that bus. Plus, Gaby was all telling me about how one day the bus she was on got robbed by men with pistols. 

That was the wildest bus ride I ever experienced! He was driving like a maniac!

We sort of ended up in a neighborhood a good distance from my house (Oh, my dad would've been FURIOUS if he would've seen me out in the dark like that). And the girls told me to hurry up and not walk slow because we were in a BAD neighborhood where people always get robbed and stuff.

So I came up with a genius idea:
I stuffed my purse under my shirt to make myself look pregnant! I mean, better people think that I'm pregnant than that I have a purse full of goodies, right?!  

The hilarious thing is that we hailed a taxi and while I was getting in I was grunting and complaining about my pregnancy! HEHE!
The old man actually thought that I was pregnant!
And then Gaby and Miriam were giggling so much (and giving him the wrong directions) that he thought that they were intoxicated! They insisted that they were not but he didn't seem to believe them! 
And then he kept telling them to take care of me and my baby!

Might I say that it was probably the funniest night of my life?!
Of course, we made it home good and it's a good thing that God watches out for us when we are too dumb to think about how dangerous it is to go all the way across the city at night!!

Anyways, so that is what I have been up to!

P.S. My dad did arrive safe and sound back in Mexico. But I have yet to tell him about all our adventures! Hehe!  


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Wow Dacia.... that bump looks TOO real!!!(Way more realistic than me and Bethany's "pregnancies"!) LOL :)))) Super funny story :)


Dacia Loa said...

Omg!!! I know! It DID look so real!!
Buy I really could not believe that the taxi driver actually thought I really was pregnant! I think that's why we were laughing so much while we were in his taxi!!